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Monday 27th March 2006 2:26 pm

Daytime TV, an essential aspect of being ill. Usually all I watch is Pet Rescue but it's not on, so I watched Doctors instead on the basis that it had Jaye Griffiths in it. I liked her character, she was quite cool. Although the actor's looking quite old - although some of that could have been the makeup in comparison to Bugs. Christopher Timothy is looking really old, though. He'll still always be James Herriot though.

The only trouble was by the end I wanted to know what was going on between Jaye Griffith's character (Elizabeth - never a shortened version, seems to be a lot of that going round) and the blond guy (later found out he was called Nick). I was quite impressed that the BBC's website has a timeline that tells you what happened in every single episode ever, at least as far as the regular doctors are concerned. I also discovered that Tom Butcher and Steven Hartley have been doctors in it!

There's a whole mystery now about how Nick got a dodgy shoulder (can't remember what he said was wrong with it), but it looks suspicious and possibly involving Elizabeth. I reckon she hit him. If I'm back in work tomorrow I'm not taping it, I'd hate for my guess to be wrong.

And now I have to try and engage my brain a bit for last night's Poirot.

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