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Good things and bad things
Tuesday 19th February 2008 10:02 pm

I thought I was being really good in actually making an appointment to go to the dentist. I think it was a year ago they sent me a reminder to go. It had been long enough that I'd forgotten how much I hate it. And how much my bank balance hates it (you can't get NHS dentists round here). For once I didn't get the usual lecture about how badly I clean my teeth. I'd have preferred it, though, because I have a wisdom tooth decaying, so it needs to come out.

I can at least get it done under general anaesthetic - it's interesting how quickly my dentists work out how much of a good idea that is with me. The most annoying thing about it is that that tooth was a complete bugger coming up and it took years for it to do it too. I can totally understand why teething babies scream - it's bloody painful!

I got my Ian/Barbara ficathon assignment today. I've got as far as working out the setting, I just need some sort of plot so I can write it this weekend.

I went to see St Trinian's this evening, which was really funny. It wasn't filmed at the place where I've been to a ball - I think the cinema got confused on their leaflet (they had the right town, wrong posh place). Needless to say, as there are only four actors in Britain (all of whom have been in The Bill and Doctor Who), I recognised quite a few of them. And the head cameraman is my friend's neighbour. And his wife is a script editor, apparently.

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