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Friday 28th October 2011 8:09 pm

I keep not updating this much because I have nothing much to talk about. At least not in the sense of what I've been up to. This month I've mostly gone to work and made bookcases. It's not been helped by work being busy. I've had some really crazy days. I'm just hoping that it'll calm down in November therefore. I can't hope for December being calm, it never is.

I have one bookcase left to make. At some point once I've made them all and got all my books on them I will take a photo (well, it'll take a few photos) to show how many there are. LibraryThing tells me I have 430 books, but there are some I could get rid of.

I have started reading A Game of Thrones. I'd been putting it off because it's 800 pages in a small font, but it turns out that the chapters are only about 10 pages each. So it's easy to just read a chapter before bed. I am enjoying it - the TV series followed the plot well and the book is explaining more of the background. So I will watch the next series before reading the second book.

Before I read A Game of Thrones I read Snuff. Which I was never not going to like.

My copy of Mylo Xyloto (Coldplay's new album) arrived on Monday. And I finally managed to listen to it today. I got through the whole of it on my journey to work and back. But since I was busy driving and navigating the fog and making sure my windows stayed de-misted and talking, I can't say that I listened to it that closely. But not as closely as I did X&Y - I had that in my car when I moved house the time before last and my sister had it in her car too. Given there was a 10 minute journey between my old flat and the new, we both got sick of the album. I couldn't listen to it for ages after that.

I have almost finished playing Lego Harry Potter. I would have finished it ages ago but I came across a bug, so I was forever stuck at 98%. Once my sister's finished Lego Pirates of the Caribbean then I can play that and she can play Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7. And then I can play it once she's finished. I have bought games for my Wii, but only three and only because I'd played them and liked them (and in two cases because they came with nunchuck/extra bit to make the remote more sensitive).

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Fun with headphones
Tuesday 21st November 2006 10:35 pm

I was listening to mp3s at work yesterday while I played about with tons of data and it suddenly, entirely randomly, only giving me sound in the left ear. But only sometimes, which was probably more annoying than it just switching to the left ear. So I sensibly unplugged the headphones from the extension lead and plugged them into the laptop headphone socket rather than the docking station headphone socket. And since that didn't solve the problem it therefore follows that it was the headphones that were at fault. They were cheap and they have lasted a while.

But this was fine because I still have my old set at home. So I took those in today and still had the same problem. I went through the same steps with the same results. And this was with a different set of files and I even tried using Windows Media Player instead of Winamp and that made no difference.

Since I'll need an extension cable in my new flat as my stereo is unlikely to be so close to my computer, I went and bought one. But was so busy in the afternoon I never got a chance to try it. So I brought both extension cables and both sets of headphones home. From these experiments I have concluded that both sets of headphones entirely coincidentally have the same fault.

Luckily, I can use the headphones that came with my (my sister's) mp3 player, but I will have to shop for some more.

I enjoyed the Terry Pratchett interview on BBC4. I never knew he was from Wycombe. Suddenly it seems to be the centre of the universe. I didn't think they could spin it out for a hour but he was really interesting talking about his childhood and jobs up till he became a full time writer.

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Tonights TV
Thursday 15th June 2006 9:51 pm

Since I was good and worked last night I gave myself a night off to watch non-Doctor Who TV. Which was supposed to inlude The Avengers but I finished dinner too late, so it's been moved to tomorrow night now. Probably.

Anyway, there was Colin and Justin. Now, of all the people you'd not want to plan your wedding they've got to be top of the list. But as usual really, they had loads of crises but it all came right in the end. And Justin threw a hissy fit over something small. But it's not as good as their usual house designing thing because you don't get them having arguments with Katy and Andy, and the narrator for this one wasn't as funny. I'll still be watching next week though.

Then I listened to The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents from Listen Again, and 1.30 Saturday on BBC7 wasn't that convenient. And my non-Doctor Who night went awry because David Tennant was in it. I'd entirely forgotten the story though, so I really enjoyed it, just as I had reading it. I do like the little girl who makes her life a story and whose name I can't remember how to spell.

The long DW fic is now up to nearly 14,000 words and ten cups of tea.

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