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Friday 30th June 2017 7:42 pm

I seem to always have more Big Finish audios to listen to than I have time to listen. I tend to listen to them on the way to work and since my journey is 20 minutes long it takes three or four days to get through one CD.

They've just done three CDs that are two one hour stories, rather one two hour story. Which, annoyingly, they're not planning to do often because people prefer the longer stories. I prefer the shorter because I can get one story listened to in one week. And I don't have to remember back so far as to what's happening. And it just zips along faster. I liked these.

The one I've just finished is Shadow Planet/World Apart, which is a Seven, Ace and Hex. As part of me going through my stuff and working out what to get rid of, I looked at my Big Finish CDs and thought, given that I've always got some to listen to, and a backlog of podcasts (which I listen to while cooking), am I ever going to listen to these again? I haven't answered that question, but listening to the latest audio made me realise how much I missed the Seven, Ace and Hex stuff and I want to re-listen to it.

And then there was the latest Short Trip, How to Win Planets and Influence People. I'd been looking forward to it for ages because it's Four, Sarah and Harry (finally!). And I'm sure it was originally due to come out much sooner. And then I was disappointed because Sarah and Harry barely feature in it, although they are important in the scenes they're in. But, despite that disappointment, I really enjoyed it. Rufus Hound was better than I expected as the Monk, mainly because I liked Graeme Garden better (mainly because it's Graeme Garden). The way it was done was good and I liked the story.

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Names are important
Monday 12th December 2016 8:25 pm

This is the post that I haven't had time to write, but have been reminded about by The Librarians and reading a whole lot of Stargate Atlantis fic for SGA Secret Santa.

Names are important. What names people use to call each other, more so. This was interesting when I was in LOTR fandom and read and wrote Aragorn, aka man of many names. For the first two years of his life he is Aragorn. For the next eighteen he is Estel. After that it all gets a lot more complicated. Read more...

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Lis Sladen in The Bill
Friday 13th May 2016 7:42 pm

Thanks to one of Network's sales, I have a whole lot of late 80s half hour episodes of The Bill on DVD. And I realised that one of them has Lis Sladen in it. In one scene. But I took screencaps aka photos of the telly. The quality isn't brilliant because it's from 1989 and goes a bit fuzzy when I pause it. Read more...

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Fanfic nostalgia
Sunday 3rd May 2015 7:45 pm

I woke up at 6am yesterday (so annoying, on a Saturday) and something made me think of Sarah Jane of the Chalet School. So I re-read it in bed and then made my way through the other Doctor Who/Chalet School crossover I'd written, and the one [info]hhertzof wrote. I thought it would be useful for getting me in the mood to go back to Lynda Day at the Chalet School. Which it sort of was, but then I liked the relationship between Sarah and Harry that I wrote in SJ of the CS so much that I've spent quite a bit of the weekend re-reading old Sarah & Harry fics.

Those were the days! It seemed like there was loads of it being written and it was great. Even going back and re-reading the stuff I'd written wasn't bad. There are things I'd change, if I was writing them now, but nothing massive. Which either means I wasn't too terrible when I wrote them or I haven't improved since. I don't really care which - I like them and mine's the opinion that's most important, after all.

I was moved to start a Sarah & SJA team up with Kate and UNIT fic. Although I have no idea of the plot, UNIT turn up at Sarah's house. Which then meant I had to go and watch Death of the Doctor, where UNIT turn up at Sarah's house at the start. And since I've been listening to some Jo Big Finish audios, Jo being in it was a bonus and not an excuse to watch it at all.

One day I'll finish a fic I started for a prompt-based ficathon. I currently have 7000 words of part 1, where the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry turn up at UNIT while Martha is working there. And because a lot of fic seems to involve Harry having a crush/being in love with Sarah, this one has Sarah having a crush on Harry. (In Death of the Doctor she says she loved Harry, but I don't think she meant it in that way)

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End of holiday
Sunday 19th October 2014 3:08 pm

I thought I was doing well last weekend, sleeping for about nine hours, and then last night I slept for eleven hours. I didn't know I was that tired. I did have bad dreams about work, which involved the computers having been changed to TVs mounted on the walls and it was very hard to work when you had to keep looking so far up and use a remote control, rather than a keyboard. I am not looking forward to going back to work on Monday.

Since my holiday has involved quite a bit of driving I've got through one and a half Evelyn Big Finish audios and now I remember how great she was. In her first one, The Marion Conspiracy, she basically spends her time pushing the Doctor around, decides what she's going to do and doesn't listen to him and pretty much takes the idea of time travel in her stride.

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Big Finish audios and not having a memory like an elephant
Thursday 8th May 2014 9:08 pm

[info]hhertzof were talking about this and then I realised it would make a good blog post.

I'm very behind on listening to all the Big Finish audios I buy, so I only just got to the January main range release this week. It's one with the Sixth Doctor (who I love in the audios) and Flip (who I don't really care about one way or another). There's a point where the Doctor recognises someone based on their name - and I have no idea if they were ever mentioned in an audio or the TV series or something they're saying has happened but was never shown.

[info]hhertzof is coming up to the last Seventh Doctor and Ace audio and I remember being confused on that one. I remembered vague things about the one before that several months(?) beforehand, but it turned out that I didn't remember something important that would have helped me understand it.

It gets worse with Elizabeth Klein, who I had to look up to have the faintest idea what they were going on about. And early Bernice Summerfield audios referred to events in the books that were published at the same time (and are now out of print).

I could really do with a primer because I just can't remember things that happened a year (or more) previously - especially if it was in something I haven't listened to. And also because audios aren't something you concentrate on - you listen while doing something else (in my case it's mostly driving to work - so I forget about looking things up as soon as I get to work).

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Another First Doctor 50th anniversary event
Sunday 27th January 2013 5:45 pm

Yesterday I went to The Who Shop's First Doctor celebration. It's been such a long week and I have no energy left that I spent the day mostly not knowing what I was doing and forgetting whatever anyone said to me the moment they said it. But aside from that, I enjoyed it, on the whole. If you're my family or friend on flickr I have scanned in proof that I met William Russell (who played Ian Chesterton).

I'd write it all up, but I just don't have the energy. By the time I do I expect it'll next weekend and then I'll forgotten it all. I'm looking forward to having nothing planned the next three weekends.

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An Unearthly Child at the BFI
Sunday 13th January 2013 4:16 pm

Yesterday I went to the BFI to their screening of An Unearthly Child. They said the bits with the guests will be on BFI Live (presumably part of their website), but didn't say when. So if you don't want to know what they said look away now... Read more...

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Big Finish Fifth Doctor
Friday 18th May 2012 8:12 pm

The upside of not sharing lifts at work is that I've listened to one and a half of the last two Big Finish audios. Half the point of subscribing to their main range was so that I listened to the ones that I wouldn't usually buy (ie the ones without the Seventh Doctor and Ace in). While listening to The Emerald Tiger I realised that I quite like all these characters.

I generally can't get excited about the Fifth Doctor era. None of his companions are any of my favourites and I can't look at Peter Davison back then without thinking that he's Tristan. But on audio it's easier to forget - and he sounds more like Peter Davison these days. I also like the friendship between Nyssa and Tegan and the banter between Tegan and Turlough. And the writers make sure to do something with all four of them, so the TARDIS doesn't feel as crowded as it was with Nyssa, Tegan and Adric.

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An updatey thing
Sunday 18th December 2011 5:19 pm

My sole post all week has been the latest Big Finish releases, which included the subscriber special The Five Companions. Which was fun - I want to see more of Ian and Steven teaming up now.

Friday was our work Christmas party, which I've only just recovered from. All I did was to sit around and talk (and stand for an hour) but I was tired from it I slept for 11 hours Friday night, still felt tired and slept for 10 hours last night. Now I don't feel tired.

In the work secret santa for the first year in I don't know how many, I didn't get a Doctor Who related thing. I got a rabbit instead. Which is good, because generally you can't go wrong with with rabbits. However, this one has a hole in it that you're clearly meant to put something in, but no one knows what. There was no packaging, so presumably my santa doesn't know either. The most suggested things at the party were mobile, iPod and remote control. I tried putting my phone in it and the hole holds together too well to get anything in there easily. So I am stumped.

There was also food, which I mostly couldn't eat. The chef wouldn't understand that I just wanted to know what was in it, I didn't care about contamination, which she was more interested in telling me. I don't think she wanted me to eat at all. Fortunately, I brought my own - I remember last year well when I got a salad.

I have things booked for January now. I am going to see the Gymnastics at the O2. It feels like we can't get away from that place. I'm also going to see Spamalot. For the third time. But the first and second times were on Broadway and in the West End, this one's in my nearest city.

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Big Finish
Monday 29th August 2011 8:28 pm

This weekend I paid all my final bills for my old flat and then gave Big Finish all my money. Well, I bought the Benny box set that's out next month, the Jo companion chronicle and then thought I might as well buy the next Ian companion chronicle, even though it's not out until October.

I also bought a subscription to the main range. I ummed and ahhed over it for ages. I do want to listen to them all, so a download subscription would be fine for that. But I want to keep the Seventh Doctor and Ace stories on CD. Burning those isn't quite the same because you don't get the inserts and prettiness.

So my choices were to get a download subscription and then buy all the Seven & Ace stories on CD, or get a CD subscription and wonder what to do with the rest of the CDs. I ended up doing the latter since it'll work out cheaper in the long run. I made a deal with [info]hhertzof to send her the Fifth Doctor CDs in return for books. Is anyone after any of the Sixth, Eighth or Seventh without Ace ones and wants to do a similar deal?

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Doctor Who (spoilers for The Eleventh Hour)
Saturday 1st May 2010 8:34 pm

I got Frontier in Space from Lovefilm today after [info]dbskyler talked about the commentary I decided I wanted to see it. It comes in a set with Planet of the Daleks, which I don't like much because it has Daleks in it. Each story has two discs, but Lovefilm only lists one. I just assumed it was because they're a bit useless (given that they're a bit useless), but no, it's because they send you both and count it as one! Very handy.

I've only made it through episode 1's commentary so far, but it's quite interesting and funny.

Confidential just reminded me that I wanted to say this after the first episode at Easter, but I don't like to put spoilers in here because hiding them depends on how people are reading and whether they can hold off from clicking on them.

There are spoilers for The Eleventh Hour in here, but not for any series 5 episodes after it. Read more...

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Monday 27th July 2009 7:01 pm

I am behind on listening to the Big Finish Seven & Ace & Hex audios, and I just listened to Enemy of the Daleks today. Now, I have a big problem with Dalek stories. Well, two problems, one of which is exacerbated by audio:

1. Daleks aren't scary, they're actually quite sweet
2. They get even less scary the more they talk.

As I was listening this afternoon it suddenly hit me that the Daleks sound an awful lot like Nicholas Briggs doing Daleks voices. Which, yes, I did know before, it was just today that I couldn't get it out of my head every time the Daleks spoke. So it was hard to remember I was listening to cute little Daleks not exterminating.

Having said that, I quite liked bits of it, so it wasn't all bad. Mind you, the bits I liked were the bits without Daleks in...

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Another five things to talk about
Sunday 15th March 2009 6:13 pm

My trouble when I'm ill is I tend not to want to talk to people, mostly because I have to be polite and I don't have the energy for that extra thinking. So it's usually better just to shut up and ignore everyone. Which has extended to me not wanting to post in here either, although I do have things I want to blog about.

I am getting better, if slowly (and don't have concussion, which is good after I hit my head on the kitchen side on Thursday night) and this has been marked as unread in my emails for a while:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your blog and elaborate on the subjects given.

gave me Doctor Who, Elrond, food allergies, Davis Cup, fencing: Read more...

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Sunday 7th December 2008 4:34 pm

I have now filled eleven crates with my possessions. Four of those crates are mostly books. I really need to be ruthless with them after I move, I think. I've packed most of the pictures on my walls, mostly emptied the bookcases and taken a load of stuff off my desk and TV stand too. So it's all looking a bit empty. Well, until you see the crates piled up anyway. I have to go round the flat carefully in case I bump into things.

I spent a lot of yesterday morning going through stuff and tidying it. And discovering stuff I hadn't unpacked from when I last moved two years ago... I've binned it now because it wasn't even that important at the time. I kept on discovering stuff in random places, especially pension statements for some reason. Which included after I've packed that stuff and refuse to go back to it yet again.

Next Saturday my sister's bringing her crates and between those and all my boxes, I think that'll be pretty much everything covered.

Also, this weekend, I had a bit of a getting things done weekend because I didn't go out. I was planning to go swimming but I have conjunctivitis (although mildly - it took me two days to work out why my eye was pink) and I shouldn't take that to a swimming pool really.

But I did listen to the latest Seven & Ace audio: Forty Five. I don't think I was paying much attention to the first CD, though, so I'll listen to that again on the way home at Christmas. Then I also finally put my Canada diary up on my website. I have done all my Christmas shopping (which only involved buying one thing, so that wasn't hard) and nearly done everything for my TR secret santa too.

Now I am downloading Band of Brothers, so I won't be able to say I haven't got plenty to watch for when I have no broadband after I move...

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Friday 21st November 2008 9:57 pm

I think DWM is trying to tell me something. Before I went to Canada I decided that when my subscription ran out (in the spring) I won't renew it. Increasingly the magazine annoys me, especially with the space they take up with the comic. I've never worked out how to read comics or understood why the pictures are there, apart from being in the way. And even when I do make the effort to read them I can't remember what's happened in previous parts months before.

They also annoy me by reviewing episodes that have been on telly. The whole point of reviews is to tell you whether to bother buying them, but I've seen all the stuff on TV, so there's no point in reading their review of it. It's just more space being taken up when they could do something with it.

Also, I can get it two days earlier in the shops.

When I got back from Canada there were two packages, each with my name (differently) spelt wrong. Inside one was a The War Machines DVD and inside the other with The Ultimate Adventure on CD, each with a note to say that I won a DWM competition. Now, I enter all of them on the basis that you do win stuff occasionally.

The Ultimate Adventures I got round to listening to today while writing a very will-to-live-sucking database and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The extras with them talking about how the stage play came about and how they adapted it were very interesting. The play itself is a lot like a panto in that the actors clearly aren't taking it seriously, so you have to listen to it in that vein. Plus it has Colin Baker in it, who comes across as just such a nice man.

Then when I got home today I found a parcel propped up against my front door. My postman might wake me up at 7am with the post on Saturdays and then not make it until lunchtime any other day, but at least he has a brain. Anyway, inside was a very cold copy of The Writer's Tale! So I was quite excited about that because I'd been meaning to look at it so see if it was anything I wanted, since it has such good reviews (although it'd have to be very good at £30). But now I have it!

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Friday 18th April 2008 8:16 pm

I was thinking the other day about what sort of man is Jo Grant's type. The men she falls for are:

  • Mike Yates (possibly) - soldier
  • Peladon - king
  • Thal in Planet of the Daleks whose name I've forgotten
  • Cliff - scientist

And what they all have in common is a love of adventure, leadership, intelligence. Then I realised that describes Ian Chesterton quite well...

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What I did at the weekend
Monday 31st March 2008 9:32 pm

Saturday I went to Birmingham to meet up with a friend and go to Memorabilia. I bought four books - I was limiting my spending to books, so that was good. What wasn't so good was when we went into town afterwards and I bought a discounted remote controlled K9...

Anyway, there I saw the likes of John Billingsley, Deborah Watling and Lisa Bowerman and some Spitting Image puppets.

I went and got Lisa Bowerman's autograph. I knew she was there but thought to myself I didn't have anything for her to sign. No, just the Survival DVD cover and all those Benny CDs and books. Nope, nothing at all then. But it costs the same regardless of whether you have something to sign or use one of their pictures, so at least this way I got a free picture. She only had one that was her rather than her in a cheetah outfit. She said lots of people try to tell her they recognise her from that, which she said was mad because they couldn't possibly tell.

Davros had a Casualty DVD from when she was in it a long time ago. So then they discussed how much it had changed and she helped him put the DVD back in the box as they discussed how difficult it is to do because they don't make them big enough. She's been in Casualty more recently too and she sent them her CV, but they clearly didn't look at it because they asked her all sorts of questions about whether she knew what it was like and whether she'd seen it!

It was nice that there was no queue so there was plenty of time to stand and chat. I've only just remembered that she was in Spooks too (briefly) and I should have asked her about that.

After a day spent on my feet I then got up early (well, it was early by GMT at least) to go and help out at the World Pooh Sticks Championships. I got to direct traffic, and people for a few hours. By the time I got home all I wanted to do was sit down and eat lunch - I didn't eat until 3pm which is late in any time zone. I just threw all my stuff down and didn't worry about most of it until this morning.

I noticed last night that my keys weren't in their usual place on my bedside table, but I didn't worry about it because I'd probably left them in my coat pockets. This morning I put my coat on and my keys weren't in there. I spent a couple of minutes frantically searching my untidy lounge and checking the outside of my door just in case but they were nowhere to be found. You can't get in the house without them, so I knew there was in the house somewhere.

Since I was going to be late for work I dug out my spare keys and decided to worry about it later. When I got home I had my spare keys in my hand and wondered where to put them temporarily, as I'd put them back in my bag when I found my other keys. I came into the lounge, saw the top of the shelf nearest the door where my doorbell lives and considered there briefly before I realised I was in fact looking at my keys. I just wasn't looking high enough this morning...

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Last Thursday in Cardiff
Thursday 27th March 2008 8:54 pm

Going slightly backwards in time from my last post, last Thursday I picked up from the station and we went back to mine past what's now a housing estate, but was where they filmed The Invasion. The relevance of this will be more obvious later.

Then we went to a different train station via the village where they filmed The Android Invasion. I accidentally went through it rather than round, so when I got back and watched bits I honestly can't say whether it's the same place or not. If it is then they've put road markings down since.

By the time we got to Cardiff it was raining (unsurprisingly for Wales). We went to see Sarah Jane's house, and Alan and Maria's.

A quick trip to the castle (well, as fast as you can go up a keep with steep, slippery steps) and some second-hand bookshops and the Oxfam bookshop, and then we visited Torchwood. And I can prove that the invisible lift really works.

It turned out the Doctor Who Exhibition opened past 5pm and only cost £4, so we went round that taking photos of nearly everything - it was handy it was so empty. When we came out I might have accidentally bought a sonic lipstick and little remote control dalek. The latter is a black version of an ordinary gold dalek I have, so I will have to get myself some pink paint and paint them in the summer when I can do it outside - it doesn't matter if I accidentally paint the grass pink.

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Parent & child relationships
Sunday 18th November 2007 3:11 pm

I've been meaning to write a post about this for ages. With the stuff I watch or read, I keep finding parent & child relationships where they're not actually related (or at least, don't have that direct relationship) fascinating. I've got a perfectly normal family going on, so there's no psychological reason like that, I just like it.

1. In your fandom(s), what are your favourite parent/child relationships? (biological or non biological parents and children) Why?
so I thought I'd answer here, rather than in a comment.

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