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The week’s TV
Sunday 26th March 2006 7:15 pm

I can't work out whether my room is hot or I am or both. I've worked out that I've got the sore throat bug, though. I've actually had a sore throat since Friday, it just took me a while to work it out. My brain's not quite working at the moment, unsurprisingly.

I'm all excited cos the Remix archive is up! I wasn't expecting it to be until after I went to bed. So far I've only checked that my story is there (it looks quite weird that thin!) and to see which of my stories has been remixed. It's slightly sad that I had to check back to my story to find out what the original was (see above re brain) but I'm really excited about what the remixer has done with it. I will give them more coherent feedback once I can work somewhere above 'squee'.

I have an idea for a B2MEM related post, that I will try and get in before the end of the month. But I decided to talk about the TV I've watched recently - because there's actually been some on!

I got round to Poirot last night. Usually they just do one at a time, at New Year, but there's another one tonight, which surprised me. I did enjoy last weeks but I was completely confused by the end. I don't know whether that was me or the program, though.

I watched Comedy Connections about Drop the Dead Donkey. It's been so long since I've seen any of it that I had forgotten loads of it. Like Gus's management speak. It must have been the first time I'd heard any of it. It was really interesting to learn all sorts about it as well. I'm really disconcerted by the way Neil Pearson doesn't seem to have aged at all.

Then there was a one-off drama called Best Man. Technically it was in two parts, I watched it in one (much better). I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because it seemed quite strange. It was about these two men who had a bit of an odd relationship. You saw how they became friends in flashbacks and their relationship was always a bit odd. The whole thing was pretty much about who was the more strange of the two. It was really good, though. Plus it had Zoe from Spooks and Jeff from Coupling in it.

I'm really missing the 'Mrs Peel, we're needed' bits from the beginning of The Avengers. Although that was probably because this week's wasn't that good. I'm still entirely confused what relevance the dog had.

And there was new Taggart, yay! And on a Wednesday, the most boring day of the week when there's never anything worth watching. I entirely failed to work out whodunnit, as per usual, but I did manage to start it just right, that I finished just after the actual program did, thus gaining me back 15 minutes of my life.

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Reading my height in books update
Sunday 26th February 2006 11:40 pm

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
9.7cm / 155cm

There's nothing quite like reading children's books that get your count up quickly. Recently I've read:

The Princess of the Chalet School - The Chalet School books seem a lot less easy to read than the two I've listed below, yet no less interesting. It's interesting to see how their society is structured, because it's written quite a long time ago and set in Austria.

Sweet Valley University (Billie's Secret) - Like everyone else at the time I read Sweet Valley High when I was younger. I think Sweet Valley University started coming out just as I stopped so I've been curious since then to see what they're like. I know this is book 18 but loads seems to have happened since then. Can't beat the original though, I won't be reading any more of them.

Cheerleaders (Feuding) - It's strange, when reading this, how much of the story comes back to me. Mind you, it's all related to their love lives so it's not exactly complicated. It's not bad, though, because the characters are actually interesting.

I seriously need to get back some proper books soon, although it's nice to get through one in a lunchtime.

I felt much more awake for a break. After scrabbling around trying to remember where I put Quantum Leap I moved some CDs and other assorted crap and came across Thought Crimes, which Sel had given me a copy of. The Andreas Katsulas tribute was on there too, and it's really good. I'd forgotten how many stirring speeches G'Kar made. It was very sad to watch.

Thought Crimes, though, I enjoyed. I did spend most of the time trying to work out where I recognised the main character from and eventually decided it must be from Angel. I was right, she was in Angel, and Roswell High. But I was recognising her from The OC. I feel so much better for knowing. As the first episode of a series I'm not certain it had anywhere to go from there, but it was really interesting seeing how she grew and changed.

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Sunday 18th April 2004 5:44 pm

I went to a Murder Mystery dinner last night. I thought the bloke who dunnit was far too obvious, so I went for someone else! I did get my poem read out though.

I thought I was doing really well this week because I didn't feel tired at all Thursday and Friday. Saturday, though, it hit me when I went to Tescos and all I could do when I got back was lie down and watch a lot of Time Trax. But then I didn't get home till 2am, which I haven't done for what feels like forever and now I feel great. And I drunk alcohol last night, which I also hadn't done for a while either.

Next weekend is Conference, so I should at least be alright for that, although whether I'll be able to do Wide Awake Club is something else.

I was very good this morning because I tidied my room (it had got to the point where you couldn't see very much floor anymore) and cleaned it. I also did my washing (of course it's rained all day so I couldn't hang it out, should have done it yesterday), updated my website, replied to e-mails and done some other stuff. I still have stuff to do, I've just got to the point now where I'm quite bored. I do have some Teachers to watch though, and I have just remembered I taped Murder in Suburbia last night. I might even be good and so some Rotaract-related ringing up as well.

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Rob Grant
Friday 16th January 2004 11:31 pm

I got to meet Rob Grant on Wednesday, which was very cool. I happened to be walking past the Waterstones last Saturday and noticed the posters but I fully expected it to be during the day - but no it was a time in the evening I could actually make! We got drinks and nibbles as well. He talked about some interesting stuff and I ended up buying the book, which I think was more interesting before the plot started. But still, it's quite good and relatively cheap.

I also found Teachers on bittorrent. Well, the first two episodes anyway. I didn't start watching it till the end of the second series so it's really weird going back when all the characters were different. Well, some of them anyway.

I was good and went to Tae Kwon Do tonight. Whether I'll be able to walk this weekend is something else.

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Friday 3rd October 2003 8:21 am

I've just taken a survey about Blogger. The last question they ask is whether you live in the US. The second to last question is household income - in dollars. Well, that is helpful. It's just as well I know that college means university as well, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to answer the education question.

Anyway, I was really here because I don't have to leave for work for 20 minutes and I've been ready to go since 10 to 8. Which is when my alarm goes off. I keep waking up at 7am and it's doing my head in now. Except for tomorrow, which is roughly when I have to get up.

I'm now simultaneously watching The West Wing series 3, 4 and 5. Yes, I am confused. But then I'm confused watching one at a time anyway, so no change there then. I have an episode of Dead Like Me that I'm sure worked fine when I checked it at work yesterday on an old version of media player. Here though, I've tried media player, three versions of DivX player and real player and it won't show me a picture. Which really doesn't make sense.

I have to say though how funny Wednesday's Teachers was. How married are Kurt and Brian (or is it Briony) 🙂

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