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Femslash fic (and not posting)
Sunday 22nd October 2017 2:10 pm

I haven't posted for a while. This was mainly because Dreamwidth changing to https broke all the crossposting plugins. So it meant that I had to manually copy the posts from LJ, which was too much of a pain to be bothered with.

There are two plugins which are both based off an old one and haven't been updated for years. They still don't work with DW, but I am still using the same one to crosspost to LJ, so if you read there, you won't notice any difference. For DW I have a new plugin that crossposts to hundreds of places, but doesn't do any LJ/DW specific stuff. So if you're reading this on DW you'll see extra spaces between paragraphs. And if I use a more tag at any point you'll get even more spacing, rather than a cut tag.

I tried looking at both plugins to see if I could edit some things from one into another, but the new one is so long, because it does so much that Kate (KDE Linux equivalent of Notepad++) complained about it, and I decided I had better things to do with my time. For now, this is better than manually crossposting.

I wrote a fic for [info]femslashex:
Military Interference (2630 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005), Sarah Jane Adventures
Relationships: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart/Sarah Jane Smith
Summary: Sarah Jane and Kate have to save themselves from aliens and settle a score.

One of the things [info]selenay talked about was Sarah disliking military interference. So I decided the best place for Sarah and Kate to talk about it was in a cell on an alien spaceship heading away from Earth. And then I went "Shit! How do I get them out of this?" Which is generally how I write plot: get them into a mess and have no idea how to get them out of it.

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WordPress, Livejournal and Dreamwidth
Friday 2nd May 2014 9:21 pm

I just came in here to make a post, remembered [info]just_ann_now commented on my last one, opened up my LJ to answer it... and the post wasn't there. At which point I discovered Dreamwidth hadn't been crossposting my posts since I changed my LJ password and forgot to tell Dreamwidth. Dreamwidth helpfully told me this by putting a message in my inbox. Which I never check and is full of crap it puts there so I wouldn't notice if there was anything new. (I have now told it to email me about that sort of thing)

I have fixed it now by going back to telling WordPress to do the crossposting. Which it is now perfectly happy with, despite previously being unhappy with. No idea why - and not likely to find out since the plugin I use to do the crossposting is old and the person who wrote it stopped updating it (and deleted their website).

Edit: Well, it crossposted the old posts happily, but on this one the password is apparently invalid...

The other annoying thing was that I had to type that user code, up in the first sentence myself. I used to have a button that did it, but a WordPress update broke the plugin, the author didn't update it and I couldn't find another one that worked. But it did work in the visual editor, at least for LJ & DW users and LJ comms. It didn't work for DW comms, no idea why. But now it's not even there.

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Where did the week go?
Sunday 18th August 2013 8:12 pm

This week was the last week I have where I didn't have anything on any evening. So I ended up either working late or working in the evenings for three of the evenings. So I feel a bit like I haven't had any evenings at all.

I was dynamic this weekend, though. Well, mostly today when I went out to the tip this morning. And found that it's probably not a good idea to leave garden waste in the garage under a pile of other garden waste for three months because it starts turning to compost... I'd much rather it did that at the tip. Having taken five journeys to the tip in total I have now been in the right lane round the roundabout once. Because I followed a car I thought was probably going the same way I was. I'm not sure I can reproduce it. There must be a point where I resist spiralling out, I'm just not sure where it is.

The other productive thing I did this weekend is to finish off CSSing my Dreamwidth layout. Well, I say finish, every time I see it I spot something else I've missed/haven't thought of, but it's pretty much there. I then went back to my LJ layout to make it match the DW layout that I'd been making to match my LJ layout, which was design to sort of match my website layout. So now they all look similar, but different enough that I know which site I'm on.

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Livejournal or Dreamwidth
Wednesday 17th April 2013 9:45 pm

I have asked this before, I think, but a long time ago, so it's about time to ask again. I read everything on my LJ/DW friends/reading list using an RSS Reader. So it makes no odds to me which one I follow (the one I follow will be the one I comment on). So does anyone have a particular preference for the one I'm not currently following them on?

The only stipulation with Dreamwidth, is that you have to either:
a) never or rarely use cut tags
or b) never or rarely say anything I want to read in cut tags
or c) set your feed to show the whole feed
Otherwise I reserve the right to consider my preferences above yours.

Dreamwidth defaults to show only the bits outside the cut tag, which is a massive pain because it means to read the rest I have to log in and click on it, as opposed to just reading where I am (similarly if you have your feed set to just show the first couple of sentences or just show the subject - there is a way round it, but it doesn't work on protected or adult entries and it looks rubbish using Dreamwidth).

To change/check what you have it set to go to the Privacy tab of your account settings, the Syndication level is the fourth one down. There are four options and I think they're relatively self-explanatory, but I have a picture:

Dreamwidth RSS settings

Dreamwidth RSS settings

For the record, I don't care whether you comment on WordPress, Livejournal or Dreamwidth, although I have a slight preference for the first two as they give more useful subject lines in the email notifications.

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Dreamwidth/openid bug
Friday 9th November 2012 5:04 pm

I can't believe I'm the only person who's had this problem. Dreamwidth are working on getting the bug fixed, but while they do, here's a useful piece of information (I don't know if they're going to add this to the FAQ in the meantime, I imagine not).

If you import a journal or community over to Dreamwidth from Livejournal then all the comments and posts are made by the openid that goes with the LJ user who posted them. According to Dreamwidth's FAQ, if you log in with that openid you have the power to delete/edit etc as if you made the comment in that location with your openid.

Except it didn't work for me on my RP accounts. I filed a support request seven months ago and someone's finally figured it out. Any username with underscores in it is the same as the same username with hyphens in - ie red_red is the same as red-red. Now, when a post/comment by red_red is imported, the openid it's from is Which is the same thing, so it's fine. Or not...

If you were to log in to Dreamwidth using, the post/comments made by are made by a different openid, so you cannot do anything to them. However, if you log in as, you can.

Basically, red_red and red-red are completely different usernames as far as Dreamwidth is concerned, but the same username as far as Livejournal is concerned.

Update on me: I booked today off work ages ago and although my throat's still not right and I still have asthma (which will really enjoy being taken to London tomorrow), I feel much better.

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Blog and LJ and Dreamwidth
Monday 13th September 2010 7:24 pm

This afternoon we sat down to listen to the tennis we taped last night... and discovered it had rained in New York so they hadn't played. So now we need to listen to it tonight and tomorrow instead (depending on when they finish and if it rains).

So with the afternoon I suddenly had free, I re-did my LJ layout. It's less red, although I think it looks more red. It's all a bit academic anyway because the only people who will ever see it are people looking at my actual LJ, and me when I come across an unreadable one.

I also discovered the layout I have for Dreamwidth now has a sidebar on the left variant, which I've wanted ever since the layout existed. So now I have that. It's also red, suffice to say.

Since people are suddenly talking about Dreamwidth, I'll mention where I am. I write my posts in my blog, which automatically cross-posts them into my LJ: [info]paranoidangel42 and my DW journal: [info]paranoidangel. You're welcome to read or post in any of those three, I don't mind. But if you're reading by RSS then I would read the blog's RSS (or Atom) feed because it has more useful stuff in it.

Since I read by RSS, I don't care whether I read people's LJ or DW - unless one of them doesn't allow me to see full posts. So if anyone is crossposting to both and would prefer me to comment in one, then I can just change my link and I'll never notice the difference.

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How do you use yours?
Tuesday 24th November 2009 11:23 am

My week off means posting more often, now that I have nothing better to do apart from watch tennis. And do all the other things I need to get done this week (Yuletide, Ch secret santa, baking, Rotaract stuff...).

I got to thinking last night about how people use their journals/blogs mostly because I keep coming across people who use it completely different to me.

Personally, I post everything in my blog (which is so much better to post to than the LJ/DW interface) and have a plug-in that crossposts to Livejournal and Dreamwidth, so people who want to read on those sites rather than by RSS feed can do so. On the extremely rare occasion I post something I don't want the whole world to see (which is usually a rant about something/something specific and I don't want them to happen upon it), then I password protect it on my blog and friends lock it on my LJ and DW. Anyone can ask for the password and if you look back in my blog carefully enough (or use the search, it's pretty good) you can find the password.

When it comes to reading, I read everything, no matter what site it's on, by RSS Feed. It means I don't see LJ cuts and I can mark things as unread if I haven't got time to read them at the moment. Or I can mark things as read without reading them if I know I'm not interested or know I'm not going to get time to read. I also don't have to try and remember where I got to, like you do on the LJ friends page.

My LJ friends list is a copy of all the people I'm reading by RSS Feed. If I stop reading I take them off and if I start reading I add them on. I never use filters because I personally feel like that's lying to people about whether you're reading them or not. I sort of expect other people to do the same thing - so if they have me friended then they're reading me, and it annoys me when they defriend me the minute I defriend them - it feels as if they're too much of a coward to take me off their list before I do.

Dreamwidth is a bit different because on that one I allow access to everyone that has friended me on LJ but i haven't friended back. That way they can see my friends entries, but I'm not reading their journal, and they know I'm not. I am subscribed to a few people on DW that I'm not on LJ because they're the ones I'm occasionally interested in reading and I read my DW list on the site every few days ish. Course, that system falls down rather a lot because a lot of people have accounts at DW but aren't posting there.

To conclude: My LJ friends list is nothing more than a reading list and the word friend is a misnomer.

So, how do you use yours?*

*I know it's not Easter, but I haven't had a Cadbury's Creme Egg since 2004 and I don't watch adverts

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Books and tennis
Tuesday 19th May 2009 9:21 pm

I had a good weekend - well, half a good weekend. I went to High Wycombe to drop off some knickers and other stuff for Knickers 4 Africa and go to 's ex-local bookshop. Where I saw her parents and spent £17 on books - that was being restrained. I'm still working through the books I got from my mum and grandmother for my birthday yet.

It was a good day and we somehow managed to avoid the worst of the weather. I was really tired when I got home, which I expected. What I didn't expect was how dizzy I felt Sunday. All I ended up doing on Sunday is lying on the sofa reading and watching tennis because I wasn't capable of doing anything else. Fortunately, there was tennis on - exhibition matches under the new Centre Court roof at Wimbledon and I enjoyed them, although I could have done without the camera moving so much. I didn't even feel like I'd done that much either. I'm less dizzy now but back to going to bed at 10pm.

But on Friday I'm going to see if I feel well enough after work to go and see In the Loop, which wasn't at the cinema walking distance from where I live now. But it is at the cinema walking distance from work on Friday and Saturday. Then it is at least a three day weekend, although I plan to do things with it - not least find a place for all these books to live...

Also, in the unlikely event that there's anyone left who doesn't have a Dreamwidth account that wants one, I have four invites. And, it turns out, Trillian Astra invites, since it's now in beta. And probably has been for a while, I've just failed to notice, just gave them money...

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What’s new around here
Wednesday 6th May 2009 1:00 pm

I've been playing around on the blog front.

On my blog you can now comment using just your OpenID. It would have worked a year ago if I'd only known the plugin to show you a preview of your comment was interfering with it...

Also, I'm using a new crossposter. The big advantage of this one is that if I create a password protected post here, it posts it on LJ as a friends locked post. Which is what I always wished the crossposter would do, so that's handy. You'll notice on LJ that the header has changed and now become a footer. Exciting, ay?

Since Dreamwidth made it from closed to open beta the other day (at least from my perspective) I now have an account there: paranoidangel. The crossposter posts simultaneously to both LJ and DW, so I now have three backups of my blog.

When I finally wade into RSS Bandit and the 1157 unread feeds I had in there this morning (some of which I've read in Google Reader, to be fair) I might well take some people off my LJ friends list, since that is merely a list of who I am reading and I suspect I will find that I will just mark some of those as read without reading them.

But it's ok because there are other ways of reading my very rare protected posts - which I only really want to hide from random people who've surfed in randomly. Either you can ask me the password and read it on the blog (or search the blog to find it). Or read it on DW. What I plan to do there is give access to anyone who wishes it - basically if you subscribe to my DW journal, I'll give you access. But if you friend my LJ, I will only friend you back if I'm reading your LJ. Clear as mud?

I also have a second DW account (which I did pay about £2 for but there's really nothing a paid account does that a free one doesn't - the same can be said of LJ). This one is paranoidangel42 and is purely for talking about RP things. So people reading my blog/LJ/DW who aren't interested aren't bored by it and I can have RP-related emails in the right email account. No really, that is important.

I know I have a load of comments to reply to and posts to read and people to subscribe to on DW, it's just going to take me a little while to catch up - feel free to subscribe to me and save me the effort 🙂

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Tuesday 14th April 2009 10:11 pm

All of a sudden Dreamwidth has become really popular, maybe because it's going live soon, maybe because more and more people are getting invited into closed beta, and people keep asking what it is. So this is my guide, based on why I like the idea of it and my memories of things what have been discussed on the mailing lists. Read more...

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