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And there’s still another day of weekend left
Sunday 28th May 2006 8:23 pm

I was going to write about one thing but then a whole load of other things crept in too...

Yesterday I went to Dangercon. Well, technically I did, since I gave them money and wore a sticker with my name on it. What I actually did was sit around in the bar, drink, talk, tried not to fall asleep (due to waking up at 3am the night before and not being able to get back to sleep for ages coupled with waking up again at 7am and really not being able to get back to sleep), and tried not to watch Doctor Who (as there was no sound for the first 15mins and it competed with the music for the last 30). But it was good fun.

Also, all the tubes I wanted to get were actually running, I bought up the sausages and soup cubes in Sainsburys in Whitechapel, and I made a new record in finding the pub that was 5 mins walk away in only 15. And I spent half of that trying to get out of London Bridge tube station.

This morning I rather annoyingly woke up at 6.15 and didn't think I got back to sleep again, but since I haven't fallen asleep yet I must have done. I also pegged my washing out and didn't make it rain!

I listened to the second half of not-the-latest-anymore Seventh Doctor Big Finish audio, Night Thoughts. There was some interesting stuff between the Doctor & Ace & Hex. I'm still really confused about why she's now back to being called Ace again. But there was a bit near the end where the Doctor had to kill a girl to save time, or something like that (which is simplifying the situation a lot, otherwise I'd have to explain the whole plot). And I was absolutely convinced he was going to do it.

Last night's Doctor Who was quite fun. Except that I sat down to watch it and five minutes in, just after the beginning credits, my dad messages me to ask me if I've watched Confidential because he thought it looked like they were writing scripts on typewriters. Which I didn't notice when I did watch it but either way I'm not convinced he's on this planet, half the time.

I've also watched a load of second series Drop the Dead Donkey this week. Even though it was broadcast in 1991, if you just change the names the politics really hasn't changed that much and is just as funny. And one episode had the guy who played the DCI in Life on Mars. And one of the writers discussed that he demonstrated it's possible to do a joke where Alex staples a piece of paper to Dave's chest, by stapling a piece of paper to his thigh. Neil Pearson got to wear padding for the real thing, which hurt less, apparently.

Ewan McGregor was on Top Gear. He was quite funny. And I noticed when he swore, while driving this car round their track, they not only edited the sound but the picture as well! I laughed so hard I was crying when the two guys drove the car Jeremy Clarkson had interior designed it was so funny. It's repeated at 7pm Tuesday if anyone missed it.

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The week’s TV
Sunday 26th March 2006 7:15 pm

I can't work out whether my room is hot or I am or both. I've worked out that I've got the sore throat bug, though. I've actually had a sore throat since Friday, it just took me a while to work it out. My brain's not quite working at the moment, unsurprisingly.

I'm all excited cos the Remix archive is up! I wasn't expecting it to be until after I went to bed. So far I've only checked that my story is there (it looks quite weird that thin!) and to see which of my stories has been remixed. It's slightly sad that I had to check back to my story to find out what the original was (see above re brain) but I'm really excited about what the remixer has done with it. I will give them more coherent feedback once I can work somewhere above 'squee'.

I have an idea for a B2MEM related post, that I will try and get in before the end of the month. But I decided to talk about the TV I've watched recently - because there's actually been some on!

I got round to Poirot last night. Usually they just do one at a time, at New Year, but there's another one tonight, which surprised me. I did enjoy last weeks but I was completely confused by the end. I don't know whether that was me or the program, though.

I watched Comedy Connections about Drop the Dead Donkey. It's been so long since I've seen any of it that I had forgotten loads of it. Like Gus's management speak. It must have been the first time I'd heard any of it. It was really interesting to learn all sorts about it as well. I'm really disconcerted by the way Neil Pearson doesn't seem to have aged at all.

Then there was a one-off drama called Best Man. Technically it was in two parts, I watched it in one (much better). I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because it seemed quite strange. It was about these two men who had a bit of an odd relationship. You saw how they became friends in flashbacks and their relationship was always a bit odd. The whole thing was pretty much about who was the more strange of the two. It was really good, though. Plus it had Zoe from Spooks and Jeff from Coupling in it.

I'm really missing the 'Mrs Peel, we're needed' bits from the beginning of The Avengers. Although that was probably because this week's wasn't that good. I'm still entirely confused what relevance the dog had.

And there was new Taggart, yay! And on a Wednesday, the most boring day of the week when there's never anything worth watching. I entirely failed to work out whodunnit, as per usual, but I did manage to start it just right, that I finished just after the actual program did, thus gaining me back 15 minutes of my life.

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