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Imzy and writing
Friday 26th August 2016 7:43 pm

Imzy is suddenly the new big fad. I have an account there that means I have a shitload of invites, should there be anyone left in the universe who doesn't have an account, but wants one. It's created by a former Reddit person to be the anti-Reddit (ie nice). It's a bit like LJ and Dreamwidth, but currently has all the lack of functionality of Facebook. But it is in beta, so maybe at some point they'll add some features that make it usable. At which point I might then use it. Although since you can import feeds, I have set my blog over there up to pull in my WP feed. I'm hoping that at some point this post will show up there. It will be at

(Dealbreaker usable features = RSS feeds and notifications that tell you more than just that you have a notification)

As with last summer I have done no writing for a while. In my defence it was a) hot, b) Olympics and c) both. It is still Olympics (as far as my watching of it is concerned) and then there'll be the US Open and Paralympics and Davis Cup all at once (although US Open is not on TV and Paralympics is not on the radio, from what I remember from four years ago).

But I am thinking of signing up to [info]femslashex. I've been meaning to do it for a while, just to give a go, really, but this is the first year I've remembered about it early enough to get some nominations in, so there'll be enough fandoms containing relationships I'm willing to write/read for me to sign up.

And then there's [info]dw_remix, which is running again this year. Go and sign up if you've written some fic in Doctor Who and related fandoms and would like/wouldn't mind someone remixing some of it. Or if you'd like to remix something in a Doctor Who or related fandom. I've made it easier this year, so you just choose what you want to remix and write something that's at least 100 words.

And then there's Yuletide. I have two fandoms I definitely want (Wizards vs Aliens and 40-Love) but beyond that I can't think of anything else. But I'm sure once it all gets going I'll be reminded of other fandoms and then have too many other things I want.

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Mostly fic things
Saturday 31st October 2015 7:57 pm

[info]dw_remix is all over for this year. There were only three stories in the end, but the three people that finished seemed to have enjoying writing them, which is what matters. Next year I might just not bother with sign ups for people wanting to write remixes and people can write or not write. Less work all round.

I took a happy Twelfth Doctor and Missy fic by IrishVampire13: Cheek to Cheek and made it into a darker Twelfth Doctor and Missy fic: The Doctor Dances (Lucky Streak Remix). Having Missy in the first two episodes of this series helped rather a lot (and was why I chose that story to remix).

I managed to finish the first draft of my [info]sga-secretsanta fic! I'm quite impressed that it's 1600 words, but will get longer considering that I need to add the description and expand bits that say things like 'they went investigating and found x'. Not very exciting as it currently is. But at least the plot is there, making it less terrible should (in theory) be less hard.

I have my Yuletide assignment to do as well. And it would be nice to write some treats. And finish off some of the fic I have sitting around half-finished or half-started. But we'll see. Not least one of the things we'll see is how busy work gets.

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Ficathon season
Friday 11th September 2015 8:22 pm

It must be autumn... Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix are open in [info]dw_remix, [info]sga-secretsanta has sign ups open and Yuletide has started discussing nominations. I haven't written anything since Remix, so being forced to do it will get me back into the habit.

The trouble I have at the moment is that watching things leads to me watching other things. I have seen Dark Matter, which I think I have finally decided I like (except for the first two cliched episodes and a few boring ones). It had Torri Higginson in a couple of episodes, which made me miss Elizabeth (from Stargate Atlantis). Just as I was thinking about it, [info]sga-secretsanta popped up. With a two a half month writing period, which I'll probably need, if last year is any indication.

I watched some Star Trek: Enterprise, which made me want to watch Quantum Leap. And now Quantum Leap is on my potential nominations list for Yuletide.

Since I was thinking about The Librarian/The Librarians for Yuletide, and getting excited about season 2 starting in November, I watched a few bits. Which made me want to watch Ugly Betty. Which was why I ended up rewatching it earlier this year (I am not rewatching it again).

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Doctor Who Remix for 2015
Monday 31st August 2015 12:43 pm

I've just opened sign ups for people willing to have their stories remixed for [info]dw_remix for this year's round. (sign ups for people wanting to write a remix open in a week and two days)

I am excited about doing it all again - partly because I haven't written anything all summer (in fact, I haven't written anything since Remix), and partly because I'm excited to see what everyone else writes. Plus it's a nice, small, relaxed ficathon (fest? whatever you want to call it).

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Been busy
Sunday 21st September 2014 5:36 pm

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to work being really busy. It completely sapped my energy this week, although I did go on a first aid course on Thursday. Friday afternoon was suddenly quiet for a little while and I had to do someone else's work because without that to distract I realised just how tired I was. I could really do with another day on this weekend, but I at least have a three day weekend next week - although I am going to a wedding, so I won't be good for anything on Sunday.

Last weekend was busy. On the Saturday I went to Big Finish Day 6. It was really easy to get to, but really hard to park. I went all round the hotel's tiny car park to find there were no spaces - and you couldn't get out without a token from the hotel. Fortunately the person behind me at the barrier knew the code. I drove around Slough a lot looking for a nearby place to park before I ended up back at the hotel, went to ask them where to park and it turned out that it was ok to park where it say "no unauthorized parking" and threatened you with clamping. The actual thing was all right. I was excited about meeting Peter Purves and he was lovely.

After last weekend when I didn't get much chance to rest, I did this weekend. I have managed to write most of the first draft of my [info]dw_remix fic. And I finished off a Press Gang drabble.

I have been watching a lot of Stargate Atlantis, in order to decide whether to sign up for [info]sga_santa. I have come to the conclusion that I really like Elizabeth and don't really care about watching episodes that she's not in. Which shouldn't have come as a surprise because she was my favourite character, I just had to get used to her not being in the last two seasons when it was on.

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Friday 12th September 2014 8:15 pm

Sign ups are open on [info]dw_remix! Come and write a remix, you know you want to (you only need to write 500 words). The post looks like it's empty, but people have signed up - it's just screened so people can give their email addresses.

For Yuletide I think the three fandoms I'm going to nominate are Press Gang, House of Elliot and Wizards vs Aliens. I haven't changed my mind on this for a while, so I might well not change it come nominating time. Handily, assignments go out around the time [info]dw_remix is due, so they don't overlap too much.

I am considering signing up for [info]sga-santa. I need more ficathons at this time of year like a hole in the head, but I had a look at the sign ups and got all nostalgic. I'd have to rewatch quite a bit (what a hardship!) as I only vaguely remember some bits. But the sign ups don't close until [info]dw_remix assignments go out, so I am waiting to see what I'm going to write for that before I commit to this. And it does have two months writing time, which sounds more do-able.

And then there's Lynda Day at the Chalet School, which is ongoing over all of this. I haven't actually written anything on it since Wednesday because I've had other things to do with the time that I'm in the house, but I do have about 2600 words. I'm just about in the (apt) troublesome middle where I don't know what I'm doing, beyond trying to get to the vague idea I have for an ending. I probably need to watch more Press Gang and read more Chalet School (another hardship).

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Tuesday 2nd September 2014 9:21 pm

This year's round of [info]dw_remix has officially started, with sign ups for people willing to have their fics remixed. Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix open next week.

And today I signed up for Small Fandoms Big Bang. I now have until the end of January to write Lynda Day at the Chalet School. And work out the plot past the beginning. I've been thinking about it all summer and haven't got anywhere, but maybe the time pressure will help...

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I wrote fic (that no one will read)
Thursday 28th August 2014 10:23 pm

In another chapter of I write a fic in a fandom of one*, I wrote a Wizards vs Aliens fic: The First Night Again, set after The Last Day (last story of series 1) and will not make any sense without having seen series 1. This comes after having re-watched both series recently when I was tired and children's TV was just the thing. I want to nominate it for Yuletide, but I did that last year and no one else requested or offered it, so it would be a bit of a waste.

*OK, so there are about 10 fics for this on and a couple on AO3, but they're all either Tom/Lexi or Benny slash. None of them have Michael as the main character, and yet he's the most interesting character in it.

In other fic-related news, I reckon [info]dw_remix has enough interested people to run another round this year. I just need to stop playing Doctor Who Legacy on my iPod long enough to sort out the FAQ and timings.

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Long weekend
Monday 25th August 2014 5:02 pm

I was just going to do a catch-up on the past couple of weeks (summary: really busy at work, plus Worldcon, but I am feeling better at least) but couldn't muster up the energy, so I won't. I'll summarise this weekend instead:

Gardening. I have filled up the garden waste bin and another six bin bags. Given that the bin takes about three bin bags worth, it'll take six weeks to get rid of all of it, unless I go down the tip. But I have mostly pruned everything that grew over the spring and summer, I just have the things that are currently flowering to go, once they stop flowering.

Doctor Who. Still mumbling. I tried without subtitles, but kept turning the volume up, until I was deafened by the music during an action scene, and I was still having to rewind bits because I was missing entire conversations. I didn't get used to Peter Capaldi being the Doctor. Time will tell if I will, but I have never got used to Peter Davison as the Doctor - looking that young he's just Tristan to me.

Doctor Who Remix. I have a poll up to see if anyone is interested in a round this autumn. I worked out a more prompt-based like idea to make it different from Remix and also because I am burnt out on exchange based ficathons.

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DW Remix
Saturday 9th November 2013 7:50 pm

[info]dw_remix went live tonight. With terrible timing as I don't think I'll get all the stories read this evening and I'm off to London to the tennis tomorrow. And [info]hhertzof is at a con, which meant that I had to do the AO3 button pressing myself (it worked, after a scary minute when I thought I'd done something horribly wrong - turned out it was just thinking about it).

Eleven people took part, which is a pretty good number. I did spend the time just before the deadline worrying, though. I think I prefer not being able to see if people have finished things ahead of time. Annoyingly, the only default was someone who was remixing me, so I couldn't pinch hit (I was assuming that if there were defaults I'd be writing pinch hits, so was prepared for it).

Aside from those worries I enjoyed it overall - I like writing remixes. They avoid having to think about all that pesky plot stuff that I struggle with and involve thinking of how to change the original in an interesting way that makes sense on its own. Which is a different challenge, and not something you do for any non-remix stories.

I wrote The Doctor Cooks (The Eleventh Time Lucky Remix) starring Amy, along with the Eleventh Doctor and Rory, with minor parts for an awful lot of other characters (and one explosion).

aralias wrote Dr Harry Sullivan in... Another Exciting Adventure! (The 'You Had To Be There' Remix), which is a hilarious remix of votes For Women.

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Sunday 20th October 2013 7:40 pm

It feels like ficathon time of year all of a sudden.

I saw my Yuletide assignment when I woke up yesterday. I matched on two of the fandoms, so it's even harder to decide what to write. But since I've spent the weekend recovering from Harry Potter on Friday (and I have some other things to write first) it can wait.

There's another round of [info]intoabar starting up. Much as I like it I don't think I have the time to write it. Plus I'm not really in the mood for writing random crossovers at the moment.

(I currently have [info]dw_remix going on, and would be writing something for [info]dw_50ficathon if my head had less cotton wool in it this weekend.)

Mind you, I've been thinking of next year's ficathons already. Friday made me think of a Harry Potter prompt I'd like for [info]fic_corner and I realised that if Blake's 7 is too big for Yuletide that makes it Not Prime Time sized.

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Getting things done
Monday 14th October 2013 7:12 pm

There's nothing quite like a four day weekend for getting things done. I signed up for Yuletide, started my [info]dw_remix fic and finished my [info]dw_remix. I just need to claim a year for it at [info]50ficathon. I also updated WordPress and sorted out the mess on my hard drive. And that was just the time I spent not playing about with Linux distros.

I finally feel caught up from being ill (although my cold is annoyingly still no better).

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Ficathon related things
Wednesday 18th September 2013 8:53 pm

I managed to get the [info]dw_remix matching done on Monday night just in time to finish off a Midsomer Murders (from January) I'd started on Sunday before I went to bed. I think I got it to be as fair as possible, but I could probably have got it to be just as good with a bit of randomness and then checking to see if that worked for everyone.

So now I am at the point of reading things and trying to work out what to write. The person I got mostly seems to write things that aren't really my thing. Which is good in terms of remixing and making things different, but it does make it hard to read the fic. I am not allowing myself to write anything until I've done the second draft of An Unearthly Child at the Chalet School, though, so I'm just fitting the reading in when I have five minutes and/or not enough brain for writing.

I also managed to do my Yuletide nominations: Sarah Jane Smith audios, Counter-Measures audios, Chalet School and Wizards vs Aliens. The latter I am hoping is back on TV soon because I'll probably offer to write all those too and I don't think I kept my recordings from the last series. So I'll need a new series to remind me what all the characters are like.

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The good and the bad
Sunday 15th September 2013 9:18 pm

After working Friday evening last week (which I was expecting) I ended up working Friday evening this week (which I wasn't). Friday was just one of those days of everything going wrong, which I should have realised was going to happen when I woke up at 6am (when it was still dark) and couldn't get back to sleep.

Fortunately the rest of the weekend improved. And the temperature in the house got so cold that two jumpers and fingerless gloves were not cutting it and I turned the heating on. So I am less miserable for being cold and the boiler wasn't as loud and annoying as I had convinced myself it was.

I have spent quite a bit of today playing with the matching for [lj-comm]dw_remix[/lj-comm]. I am probably over-thinking it - I certainly could have done it much quicker and simpler if I hadn't been trying to make it as fair as possible. Although with remixing sometimes having more stories to choose from is not as good as it first sounds. At some point I will stop endlessly tinkering with it and declare it as good as it's going to get.

On the other hand, I have finished the first draft of An Unearthly Child at the Chalet School! Once it's finished (which will hopefully be by 22nd November) it'll probably be getting on for 10,000 words. I just have a load of things I need to look up in various CS books. I did re-read them, but that was last year and it's only in writing this that I've realised how much I've forgotten...

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DW Remix
Sunday 8th September 2013 1:02 pm

As of yesterday evening, (I just failed to post it here at the time) [info]dw_remix sign ups are open.

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Doctor Who Remix
Saturday 31st August 2013 1:45 pm

Since the big multi-fandom remix ficathon didn't happen this year and I like remixing and miss it, I managed to talk [info]hhertzof into running a Doctor Who one with me.

So I present to you: [info]dw_remix!

The Info post has all the information in it. Sign-ups open in a week! Although it's called dw_remix it includes Torchwood, SJA and other spin-offs.

Basically I came up with the content, Hilary made the banner and did all the collection stuff on AO3 while I asked stupid questions and we both got distracted by Twelfth Doctor fic.

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