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Not just all about me
Thursday 10th September 2009 9:41 pm

It's been an... uneven week this week I think. But I am up to 2000 words in my Sarah & Harry ficathon fic and the high single digits in my first head exercise - which is a big improvement on the two I could manage at the weekend.

I discovered my freeserve account has been deleted. I was about to say it was my first email account, but it wasn't, because we first had a general family one, that's now just dad's, and my second was my uni one. And the third. So it was my fourth email address in fact. I've had rather a lot since then...

It's no good to me anymore anyway, since all I get on it is spam (which I had Gmail filter for me anyway) and I only used it for dial-up access. But Zen, who provide my ADSL, also give you a dial-up account, so I can just use that.

I also haven't logged into my Gateworld account for a while, so all the emails will have been deleted and I'll let it delete my account as well, I think. I just used it as a spam trap, so all that happened was that it was full of spam.

These days I filter my main email account through Gmail, so it gets spam checked twice and I rarely get any. Although Gmail likes to randomly decide emails are spam, which is less than helpful... And it would also be nice if hotmail and yahoo would believe my email address isn't spam. It seems to be universally hated by both of them, which is really annoying.

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Almost new email address
Thursday 22nd February 2007 11:14 pm

I've finally got rid of my freeserve address, which I've been meaning to do for a while. And by a while I mean I was planning it a few years ago when I got my own domain name. If you have my email address ending with then that's the main one I've been using for a while. If you have an older address than that, with freeserve in it, then just change the '' to 'me' and that's my new address.

This does all mean I now have three gmail accounts and two others I have access to. And Outlook Express apparently downloads accounts in alphabetical order. It does seem to have a bit of a strange dictionary if that really is the case.

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Thursday 16th November 2006 8:01 pm

My BBC news email told me this morning that Channel 4 are planning to offer downloads. I don't actually watch that much on Channel 4 but it would be good to catch up with Teachers because I seem to have seen random bits of that.

The Guardian had a big article in the online section about spam, since it's gone crazy recently (I used to get about 50 a day, now it's 100). Except that they basically concluded there's nothing you can do. It's just took them the whole of the front page and part of page 2 to do it.

Last night I was good and sat down and now have 2511 words for my pico project, which is halfway.

And I had an email today to say I passed all of my checks for the estate agent, so I can move in on 15th December! Current plan is to clean the flat on the 15th and get some essentialy furniture (bed, hoover) delivered. Then move in on 16th and clean my room here. Then live out of crates for a week while I work out what furniture I need and what I have space for. Then I'll be buying some of that in January.

At the moment I'm trying to read books that I'm planning to charity once I've done, so there'll be less to move. Current book is What Katy Did, which I'm sure I read when I was younger but don't remember. The kids are mostly looked after by their aunt, which is making me think how much I'd like to see Sarah Jane as a child, growing up with her aunt fic.

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Protected: An emailing rant
Monday 31st July 2006 7:15 pm

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How not to spend a Friday night
Sunday 4th December 2005 10:35 pm

I realised the other day that I hadn't had any emails from the Blakes 7 lyst. Since October (yes, it's taken me that long to notice). The most likely thing seemed that there was something wrong with the lyst and I pretty much left it at that.

Except I realised I hadn't had any notification emails from Stories of Arda either. And come to think of it, my notifications of spam at my Gateworld address might not actually be a Gateworld problem.

After convincing dad this was not actually a problem with any of the websites and was with my email, we established the emails are not getting through to any address on the server or the backup server. And they all stopped in mid-October - when nothing happened.

They're working quite happily with a different email address but it's still annoying. I think dad is looking into it.

At the same time, my mum felt the need to diagnose me with all sorts of nasty illnesses. I was so tired on Thursday I was practically falling asleep in my guitar lesson. And Friday I don't know how I made it home, especially with the wind trying to take me off my feet. I'm feeling more awake now - although that means I can now stay awake till 10pm, rather than 9pm.

Hopefully, the nutritionist I have an appointment with tomorrow will be able to tell me something, otherwise I'll be going back to the doctor again. I feel like I've practically lived there this year.

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Thursday 27th January 2005 11:15 pm

My e-mail's not currently working - it might be bouncing as well. The server has been hacked (twice in the last few days!) so my index page was down today as well (that's fixed though). Admittedly, some of the e-mail problems could be due to freeserve.

Dad is working on it though.

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Oh, how I love technology
Monday 24th January 2005 11:07 pm

I finally finished the Rotaract website, got the guy to upload it, then discovered I'd completely cocked-up the contact page. Anyway, now it is all fixed, I just need him to re-upload it (and hope the logo doesn't get corrupted again).

My e-mail, on the other hand, is not working. Again. On the plus side, I just have to message dad about it. Freeserve also likes to randomly mark emails as spam, even though they're not. And even though it won't mark similar ones from the same place as spam, even with really similar headers. Anyway, I just found out it decided a review I had from SoA was spam! The worrying part is I got a review for the same story, the same day and that wasn't spam. Hmm.

I have updated my website though. And made a little 'new' icon. It's red, of course. And it's two months till I go to Australia. I'm so not ready.

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Oh, the joys of technology
Wednesday 9th June 2004 10:37 pm

I wondered why I had had so few e-mails today but I thought it was just quiet for some reason and my spam had gone down suddenly. No - turns out my paranoidangel e-mail has gone down. And even better, is bouncing! I did read some of my mailing lists and came off the ones I couldn't be bothered to read. If it's not one thing going wrong it's something else. Perhaps I'll just go and watch The West Wing instead.

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I love email
Thursday 19th February 2004 11:10 pm

Oh dear. For some reason freeserve (who I have my e-mail with) like to randomly bounce yahoo messages (including from the groups sometimes), so I had a cunning plan - I'd get a hotmail address, which I can download in Outlook Express. So far, so good. So, someone already has my first choice of username, fine, I have some backups. It's really confused Roboform because I already have a Passport, but since I hardly ever log into it that should be fine.

The one big problem I had was with the security question. Up till now I've stuck with mother's maiden name because when I tried to get clever and use something else I couldn't even remember which question I'd picked, never mind what the answer was. They all seem to have changed to father's middle name instead, so I'm going with that one. I've used it once with no problems. But hotmail have decided you can only have five or more characters in a name. Tiny problem, my dad has four.

So here's a word of warning - if you ever have kids their names must all have five or more characters otherwise your grandchildren will have problems. Idiots.

Incidentally, if anyone has a yahoo account and wants to contact me, send me an e-mail to my spam account (which I do check) and I'll tell you the hotmail one. Yes, I do have a lot of e-mail addresses.

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