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Election Result
Wednesday 28th April 2004 9:32 pm

The Fandom President has been announced here. Darien and Selma would like to thank everyone who voted for them - we came a fairly respectable distance up the list for such a small fandom.

Since our new president will be providing rum for everyone this Campaign Manager is happy, as is our presidential candidate. Our vice presidential candidate is not so impressed but since we can just turn her off we'll ignore her.

Although Darien and Selma are sure President Sparrow and Vice President Norrington will do a good job (with rum or without it) they will be beginning their campaign for 2204 very soon to ensure their chance of success when they return to that time.

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Vote now, vote often
Monday 26th April 2004 6:02 pm

If you're reading this you should have voted for Darien/Selma. If not, you just need to go here and we're top of ticket 5.

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Party Political Broadcast
Sunday 25th April 2004 6:01 pm

This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the Time Trax party.

Darien and Selma would like to remind you why you should vote for them.

Sod it, the campaign manager has not had enough sleep or alcohol, so her brain is not currently in working order. The voting starts tomorrow, so keep on eye on this website: Fandom Escapist Election and vote for Darien/Selma.

Note: Although Darien and Selma feel that bribery is against their principles, I, their campaign manager, is perfectly happy with the idea. Just name your price and I will honour it in return for you vote.

Additional note: Although Darien and Selma value honesty, I, their campaign manager, finds dishonesty nice and refreshing. This, and the above note, may well turn out to be lies.

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Fandom Escapist Election
Tuesday 20th April 2004 9:44 pm

I was so enjoying seeing the different campaigns for the Fandom Escapist Election I just had to submit one of my own. I present to you Darien/Selma '04

Darien/Selma '04

Reasons you should vote for them:

  • They are honest - Selma, being a computer, can't lie
  • They are from the 22nd century - they won't repeat any mistakes that will happen in the next 200 years

The main focus of their campaign is crime. As a captain in the police force Darien has seen it all and Selma knows it all. They pledge to try their hardest to rid the planet of both dangerous fugitives and petty criminals.

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