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End of year fandom meme
Friday 29th December 2017 3:06 pm

1. Your main fandom of the year?
In terms of fic writing and reading it's probably been Doctor Who. I don't tend to talk about it much because I find it's best enjoyed without thinking about it much.

2. Your favourite film watched this year?
I watched two films this year, Rogue One and Kinsgman. So my favourite is therefore the one I liked: Kingsman.

3. Your favourite book read this year?
Looking back, I really didn't write a lot of Reading Wednesday books this year, so I can't remember most of what I read. It's probably a tie between Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Knowing the Score: My Family and Our Tennis Story by Judy Murray.

4. Your favourite TV show of the year?
Red Dwarf XII. Which is just as well because when I did this meme last year I put it down as my biggest fan anticipation.

5. Your favourite online fandom community of the year?
The only ones I use are LJ and DW, so those.

6. Your best new fandom discovery of the year?
Carry On, given the speed I got through the book. Although there's so much fic there I don't know where to start (so I haven't yet, but will when there's less Christmas exchange reading to do).

7. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?
Star Trek: Discovery. It got better when there weren't Klingons on it, but I can't stand Michael and it turns out she's the main character (I thought we were well rid of her after the first two episodes).

8. Your TV boyfriend of the year?
Probably Jonnie Peacock.

9. Your TV girlfriend of the year?
Diana Rigg, for her performance in Victoria.

10. Your biggest squee moment of the year?
Diana Rigg in Victoria. I either hadn't known she was in it or had forgotten, so I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got round to watching the latest series this month.

11. The most missed of your old fandoms?
Exactly the same answer as last year: Stargate Atlantis, caused by reading SGA Secret Santa fics (particularly the Shep/McKay ones).

12. The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?
Given the rate I keep acquiring them, I don't need any more.

13. Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?
I'm excited about the Winter Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, despite the time difference. And hoping Jo Konta does better this year (overall, not just at Wimbledon). I can't think of any answers that are non-sport ones!

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About me
Sunday 30th November 2008 7:26 pm

Since I just added some people to my LJ friends list, since they might decide to read my LJ, I thought I'd write a quick blurb about me.

I wrote a fairly long post about my job a while ago and since that's not the most important thing about me, I won't expand on it further (unless anyone wants me to).

Mostly what I've been talking about recently is moving, since I'm moving house in just under two weeks and it's true that it's one of the most stressful things you can do. The other most important thing in my life is Rotaract, which is a club for 18-30 year olds to have fun and raise money and help the local community. Our club has seven people in it, so we all get involved with everything we do. But I'm also on the district exec and am on the committee that's running the national conference next May. So that keeps me quite busy.

Fandom-wise it's mostly Doctor Who at the moment. I seem to have become known for having a thing about Harry (if the SJA signing was any indication). But I've never quite left (if only because I'm clinging on by my fingernails) Atlantis and Lord of the Rings (with the latter I was known for having a thing about Elrond).

Two years ago I managed to get myself into roleplaying on LJ, where you do get to play fandom major characters, where I play mostly Harry (which surprises everyone, I'm sure) and if you want more of my writing about Harry, his LJ () is the place to find it. There's also Jo Grant, Ian Chesterton and Teal'c, who is new and scares me. A bit.

A quick note about how I use my LJ. Everything starts from the blog, which is a far better way of finding old posts. I read my LJ friends list by RSS Feed, which I prefer lots and lots and don't know how anyone can read anything on their friends list any other way. In my case friends list is a very big misnomer, it's actually a reading list. I have friends who have LJs who I don't read, for whatever reason, but there is a life outside LJ. And I rarely friends lock stuff anyway.

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Doctor Who fandom and my LJ friends list
Wednesday 20th August 2008 9:22 pm

I realised, a while ago, that I've been doing that volunteering thing in Doctor Who fandom. I reckon I've inherited it from dad, but I can't get involved in something without volunteering. It's why I've done every exec post in my Rotaract club, am on my third year on District and am on the National Conference organising committee. I did it in LOTR fandom when I was an admin at HASA. Now in DW I've run a ficathon and was an editor for the Sarah Jane newsletter.

I've also reached a point where I just don't like DW fandom any more. As a whole I mean. I'm quite happy with my little corner(s), but the rest I just can't be doing with any more. So I've now stopped doing everything, apart from reading and writing.

While I was taking relevant comms off my LJ friends list, I had a bit of a sort out of the whole thing. I have managed to get my friends list down to 42. I took off a whole load that I'm either just not reading or haven't updated for a long time (mostly the latter, I have to say).

Because the term friends in LJ is so loaded, I just want to repeat that my friends list is a copy of the LJs I am reading in RSS Feeds. I have people on there that aren't friends and people that are friends that aren't on there. Anyone not on my friends list isn't missing out on my friends locked posts because I very rarely make any, and when I do I'll put them on my blog too, which you can ask me for a registration on, and you can use your LJ ID for that.

And while I'm here I want to plead to the people who only say what they're posting about in the LJ cut text and nowhere outside of it - please can you put something in the text of the post or the heading to say what you're talking about? Otherwise I have no idea because I don't see LJ cuts in RSS Feeds, and it also means that the page where you write comments doesn't say either.

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Friday 26th October 2007 9:58 pm


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Fandom teaches
Thursday 22nd March 2007 9:01 pm

There was something I read a while ago talking about looking at people's searches on google and what you can tell about them. That would bring up all sorts of interesting things about me given that I've been looking up pregnancy (for Doctor Who: The Soap Opera), torture (for Dream a Little Dream) and courting in the 1930s.

But you can learn all sorts of interesting things through fandom. If it wasn't for The Bill I wouldn't know what a doona is. And I think I've learnt more about American words through beta'ing hhertzof's fics than I did by going there.

Mind you, I've also discovered that there are no 24 hour Tescos in Ealing. Which is important for Doctor Who: The Soap Opera: The Sequel. No, really. And tonight I got all excited when I looked up about decimalisation for the sake of one line on Relative Space and found this page. I had no idea the sixpence continued after decimalisation.

Although it's not fandom per se that's the font of all this knowledge, or making me look it up, it's that I'm meeting people in different parts of the world where they do things differently, or just people that have different areas of knowledge.

It's great, I love it.

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It has 4 wheels and goes, I really shouldn’t complain
Thursday 26th October 2006 9:37 pm

I bought a new microfilter off amazon last night, and since I needed to spend £12 more to get free delivery I might have bought the first series of Doctor Who as well. I'm now paranoid about my car, but I can guarantee next Wednesday/Thursday will be dry since that's when it's booked into the garage so they can fail to find anything wrong with it. I'm really hoping it's dry this weekend as I have a driving lesson on Sunday and a two hour drive with a car that's a pain does not really appeal.

There was a point this afternoon at work (4.30pm) that I just couldn't be bothered any more. It didn't help that I'd just been listening to a Benny audio while I wrote a database and it was so emotional I couldn't think about doing anything else. But it's also just that I'm fairly useless after about 4.30pm. Although it could have been catching cos my boss said the same thing at 5pm. And it's only Thursday. Most Friday afternoons no-one can be bothered.

A useful link: a list of fandom newsletters on LJ, as researched by me and coded by Sel. And a very long list it is too, I was surprised. Especially by the number of Harry Potter ones.

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A long post with lots of stuff in
Wednesday 11th January 2006 7:46 pm

A multi-part post for today.


I really liked Life on Mars on Monday. It's about a DCI who gets in a car accident (RTA, if we're going to go with acronyms :)) and wakes up in 1973. As a DI. Poor love. It's sort of a cross between The (Old) Bill and Quantum Leap. His DCI in 1973 I hated at first but by the end he was obviously a nice guy and a bit Burnside-like and I liked him. I'm looking forward to more of it.

On the one hand I'm looking forward to Hyperdrive tonight (sci-fi sitcom, thereby Red Dwarf's succesor) because it sounds good, but I'm a bit worried that a lot of comedy on these days seems to be puerile, rather than funny. With the exception of The Thick of It, which is more ridiculous-situation funny than laugh-out-loud funny.


There have been links to people talking about feedback on metafandom recently. I'm trying to be good and give feedback for nearly everything I read, counting reviewing it for Sel's site as feedback. The exceptions are generally ones where I honestly have nothing to say, not even I liked it because I can't decide whether I do or not. I am mostly succeeding at this so far.

The reason I'm doing it is, well, actually there's more than one. It's partly because I feel I should, I mean just pressing a button and typing a few words takes less time than reading the thing. I don't know if it's called karma, maybe, but I always feel that you should treat people, generally speaking, how you'd like to be treated back. Okay, so it doesn't always happen, esp not if you talk to me while I'm ill or stressed, but then my dad's exactly the same so I blame him. But it feels the same with feedback - I feel that if I don't take the time to comment on other people's fic then why should people comment on mine?

It's also sometimes an opportunity to have a discussion about a character or a situation, or something. And a chance to make friends. When I did Crack Van back in December I did worry at first that I was reccing stories of people that are on my friendslist, but then I realised that in some cases that's how I met them!

Generally speaking, if someone comments on a fic of mine and I don't know who they are I'll go and check them out, find out what they've written. On the basis that if they've read something of mine we must have something in common, so maybe they've written something I want to read.


We went to Rotary last night for our meeting. While they were eating and meeting we met, and it was very nice to sit in comfy chairs, even if they were 'a bit horizontal' as Matthew described them. I remember when I first joined and didn't know anyone that well it seemed really odd that they all knew each other really well. It doesn't now though. We were discussing Moonraker at one point (a 10 mile night hike with orienteering, also including running out of torch batteries, getting stuck in the mud and large amounts of chocolate) and someone said you basically laugh for 6 hours. I've never done it, but whenever we meet up it does consist mainly of laughing. And chocolate.

Going into Rotary afterwards was more sobering, though. They had a talk from a couple of guys who had been out to Pakistan after the earthquake. One was a journalist, the other had raised lots money (like £50,000 in a week lots) and they showed the videos they'd made out there. There were loads of buildings either flattened or half falling down. The worst thing was that the guy who had raised money is trying to build an orphange out there, and he focused on the children who had been injured, many of them had to have amputations because they hadn't got medical help soon enough. That was really horrible to see.

The trouble with seeing that sort of thing is that it immediately makes you want to help. That's obviously not a bad thing in itself (our cheese and wine quiz on Saturday was to raise money for a Shelterbox, and the usual Rotary collection at their meeting went towards that and raised £139 between about 30 people). The trouble is that you feel this way everytime and you just can't help everyone. And it's really hard to think about who you're not helping, even though you are helping someone else.


For a bit of lightness after that, these have been going round today.

You scored as Teyla.









Which Stargate Girl Are You?
created with

I like the beautiful part!

You scored as Carson Beckett.

Carson Beckett


Ronon Dex


Rodney McKay


Aiden Ford


Daniel Jackson


Cam Mitchell


Jack O'Neill


John Sheppard




Who Is Your Stargate Boyfriend?
created with

It's true he does have a nice accent, although it would be better if it was an incomprehensible-to-Americans, proper Scottish accent. With no r in murder (cf The Tower).

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Wednesday 2nd June 2004 10:39 pm

My dad said the fatal words today: I'm doing an amazon order, do you want anything. Hmm, now let me see... 🙂 My favourite shop these days is Borders (aside from the cheap shops in Poole, and The Lemon Tree, but they're more difficult to get to). I did buy Una's book. Dad suggested I get it signed - just need to remember to take it to Redemption '05 now 🙂

I meant to say something about this before, but fandom is a funny thing. Perhaps it's something to do with not being able to see people when communicating with them, but people in it, are in general, a lot more tolerant. Tolerant of race, gender, disabilities, species, I mean. It's everything else that goes downhill.

I suspect it's the extent to which I'm involved with fandoms that makes me more able to see it in some than others. Stargate, for example, is not always a nice place. I discovered the newsgroup during the fourth season and I remember what it was like. Hence the reason I don't go near the place any more. There are still people who can't believe that I am friends with Jack/Daniel slashers being as I am a Sam/Jack shipper. Well, mostly, the dark side is looking distinctly grey these days.

There was talk on another site about why slash fics are labelled so people can avoid them, but het ones are not. On the one hand it is a sad fact of life that heterosexual relationships are more accepted. Certainly when I was young they were the only relationships I thought existed, being as they were the ones portrayed in books/on TV etc. I do remember the lesbian character (Helen?) on Drop the Dead Donkey not being particularly shocking, though.

It is entirely subjective as to which pairings squick which people though. Although I remember someone mentioning Arwen/Bilbo at one point, which I don't think anyone can quite cope with. But then that's an age and species difference. It's the ones that go against our moral values that squick us, I think. Although I'm inconsistent. I'll do Qui/Obi but not Obi-Wan/Anakin and definitely not Elrond/Aragorn, which I see as a similar relationship to Qui/Obi. I'll also read Elladan/Elrohir but nor Boromir/Faramir.

I think perhaps some of that comes from wanting to reading fic about friendships between particular characters and not minding if they have sex. And also, for me, knowing that people love each other and not minding what type it is. That's certainly how I got into Qui/Obi and Frodo/Sam. Plus some really good authors writing them.

Having said that, I'll read anything funny. Which is how I got into the whole Jack/Daniel thing in the first place. I also think you can do anything, it's just that the harder stuff has to be better done. I've heard there's a Servalan/Orac one that was actually believable.

It's nice to ship with the majority as well - there's more choice of fic to read (although more likelihood much of it is bad, I suspect). I've also found it's nice to ship with the minority. Qui/Obi and Sam/Jack is definitely the majority. John/Aeryn and Sydney/Vaughn are canon (at which point they bored me, although in the case of J/A it took till the end of the series, S/V was only halfway through season 2).

When it comes to Enterprise, though, I ship for Trip/T'Pol. Now that's a minority, or certainly was at the start. I feel quite protective of this one because I saw it right from the start. I preferred their relationship when they constantly wound each other up, but then I suppose all relationships change over time.

And now I'm rambling. It may not sound like it but fandom is a wonderful place. You get to meet new people for a start. The best thing anyone ever said at a con was that everyone at their work only ever talked about Eastenders because then I knew it wasn't just me. There is a tendency to get to know people really quickly as well - shared opinions help that (and it is nice to have someone to go squee over blokes with that people at work have never heard of).

It was at Redemption '03, I think that someone pointed out that once you know you have one thing in common with someone else, you'll find a whole load more as well. Actually, it's a lot like uni, where the closest friends I had were the ones I knew from clubs and societies, rather than the ones I happened to end up living with in my first year. Although we were quite close as a tutor group by the end - there's something about having a group whinge to pull people close (not literally).

This long post is inspired by Sel (so you know who to blame). So to everyone reading this you're all appreciated 'k? Perhaps it's time again to make sure I don't loose touch with old friends I haven't spoken to for ages.

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Saturday 19th April 2003 7:28 pm

I read some stuff about fandom earlier and it got me thinking. So, today's post will be on the subject of:


The first fandom I was involved with was Bugs. We had a couple of message boards, the odd site and gradually started writing some fan fiction. This was around the time of the third series, I think. A year later when the fourth came around I'd not entirely lost interest in Bugs, but enough to not be participating in the fandom stuff any more. Which is a pity. Partly because there were some great people there and partly because the last episode had a cliffhanger ending. There are plenty of stories resolving it out there, but I don't really remember enough to read them and appreciate them.

The original message boards either no longer exist, or if they do they've moved, but the place to go is Bureau 3.

The next one was Star Wars TPM. That's when I really discovered what fan fiction was. I think I was probably on half a dozen miling lists at one time, although I lurked on most, getting the hang of it all. It's still the one I've written most for. I helped with archiving at the OKEB. That's still the place I've had most contact with, and the mailing list I've actually posted to.

Then I discovered Stargate. This fandom differs from all the others in that although I have been on mailing lists etc (and posted on them) I've particpated in a RPG, gone to conventions and played on the Stargate Command (no longer exists, unfortunately) and Ausgate sites. It makes a big difference, because I've actually met the friends I've made in it.

Then there's Enterprise. This one's also different, because I'm not involved with fandom as a whole, merely with the Trip/T'Pol part of it. It's been interesting to see it grow from hardly anything to what it is now. It has been a tad quiet of late because the season 2 episodes haven't really given us anything to go on. In fact they've almost given us the opposite.

The latest one is Lord of the Rings. I didn't mean to get into it, I just read a rec in someone's journal and it all went downhill from there. I've learnt more about it, discussed topics I'd never thought I would and written fic. I've got one accepted at Henneth Annun. Fandom-wise, most of it happens there, some on mailing lists as well.

I've left The Bill till last for a reason. It began on the Official Site as a little forum and grew to become the community it is now. I first visited it a long time ago, before any other fandom and before I knew what fandom was. I lurked a little, went away came back, posted a little went away, came back and finally stayed. I have got somewhat disillusioned with the series as a whole, so now I spend time in the virtual pub instead of talking about The Bill, but it keeps me in the fandom. And it keeps me chatting with my friends, some of whom I've met at the studios, others live in Australia and I'd love to meet when I make it over there.

Fandoms I've never really got into - Buffy, Angel, Farscape. Not because I don't like them, just because I haven't. I really don't know why. Quantum Leap I've written an episode for Virtual Season 9, but that's as far as it went. Red Dwarf seems to be a category all of its own, reasons wise. Some of the others seem to mingle together, so that you end up discussing Buffy and Farscape at Stargate cons etc. But you can only be involved in so many. They have this tendency to take up time.

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Saturday 1st March 2003 1:47 pm

Very odd. Blogger keeps telling me it can't publish, yet when I check it has.

who is your closest personality match

who is your closest personality match

Redemption was good. I learnt about stage fighting, tried belly dancing, made an Enterprise out of CDs and bog rolls, helped film the models made out of rubbish, talked about hunks, biology, Crusade and doubtless other things I've forgotten. I met people I haven't seen for a while, people I'd never met before, got chatted up (why that surprises me, I don't know), drank a lot, slept a little, showered a lot (it was a very nice shower). Had to come back to reality though, but not before booking for 2005.

I mentioned to a couple of people that I had just discovered LOTR fan fic and both said that they felt fan fic based on a book was wrong. I can totally see their point and I do agree. Not that it stops me though. I don't why some things rather than others compel me to read and others to write as well. Just looking at them:

Star Wars: TPM - this was the one that introduced me to the whole idea, so I've read masses of it, mainly Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon stuff and some slash. I've also written quite a bit of this one.

Quantum Leap - read Al-related stuff and written an episode for the virtual series

Babylon 5 - have read some Sheridan/Delenn stuff but then only really read Dark Mirror, although I got lost somewhere in there and need to start again (for the third time!)

Stargate - have written a bit and read quite a lot, mainly Sam/Jack and Daniel-centered stuff

Angel - have read a few things, all of which were quite good. Strangely, haven't found Buffy fan fic so interesting, not sure why. Perhaps because it was reading about Wesley that brought me into it in the first place and there's not really any characters in Buffy I want to read about so much

Farscape - only really read John/Aeryn but that does have a tendency to get boring. Have started stuff, but not finished any

Star Trek - the only Star Trek stuff I've really read has been Paris/Torres, but now that the virtual series has finished I've changed to Enterprise and thats all been Trip/T'Pol. Must catch up with the stuff on Trip/T'Polers.

Alias - mostly read Syd/Vaughn but there's some really good stuff there there's not as well

LOTR - mainly been hobbit stuff so far, but I have just discovered Aragorn now as well

Bugs - I was reading and writing in this before I knew it was fan fic. Wish I had kept in this fandom now, there's much more fic out there, specially ones which solve the end of series 4 cliffhanger

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