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Sunday 20th October 2013 7:40 pm

It feels like ficathon time of year all of a sudden.

I saw my Yuletide assignment when I woke up yesterday. I matched on two of the fandoms, so it's even harder to decide what to write. But since I've spent the weekend recovering from Harry Potter on Friday (and I have some other things to write first) it can wait.

There's another round of [info]intoabar starting up. Much as I like it I don't think I have the time to write it. Plus I'm not really in the mood for writing random crossovers at the moment.

(I currently have [info]dw_remix going on, and would be writing something for [info]dw_50ficathon if my head had less cotton wool in it this weekend.)

Mind you, I've been thinking of next year's ficathons already. Friday made me think of a Harry Potter prompt I'd like for [info]fic_corner and I realised that if Blake's 7 is too big for Yuletide that makes it Not Prime Time sized.

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Dear Fic Corner Scribbler
Sunday 28th July 2013 10:02 am

Dear Fic Corner Scribbler,

Thank you for writing a story for me. The optional details are optional. I've just tried to give you some ideas of what I might like to see, but if none of them are your thing feel free to disregard them. I am sure I will love anything you write with the character(s) I've requested. Feel free to use any other characters you'd like - there are none that I dislike in any of these fandoms.

What I like:
- Stories that explore the relationships between characters
- Stories that explore characters
- Scenes/fic that is like it could be (part of) an episode

What I dislike:
- Sex scenes, so nothing over PG-13 please - some of the ideas I've put in the prompts will mean going a bit further than the books do, but generally I'd like to stick to the tone of the original
- British people using Americanisms (and American people using Briticisms)
- Relationships other than those in canon (and the exceptions noted in my optional details) - but you can never go wrong with gen

I've written more prompts for some than others, but it doesn't mean I want those fandoms more - I'd like them all equally.

Below are my prompts:

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