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Dear Fandom 5k Writer
Sunday 25th March 2018 3:14 pm

WARNING: at the bottom of this letter is THE LIBRARIANS SEASON 4 SPOILERS

Dear Fandom 5k Writer,

In this I have tried to give some ideas of what I like, but they are mainly the things that I've remembered I like. As long as it's not on my dislikes list, then I probably like it. I've given prompts and ideas in case you're the sort of person who finds them helpful. But feel free to disregard them if you want - as long as you write something that features the characters I've requested I'll be happy. I like all the other characters in the fandoms I've requested, so feel free to add in anyone else you want.

- Stories that feel like a piece of canon
- Stories that make me laugh
- Stories that make me cry
- Stories that give me warm, fuzzy feelings
- Banter
- Friendship
- Time travel/playing around with time
- For shippy things: feelings conveyed with just a few touches or meaningful glances

- Non-canonical (permanent) character death
- Anything that requires an adult rating (aside from language, if it's appropriate to the canon)
- Bodily fluids described in detail
- Any relationships not explicitly stated at some point in canon
- AUs that change the setting
- For shippy things: power imbalance


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Tennis and other things
Sunday 29th January 2017 4:03 pm

I am sad that the Australian Open is now over. It was good, although people had a tendency to interrupt at work on matchpoint. At least this morning's final was uninterrupted. If only because I didn't get dressed until after it was over - it was just too exciting to miss! It was good to see Roger vs Rafa again and I wish they could both have won.

Next weekend is the Davis Cup, but it's annoyingly in Ottawa, which means it'll be in the evening and night. If it goes to a fifth rubber staying awake will be hard.

I really want to go to Wimbledon. It's been years since we got anything in the ballot - if we don't get anything this year we might just go and queue on a quiet day.

I should be spending some of the weekend writing or catching up on TV. I haven't been doing very well on that, but I have done a lot of random surfing and YouTube video watching. Which weren't really on my to do list...

My Chocolate Box fic is finished and in beta. I uploaded it then couldn't think of a title, so it's still in draft format on AO3. I have some treats I have ideas and bits of fic for, I just need to get round to writing them.

For Het Swap there are two people I can write for. I have bits of ideas for both of them, so hopefully I can make one of them into a whole idea, whichever one I end up getting assigned to.

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Not going out
Friday 21st October 2016 7:23 pm

This week I am on holiday from work. I haven't gone away anywhere, the plan was to go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and stay home and recover/get things done the other days.

It started out well: Monday we went to Windsor Castle, which was good, but tiring. Tuesday I got a cold, but was still going. Wednesday we got up early to do a tour of the Bodleian Library (very interesting) and Oxford Castle (fun!).

Thursday my cold was worse, today it's even worse and since my friend is also ill, we ended up not going anywhere today. Being ill on holiday is crap because I'm not going anywhere and I'm not getting a lot done. But it beats working, which would just wear me out more.

Being in today meant I got some writing done. I have more words on my Yuletide fic, although some of them are: stuff goes here. I did some canon review for my Public Call fic and have written the first draft. And I finished off my DW Minor Characters ficathon fic:
At Last a Dragon (983 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: John Chesterton, Tenth Doctor
Summary: John Chesterton doesn't believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy or the Doctor.

(And yes, I did steal the title from an episode of Press Gang)

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Tuesday 18th October 2016 6:07 pm

I kept meaning to post, but I seem to either be busy or recovering from being busy. But I have crossed off quite a bit on my to do list.

The other thing I've been doing is writing. My Femslash fic is pretty much finished, aside from beta changes. And coming up with a title. I think the latter will be harder...

For Yuletide I got the fandom I was hoping I would. And then immediately wondered why I signed up for it because I couldn't possibly write it. And I didn't know what to write. I now have two bits of scenes and a vague idea of a plot and some notes for bits that'll come later.

But Public Call is due first, although the assignments for that only went out Sunday night. I had been looking at the signup summary to guess what relationship I might get. And then when I got my assignment, realised that I know more characters than the ones I signed up for and can in fact write a relationship I didn't sign up for. Which didn't help decide what to write... But then I woke up earlier than I needed to on Monday morning and now have a (very rough) idea of what I might write. Which is a start, at least.

And this is all much more writing than I've done all year, pretty much. It has done what I'd hoped and spurred me on to work on some of the (many) things I've started this year and next and not finished. I keep feeling like my writing is crap, so first drafts are fine, as they're supposed to be crap, but finishing things off, not so much. Even having had lovely comments on some (older) things with people saying how much they like it doesn't help. It just makes me think that I could write once, but can't any more. And by definition people can't say my current stuff is good because I don't have any current stuff that's finished.

But I have nearly finished my [info]dw_guestfest fic. It's only six months after the deadline and two months after the summer mini-round, but still a lot further than I thought I'd get two months ago. Maybe I'll even finish it...

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Tuesday 13th September 2016 7:52 pm

The Paralympics is on, which is why I don't really have the time for anything else. Despite there not being as much to watch as the Olympics all the good stuff is late at night, which has meant I've been staying up later than I intend to. The adverts are a pain, although I am getting used to them. But not so much that I will watch them any time before the next Paralympics.

Technically this weekend is my only free weekend this month, but since it's also the Davis Cup, I don't know how I'm going to fit all this sport in, even without going anywhere. To say nothing of needing to clean the house and do some gardening.

In other news, I got the exact fandom and pairing I was hoping I'd get for femslash. I have some ideas, I'm just waiting for the sport to stop so I have some time to write. I also did well in my assignment - there weren't many people I could have matched with but all the others had no prompt and/or letter.

There is so much on TV now it's September. I haven't watched most of it, what with there being sport on TV. But I am more used to watching TV around Missy playing in the evening (largely because her idea of playing consists of sitting in her cornflake box, but still), so maybe I'll actually catch up with some on weekdays I'm in. But since next week is my first week of going out three nights, I don't know if that'll happen...

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Dear Femslash writer
Sunday 4th September 2016 5:58 pm

Dear Femslash writer*,

Thank you for writing a story for me. The optional details are optional. I've just tried to give you some ideas of what I might like to see, but if none of them are your thing feel free to disregard them. They are just ideas for people who find it easier to write something when given a prompt. Feel free to write other characters in these fandoms too - I like all the other characters in these fandoms. Just because I've waffled more or written more prompts about some fandoms than others doesn't mean I want it more - I want these all as much as each other, I just waffle more about some than others.

General things I like:
- Stories that explore the relationships between characters
- Stories that explore characters
- Scenes/fic that is like it could be (part of) an episode
- Stories that make me happy or make me laugh or make me cry
- Fun stuff that leaves me feeling happy
- A touch being more sexy/touching than a whole sex scene

General things I dislike:
- Sex scenes, so nothing over PG-13 please - generally sticking to the tone and details of sex/humour/peril etc of the original is good.
- British people using Americanisms and American people using Briticisms
- Non canon (permanent) character death

(all my requests are for fanfic)

For reference, here are my prompts:

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Imzy and writing
Friday 26th August 2016 7:43 pm

Imzy is suddenly the new big fad. I have an account there that means I have a shitload of invites, should there be anyone left in the universe who doesn't have an account, but wants one. It's created by a former Reddit person to be the anti-Reddit (ie nice). It's a bit like LJ and Dreamwidth, but currently has all the lack of functionality of Facebook. But it is in beta, so maybe at some point they'll add some features that make it usable. At which point I might then use it. Although since you can import feeds, I have set my blog over there up to pull in my WP feed. I'm hoping that at some point this post will show up there. It will be at

(Dealbreaker usable features = RSS feeds and notifications that tell you more than just that you have a notification)

As with last summer I have done no writing for a while. In my defence it was a) hot, b) Olympics and c) both. It is still Olympics (as far as my watching of it is concerned) and then there'll be the US Open and Paralympics and Davis Cup all at once (although US Open is not on TV and Paralympics is not on the radio, from what I remember from four years ago).

But I am thinking of signing up to [info]femslashex. I've been meaning to do it for a while, just to give a go, really, but this is the first year I've remembered about it early enough to get some nominations in, so there'll be enough fandoms containing relationships I'm willing to write/read for me to sign up.

And then there's [info]dw_remix, which is running again this year. Go and sign up if you've written some fic in Doctor Who and related fandoms and would like/wouldn't mind someone remixing some of it. Or if you'd like to remix something in a Doctor Who or related fandom. I've made it easier this year, so you just choose what you want to remix and write something that's at least 100 words.

And then there's Yuletide. I have two fandoms I definitely want (Wizards vs Aliens and 40-Love) but beyond that I can't think of anything else. But I'm sure once it all gets going I'll be reminded of other fandoms and then have too many other things I want.

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Red Dwarf and fanfic
Saturday 16th May 2015 2:33 pm

I just read today, in the TV guide of all places, that Red Dwarf has two more series! One next year, one the year after. I am very excited about that because X was good. Theoretically I have the news feed in my RSS reader, but it's refused to update since February. And the twitter account hasn't been updated since 2012.

Remix ([info]remixers_lounge) is happening. Well, sign-ups are happening until the end of the weekend. I like that they have the signup and request summaries visible, so you can see who you're likely to be remixing. It will only finish two months before [info]dw_remix starts, but I can't move that any later, as otherwise it ends up clashing with Yuletide.

Starting this weekend is [info]lost_spook Obscure and British commentfest. Obscure and British is what most of my fandoms are, so hopefully I will manage some fills this time round.

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Friday 12th September 2014 8:15 pm

Sign ups are open on [info]dw_remix! Come and write a remix, you know you want to (you only need to write 500 words). The post looks like it's empty, but people have signed up - it's just screened so people can give their email addresses.

For Yuletide I think the three fandoms I'm going to nominate are Press Gang, House of Elliot and Wizards vs Aliens. I haven't changed my mind on this for a while, so I might well not change it come nominating time. Handily, assignments go out around the time [info]dw_remix is due, so they don't overlap too much.

I am considering signing up for [info]sga-santa. I need more ficathons at this time of year like a hole in the head, but I had a look at the sign ups and got all nostalgic. I'd have to rewatch quite a bit (what a hardship!) as I only vaguely remember some bits. But the sign ups don't close until [info]dw_remix assignments go out, so I am waiting to see what I'm going to write for that before I commit to this. And it does have two months writing time, which sounds more do-able.

And then there's Lynda Day at the Chalet School, which is ongoing over all of this. I haven't actually written anything on it since Wednesday because I've had other things to do with the time that I'm in the house, but I do have about 2600 words. I'm just about in the (apt) troublesome middle where I don't know what I'm doing, beyond trying to get to the vague idea I have for an ending. I probably need to watch more Press Gang and read more Chalet School (another hardship).

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Obscure & British commentfest
Saturday 17th May 2014 4:05 pm

Since obscure and British sums up a lot of the fandoms I'm interested in, I am excited for this commentfest.

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Sunday 20th October 2013 7:40 pm

It feels like ficathon time of year all of a sudden.

I saw my Yuletide assignment when I woke up yesterday. I matched on two of the fandoms, so it's even harder to decide what to write. But since I've spent the weekend recovering from Harry Potter on Friday (and I have some other things to write first) it can wait.

There's another round of [info]intoabar starting up. Much as I like it I don't think I have the time to write it. Plus I'm not really in the mood for writing random crossovers at the moment.

(I currently have [info]dw_remix going on, and would be writing something for [info]dw_50ficathon if my head had less cotton wool in it this weekend.)

Mind you, I've been thinking of next year's ficathons already. Friday made me think of a Harry Potter prompt I'd like for [info]fic_corner and I realised that if Blake's 7 is too big for Yuletide that makes it Not Prime Time sized.

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Another ficathon
Monday 2nd September 2013 7:34 pm

And then there's another Doctor Who ficathon: [info]dw-50ficathon - the 50th anniversary ficathon. I was originally planning to write An Unearthly Child ready for 23rd November, but I was also assuming the weather would be crap this summer... So if I got on with it, I could write it for this ficathon. I will try at any rate - at least it's something extra to aim for.

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Dear Fic Corner Scribbler
Sunday 28th July 2013 10:02 am

Dear Fic Corner Scribbler,

Thank you for writing a story for me. The optional details are optional. I've just tried to give you some ideas of what I might like to see, but if none of them are your thing feel free to disregard them. I am sure I will love anything you write with the character(s) I've requested. Feel free to use any other characters you'd like - there are none that I dislike in any of these fandoms.

What I like:
- Stories that explore the relationships between characters
- Stories that explore characters
- Scenes/fic that is like it could be (part of) an episode

What I dislike:
- Sex scenes, so nothing over PG-13 please - some of the ideas I've put in the prompts will mean going a bit further than the books do, but generally I'd like to stick to the tone of the original
- British people using Americanisms (and American people using Briticisms)
- Relationships other than those in canon (and the exceptions noted in my optional details) - but you can never go wrong with gen

I've written more prompts for some than others, but it doesn't mean I want those fandoms more - I'd like them all equally.

Below are my prompts:

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Mills & Boon
Monday 11th February 2013 8:54 pm

I seem to have managed to sign up for a ficathon: [info]unconventionalcourtship, where the idea is that you pick a Mills & Boon summary and change the names/details and write a fic based on that. At least it's a ficathon where i get to write what I want and there's no anonymity going on.

But it did involve reading quite a few summaries until I found one I liked. They really make me not want to read any of the books. The number of them that involve a one-night stand followed by the woman getting pregnant - have these people never heard of contraception? And there are quite a few that suddenly discover their ex-husbands make them weak at the knees, which is stretching things a bit, but then the worst was one that described said ex-husband as mysterious. How can someone you were married to be mysterious?

I was thinking of writing a Tarrant/Dayna fic, as I said to [info]lost_spook that I would write some more Blake's 7 fic. But as I was reading summaries I thought that Tarrant/Servalan might work. At first I tried to look for ones where the characters are on opposite sides of the law, but that does involve one of them being innocent and it was hard to know which to put in that role. I might change my mind if I have the strength to go back and read more summaries, but at the moment I have this, which does require some poetic licence:

Servalan is the Federation’s most sought-after commander, darling of the Federation and every guard’s desire. But she’s about to face her toughest challenge yet – seducing a confession from the devilishly handsome and very dangerous Del Tarrant to bring his companion, Avon, to justice! She might have the whole of the Federation fooled, but Tarrant can see through Servalan’s ardent attempts to persuade him to open up. His past is murky, but he’s no criminal(!). Her interest in him has Tarrant intrigued – he might just have to play Servalan at her own seductive game...

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Busy week
Sunday 7th October 2012 5:52 pm

I have been busy this week. Monday I felt great and stayed up until 11pm. Then Tuesday I went out to Rotary, post about that to follow, but I couldn't sleep for all the things I was thinking about. Wednesday it all went horribly wrong at work, so then I was worrying about that. Thursday I stayed up late after choir to watch Red Dwarf X. Friday I was too tired to do anything.

Yesterday I spent four hours in the afternoon cutting things in the garden. It is now done, although I could cut ivy forever and never finish, I think. But I have at least thinned it out and chopped the long bits that were making their way across the ground. I now have 25 big bags of garden waste to take to the recycling centre when I have the energy.

I was going to write a post about Red Dwarf, but it's not a programme that needs (or wants) analysis. Did I like it: yes, did I laugh: yes. Job done. It was better than Back to Earth and felt like series III. Which considering only Doug Naylor wrote it, is pretty good, because he's just not that funny on his own. Hopefully the rest of the series will be more of the same.

I also signed up for the [info]dw_femslash ficathon. I tend to like gen when it comes to Doctor Who, but it at least is a fandom with plenty of women in it to choose from and it'll be a different writing challenge. And will hopefully get me writing - I stopped for the summer of sport and haven't started again yet, despite having the time to.

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Ficathons finished
Sunday 22nd July 2012 10:19 pm

Today I finished my [info]shipswap fic (well, sent it to beta) in time to not need to write anything during the Olympics. I have three ficathons on at the moment, one goes live this week and I have posted that fic. One goes live in August and that's in beta. Then the last one goes live at the end of August and now it's in beta too.

I nominated some ships in [info]rarepairfest (which is the same as [info]shipswap, but doesn't allow rare fandoms and has a deadline of beginning of September. If I hadn't finished my ship swap fic by the sign-up deadline, then I wouldn't sign up for this one. Having finished I then decided not to sign up. The two non-Big Bang ficathons I'm doing are anonymous and this one is too and I want to do something non-anonymous. And without a deadline. I have things I want to write and things I want to finish, so I'll work on those. And with the free time I have when I'm not writing to a deadline and there's not sport on, I can keep working on my Wii tennis and crocheting skills.

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Parent/child relationships in fandom
Friday 26th June 2009 9:49 pm

Over dinner tonight [info]melliyna were chatting about parent/child relationships in various fandoms and how much we loved them and how there should be more fic for it. Which, of course, suggests a ficathon is in need - a prompt based one rather than an exchange, since that requires less work and because it's quite a diverse list of fandoms. Well, will be. We came up with a list between us of:

-Elrond and Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
-Sarah and Luke (Sarah Jane Adventures)
-Seven and Ace (Doctor Who)
-Three and Jo (Doctor Who)
-Giles and Buffy (Buffy)
-Jonathan, Martha and Clark Kent (Smallville)
-Jed and Sam, CJ, Josh (The West Wing)
-Sirius and Harry (Harry Potter)
-Ten and Jenny (Doctor Who)
-Xander, Tara and Dawn (Buffy)
-Gibbs and Abby (NCIS)
-Jack and Mickey (The Bill)
-Sarah and Lavinia (Doctor Who)

Anyone think of any more?

Edit to add:
-Teal'c and Rya'c (Stargate)
-Bra'tac and Teal'c (Stargate)
-Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)

And people have come up with nice long lists on the LJ version of this post

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A few things I’ve been meaning to blog about
Friday 28th March 2008 9:26 pm

Including such excitements as car insurance letters, openid and ficathon writing. Read more...

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Sunday 16th March 2008 11:40 pm

I had plans to do all sorts of things today, but then I got up at 11am, went out for lunch at 12pm and didn't get back till 4.30pm. However, I managed to post my story for the Ian/Barbara ficathon: At the Beginning so now my page with the list of all the fic I've posted on with the calendar at the top has an entry for 2008. It was actually quite nice to be able to post it without having to fiddle with the date - so much easier.

I've also been reading all the other stories posted, although they've all merged in my mind so I'll have to go back and work out if I'm going to review any for 's site.

I did also edit another chapter of my TARDIS Big Bang fic. It's now at 19,000 words and 22 chapters to go to finish v2. Might take a while.

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Ficathons and B2MEM
Monday 3rd March 2008 10:59 pm

I don't usually write this fast, I swear but my Remix fic is in beta already. I was quite amused to see the letter from the person I'm remixing for since I'd already looked through what they'd written, so the letter to say here's where it is and what it's like was entirely superfluous. And the 'what I like' bit obviously was since this is a write for yourself ficathon.

I also worked on my Big Bang fic, which actually went quite well once I got into it. I now have 17,600 words, some of them better than others and most of them dialogue.

For this year's Back to Middle-earth Month, I'm reading. I have 24 email alerts from Stories of Arda dating back to January last year. So I am going to work my way through those, hopefully read some older ones to review for Sel, and maybe have a look at some authors I haven't read.

Since it won't be much of a B2MEM without me writing about it in here, I'm also going to talk about what I've read:

Celebrían's Special Day by : Celebrían also has a special day, and Elladan and Elrohir plan a surprise for her - a greater surprise than they realise.

Dragons in the Trollshaws by : A peril awakes that demands all Elladan and Elrohir's attention - and requires more than skill to defeat.

The Dwellings of the Dead by : The lands of the Dunedain of Cardolan are ravaged by war and plague. On a scouting expedition, Elrohir and Glorfindel discover that there is more to the decimated landscape than meets the eye.

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