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Thursday 12th October 2006 7:52 pm

I am so tired. Because of ZoneAlarm I didn't go to bed till late Sunday night. And Tuesday I thought I'd get an early night but ended up finishing off the second draft of my ficathon piece instead. (It's now 7000 words, but definitely going go get longer because I'm still not happy with large parts of it). And last night I had a Rotaract Exec meeting, so didn't get back till late - and then I just fell into bed when I did. Tomorrow night my sister's invited me to hers for a girly party with DVDs, so that won't be an early night. And we're following it up by swimming on Saturday morning.

I think she is doing me pizza, so not quite sure how that's going to turn out or where she's got stuff from. The funniest part was her text message where she said to bring DVDs. Somehow I don't think she'll appreciate mind all that much.

So tonight I'm having a relaxing TV watching night. Tonight's Avengers was great, and kept you guessing up till the end. It was well acted by Patrick Macnee as well. Then in a bit there's a thing about the Chanukah story and then there's Mock the Week, which seems to be a cross of Have I Got News For You and Whose Line is it Anyway. And is very funny.

I also need to finish off the Serenity extras (didn't like the film as much as the series) so I can get The Sontaran Experiment next. Speaking of which, Doctor Who Magazine has a list of who is doing the commentaries on the series 2 DVDs and Elisabeth Sladen isn't in the School Reunion one 🙁 They did also say that Torchwood is 22nd October, which is the second to last rumour I heard. The Radio Times website has To be announced in its slot, so could be right. The official website is up but they've labelled their links in a 'clever' way and I can't be arsed to work out what they might mean, so no idea what's on it or whether it's up to much (navigation notwithstanding). Note to me to remember later and Sel when you read this: this would be a good thing for the panel, esp as a way to really piss me off.

From llin, a very cool toy: Radiophonatron. And Habitat for Humanity has announced their 2007 dates, and I really want to go to the Romanian one in June. I just need to think of a way of raising at least £350. Anyone any ideas?

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The weekend
Monday 2nd October 2006 6:17 pm

Saturday, I went to Collectormania in Milton Keynes. Well, mostly I went there to see a friend from uni, whose parents live there. I felt ill on the coach on the way there, which wasn't a good way to start. The actual thing was just as I remember a few years back - no-one interesting, no stuff that's interesting and all the stalls crowded too close together so you can't see anything or get anywhere. And it's very hot. I also completely failed to find a suitably insulting birthday card for my dad.

But we did have very nice Chinese for lunch and we watched the skiers (and snowboarders) in the Snowdome. I really want to go now - I think I'd far rather try skiing there than somewhere abroad and cold. I ended up going before the last bus because I was really tired.

Sunday I was supposed to have a driving lesson followed by going swimming and generally taking some time to get some stuff done. However, I woke up feeling sick. So I did simultaneously watched two different Doctor Who stories and Midsomer Murders (when there was a break I switched) as well as the program about Monkey World and Jane Eyre. I'm convinced Mr Rochester is just playing with Jane and it's all going to end in tears. Baby chimps defy the law of all babies being cute because they're really ugly when they're just born, they get cuter later.

I also saw the last episode of Firefly. I just have the extras to go, then the film. I really enjoyed the last episode, it looked like they were doing interesting things with the characters and going further towards establishing what the Shepard's secret is. And finally maybe doing something about the Mal/Inara UST, which is driving me up the wall.

Annoyingly, I found that the new Terry Pratchett is cheaper in Borders than amazon, so I will have to go back to buy it. And might have ended up buying the Big Finish UNIT series instead...

But, yay, Spooks tonight! Which someone at work, correctly pointed out is the only thing on all week worth watching.

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A few things
Thursday 14th September 2006 9:26 pm

Yay for I have packed. Apart from the things I can't pack until Saturday morning. Most fun was trying to find an ice cream tub to fit in all my bread and rolls (can't guarantee finding them anywhere else). I am only packed one day early because I'm going to the theatre tomorrow night, I am not usually that organised. This will probably be my last post before I go, although I will upload my photos there if I can, so keep an eye on my flickr photos (it even has an RSS Feed so you can just bung it in your feed reader/live bookmarks thing).

I've watched the next four episodes of Firefly this week: Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories and Trash. I liked in them how stuff that had happened in earlier episodes came back to cause them more trouble. I didn't like all the blood and guts in the middle two but apart from that they were the ones I liked the best.

gmul said: "If Out of Gas [...] doesn't move you, give up." So I got all excited about that episode. I liked seeing how all the crew came aboard, except it was only tiny little snippets and I wanted more. The rest of the story bored me - the best parts were the fire in space and the air coming in when the other ship docked.

The thing I really like best about Firefly is the music though. I'm not convinced about the theme tune but I love the incidental music. Jayne is actually starting to annoy me less and now River's a bit less insane she's quite interesting. Inara is really doing my head in though, I wish someone'd shoot her.

My mother found my blog while searching for Monster Cracking (it's good to see google finds it, although blogs are never terribly helpful to get in ordinary searches) and tells me that the pointless dance with bendy swords is called Rapper and is a pointless Northern dance.

I spent some time this evening adding a plugin to subscribe to comments on the blog. I tried adding it when I first got the blog but it refused to work. No idea why because it's fine now. While I was there I realised there's so much stuff I need to do to the blog at some point. What I really want (and have since I moved to WP really) is to get the comments sorted so they're better than LJ, then turn off commenting there and make everyone move over here. Which involves exactly the same number of clicks. Anyone opposed, speak now and give a damn good reason.

In Doctor Who news, the BBC have confirmed the Sarah Jane spin-off. I'm waiting to see if it merits a position in the top three entertainment news stories tomorrow in my email. And I didn't start it but I might well be writing what feels like Doctor Who: the soap opera (and beta'ing the person's I blame).

Probably just as well I'm nearly leaving the country for a week.

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Thursday 7th September 2006 1:24 pm

I've actually seen five episodes of Firefly since I last mentioned it. Not that I can remember the episode titles of most of them but I've just finished the second DVD, so I've seen the first 7 episodes.

So far I like Kaylee, Mal is very like Angel, Jayne really has some masculinity issues (why doesn't he just shorten his name to Jay and not tell anyone what it's short for?).

But, most importantly there was an episode with swordfighting. Okay, so it was television swordfighting rather than actually trying to hit each other but still, you have to take what you can get. Why did no-one tell me there was swordfighting in Firefly? I would have watched it years ago if I'd known.

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Friday 1st September 2006 8:38 pm

I was good last night and posted my whofest fic: Tango, where the Doctor, Rose and Jack visit Victorian England and regret. Well, except for Jack.

I also signed up for the SG Rare Pairings Ficathon but as the assignments don't go out until 1st October, I don't have to worry about that for a while.

I also realised that the Dream sequel might be solved with Torchwood, which is a good excuse for not finishing it (not that I've started, I'm being good and finishing other things first).

I also moved Firefly up to the top of my amazon rental list. Because it's been around for a while and so many people have seen it, I already knew the names of the characters, it was just a case of putting them to the faces. I'd seen 20 minutes of the first episode (Serenity) before so I was a bit skeptical. But, nonetheless I was determined to watch the whole DVD before I made up my mind.

7 minutes into Serenity I was bored. 20 minutes in I'd lost the will to live (although that wasn't helped by being really confused about where I was with my cross stitch). 35 minutes in, the plot kicked in and it actually started to look interesting. My conclusion by the end was that it was ok but I was still confused. Why do they have a companion on board again?

So then I watched the next one, where they rob a train, and this is the point where I forget episode titles after I've clicked on them. First episodes are generally crap for seeing whether you'd like a series because they bear no relation to what the other episodes are going to be like. This episode, I liked, it was interesting. I was less confused - or when I was I didn't care, there was actually some subtle stuff going on there were actual clues to and Mal didn't sound like Angel half the time. Although Jane seems to be Avon half the time.

In conclusion, I might watch the rest of the series. And the film. It was entertaining enough but I don't yet see what everyone is raving about. And Joss Whedon cannot name his characters for anything. I thought Buffy, Willow, Xander, Rupert were bad enough, but Jane? Jane was half the reason I was determined not to watch this because I can't get over there being a bloke called Jane. Do you think someone could give Joss Whedon a baby naming book and point him to the places where it tells you whether they're male or female names please?

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