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Firefox this time
Saturday 3rd May 2014 7:08 pm

My Firefox just updated (on my netbook, where I can't turn off the updates). Firefox 29 looks pretty. Sadly, they decided to take out everything that makes it usable and everything that makes it different from Chrome. I don't use Chrome because I don't like the minimalist look, so why would I want Firefox to be like Chrome?

Unsurprisingly, I am not the only one to think that, so I have installed a plugin to put the tabs back below the address bar, and put the add-on bar back at the bottom, so I can now access my Gmail, LJ, DW accounts, and see where links lead to again and the status of a page when it's loading!

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Sunday 19th June 2011 8:00 pm

I keep hearing various people at work and in Rotaract talking about how they don't like to go on the computer in the evenings because they sit in front of them all day. I couldn't work out if they were odd or I was until I realised that all they probably use their computers for is work-like things. Whereas I use it to talk to people and watch videos and play games, which is fun stuff. Although I do sometimes have to do work-like (and actual work) stuff on it, it's not a large percentage of the time I spend on the computer.

Although I do have a skewed view of what might be fun (certainly from their point of view). Today I spent playing with Firefox 4 in Ubuntu to install it alongside 3.6 so I can see how much I like it. I've now got them looking almost identical and with the same add-ons. So my hatred of it has turned to mild dislike. And that's mostly about how it handles playing about with your add-ons.

And, at the same time, I played about with TweetDeck in Chromium. My trouble with Twitter is that I only read it in TweetDeck on my main computer. Which I don't turn on if I'm out for part of the evening. Last week I didn't read Twitter on Sunday because I was out, then I didn't read it on Monday because there were more updates than I had the energy to read. Then I was out on Tuesday and Wednesday, busy on Thursday evening and couldn't be bothered on Friday. Which is not the end of the world (I don't feel like I've missed anything much), but it does make it a bit pointless having it if I don't read it.

Since I can use my netbook while lying down, I thought about putting TweetDeck on it. But as soon as I went to the website I remembered they have a Chrome app, which works in Chromium (Linux's Chrome). It's not quite as good as the standalone one because all you can do is decide which columns you want (which match your lists in Twitter) and where you want them. There are no other options. But it's far better than the web, which is a pain to read.

And then I played around with who I'm following and who's in which lists etc. I now have about 7 lists, which I have columns for in Chromium. But they're still in my two columns in TweetDeck, which I can't delete because TweetDeck took away that functionality. But I can't decide whether I'd rather have more people in fewer columns, or fewer people in more columns. Time will tell...

And all of this was fun. And some of it was done while watching Quantum Leap.

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TV and internet
Sunday 11th October 2009 8:55 pm

Exciting news: Red Dwarf is getting a new series! Despite Back to Earth not living up to series I-VI I'm excited anyway.

I spent last weekend updating all my Firefoxes to 3.5. My laptop and Firefox Portable were on v3 already, so it was just a case of clicking the button and updating a couple of my add-ons manually. The netbook was a different story...

The trouble with it is that Acer made some programs dependent on Firefox 2 and disabled the check for updates button, so I hadn't bothered updating. It was faster than my old computer, but it had got to the stage where it was really slow, specially in Gmail where my typing was ahead of what was appearing on the screen. So I found some instructions on the internet about how to install Firefox 3 alongside v2. So I copied Firefox files on the netbook so I could make sure to get back to the old version and followed the instructions.

I briefly had both versions open before I restarted, which made all my old Firefox menus and icons open v3. Which, because it wasn't installed over the top of the old version meant that it didn't have my profile. The instructions said that it was easy to get the old version back, but didn't say how. After spending ages searching the internet and trying things I gave up and set up the new version of Firefox.

Which was all fine except that whenever I opened it it opened up four tabs, which wasn't what I wanted. I assumed this was a problem with Tab Mix Plus restoring things. A week later I found this was because I'd accidentally set my home page to be all four tabs, which it didn't even occur to me to do...

It's worked out ok in the end because 3.5 is much faster, nothing seems to be broken, and I have the Penguin Racing game that's on the Asus Eee on my netbook. Not that I can play it because it moves, but it'll be there for future usage...

I've also watched lots of new things on TV that all seems to be American. But how exciting is Friday evenings going to look with SJA, HIGFNY and Armstrong and Miller? Read more...

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Firefox Extensions
Wednesday 19th September 2007 9:35 pm

Entirely out of interest: what are the Firefox extensions you couldn't live without? And ones that you'd rather not live without too.


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I hate Firefox
Thursday 21st June 2007 8:27 pm

I've had no end of problems with Gmail in Firefox since yesterday, which is driving me mad - it works at first then falls over and shows me everything in plain text in one long line.

And I realised today why the top bit of LJ looks funny - it's because those links to the message centre and friends page and whatever else there was under your username isn't there any more.

These two things have only happened yesterday - the connection? I was typing when the update Firefox box came up, so it updated and installed Tuesday (when I had no internet).

This is why I never update Firefox unless it's not working. I'll just be getting the old version off my backup then.

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Sunday 14th January 2007 2:45 pm

I decided this afternoon I'd do some baking since I've run out of bread and flapjacks. Sadly, I got to the point in the flapjack recipe where it required golden syrup - but I don't have any. Fortunately, the shops are still open for another hour and a half, and I am now only ten minutes walk away from Waitrose. Unfortunately, I've just put the bread on, so I won't be going anywhere for another half an hour.

This morning I checked my Firefox folder and found it was last changed on Boxing Day, which was when I downloaded the Firefox 2.0 file. So quite why it decided it was actually 1.5, I don't know. So I installed 2.0 again and now it is definitely 2.0. Although Pandora only worked once I had uninstalled and reinstalled Adblock. And NewTabURL, which opens my current tab (and history, like IE does automatically) doesn't work with Roboform. And CloneWindow, which I quite happily used before doesn't work with 2.0 and doesn't even appear on the add-ons list. And since I uninstalled CloneWindow, the only way I can go back to the old version is with System Restore. So I need to decide whether I want to before I install anything else.

I also tried out Filezilla and CoreFTP, thanks to those who recommended. I've gone with Filezilla since it looks nicer and has a portable version. I've now deleted the copy of my blog I made when I upgraded WordPress, so much simpler than in WS_FTP.

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Monday 8th January 2007 9:57 pm

So I was playing with the District website over Christmas and added a Text Only link to it. And had no end of problems, some of which were caused by my ftp program (WS_FTP) being crap. I quite liked it when it told me the year was 100 but I feel I should get a new one. And since I can't be bothered to do any research, I thought you lot might be able to recommend me one that's good.

I should point out that it needs to be me-proof (ie 'I wonder what happens if I press this button' doesn't bloe up the world). Otherwise I just need it to upload files, store details of more than one account, not lose the connection due to inactivity, have a decent way of changing permissions, warn me about overwriting files, and most importantly delete folders even though there are files in there (I have my blog up there at least twice because WS_FTP doesn't let you do that and I can't be doing with going through all of them).

On a slightly different note, I've just realised that Firefox isn't underlining my typos/spelling mistakes. I thought I had installed 2.0 but it's telling me I'm using 1.5. No idea what I did there then.

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Sunday 19th November 2006 9:01 pm

I've mostly had a day of doing jobs. I bought some petrol, even though I bought some only 16 days ago. I plugged in my old computer and charged the battery, which I hadn't quite left long enough to go flat entirely. Then I upgraded Firefox in Linux to 2.0. Which was not as simple as it should have been. Or rather, it was simple but that method shouldn't have been.

I can't say I've noticed any exciting differences in it so far, except that nearly all of my essential extensions work in it. I'll have to test it a bit more, but who knows what'll happen when I finally put it on Windows. Although I just went to look for a link and found this is another place I need to copy my bookmarks file.

I posted a new chapter of Doctor Who: The Soap Opera today as well.

I need more RAM too - Linux and Freeview are never going to co-exist in an hours time.

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Firefox Extensions
Friday 9th June 2006 7:35 pm

I've been looking at my Firefox extensions and I was just wondering what extensions do other people have that they can't live without? I'm sure there are extensions that exist that I would find really useful if I just knew they existed/I needed them (I didn't think I could live with tabs at first, now I can't live without them).

The ones I like are:

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Sunday 13th November 2005 5:06 pm

I now have a working Firefox! This really should not be a big think. For some reason the javascript and flash wasn't working. So I thought I'd actually get round to uninstalling it and installing the latest version, just to see if that made a difference. It did, and everything was good until I tried to open a link from Abilon. Nothing happened.

From looking at the forums I finally tried Safe Mode (which is great!) and it didn't work in there either. Someone suggested making IE the default browser, then making Firefox the default back again. Sadly, no matter how hard I tried IE refused to be the default. I reached the stage where Firefox didn't think it was the default either but Windows did. Hmm.

So I ended up making Netscape my default, then back to Firefox at which point it worked in Safe Mode. In the end it was one of my extensions that was causing the problem, which lots of people say is a problem in the forums. So I have upgraded it and now absolutely everything works, including the chat room on the Dairy Free forum, which is good.

I taped The Avengers on Thursday (off BBC4, which was quite cool, although didn't half take up a lot of space on my hard drive) and I really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be taping next weeks as well. I am slowly making my way through the weeks TV, I just have Lost, Taggart and last weeks Have I Got News For You left now.

I've also been good and updated my website including lots of new music video recs for Farscape, Stargate and Atlantis, and a few photos from SG10. Wow, my photography skills are really bad.

I was determined to make it to v3 of my Five Things fic, which I did. I was supposed to have put some actual description in there, and maybe a few adjectives. I've made a start. The Sheppard/McKay one is the one that's casusing me problems - I think it might need a bit of a re-write because I've written myself into a bit of a corner with that one.

I did get sidetracked with a long plotty McShep thing, whoops! And was very good and wrote 800 words of it (when I should have been writing Five Things), although I only actually managed one scene and a description of the next few. But still, that's four scenes just to start the plot. I'm thinking of it as a good sign at the moment, and not at all like the Arathorn & Gilraen thing where I keep cutting the first scene because it's not needed and have now got the whole thing down from taking place over six years to four.

I'm also quite impressed that I have less than 100 posts to categorise! And I've redone my LJ - it does have slightly less red and annoying symbols instead of links to post/read comments, but it's not a tiny thing down the centre of the screen any more, which is useful for reading Tolkien Weekly (can't read it in RSS cos it's titles only, can't read the actual site cos the design means it's a tiny little thing down the right hand side). Not that I've actually read it since, but hey.

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Coming to you from Firefox
Friday 10th December 2004 7:49 pm

I read dad's magazine this morning and it talked about extensions you can get for Firefox. I had a look and it turns out that there's one that means you can open a new window (or tab) and it will open the current page with the whole history - like in ie. I couldn't live without it, so I've been sticking to ie so far and only using Firefox to save images (for some strange reason ie seems to think everything is a bitmap). But since I installed this extensions I've been using both. Firefox does look a bit odd though but I suppose I'll get used to it.

We did presents this evening and dad got me an updated version of his php book. So I might get some done at some point! Usually mum buys all the presents - the last present dad got me was 3001 (in hardback).

Yay for this news: McGillion made Atlantis regular

I'm reading Textual Poachers at the moment (well, as well as Unfinished Tales and the second book of Simon Schama's History of Britain) and it's quite interesting. It is american, so based for that perspective (which seems quite odd when talking about Blakes 7, for example). And it's about ten years old, so it's interesting to discover how much everything has changed since then - mainly the impact of the internet. I'm currently reading the slash chapter 🙂

I also got the urge to watch some Quantum Leap the other day. I had a look through the list of episodes and remembered I'd seen The Leap Home part 1, but not part 2. And it was good. I even knew what was going to happen but it was still quite heartbreaking - Al essentially chose between Sam's brother's life and himself, and he chose Sam's brother. I can't cope with Quantum Leap slash at all - it feels like people talking about Noddy and Big Ears, which althought funny, feels like spoiling my childhood. But I do like the friendship between Sam and Al, which is especially important to Sam, being as Al's his only contact with the real world and his life.

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