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Sunday 14th January 2007 2:45 pm

I decided this afternoon I'd do some baking since I've run out of bread and flapjacks. Sadly, I got to the point in the flapjack recipe where it required golden syrup - but I don't have any. Fortunately, the shops are still open for another hour and a half, and I am now only ten minutes walk away from Waitrose. Unfortunately, I've just put the bread on, so I won't be going anywhere for another half an hour.

This morning I checked my Firefox folder and found it was last changed on Boxing Day, which was when I downloaded the Firefox 2.0 file. So quite why it decided it was actually 1.5, I don't know. So I installed 2.0 again and now it is definitely 2.0. Although Pandora only worked once I had uninstalled and reinstalled Adblock. And NewTabURL, which opens my current tab (and history, like IE does automatically) doesn't work with Roboform. And CloneWindow, which I quite happily used before doesn't work with 2.0 and doesn't even appear on the add-ons list. And since I uninstalled CloneWindow, the only way I can go back to the old version is with System Restore. So I need to decide whether I want to before I install anything else.

I also tried out Filezilla and CoreFTP, thanks to those who recommended. I've gone with Filezilla since it looks nicer and has a portable version. I've now deleted the copy of my blog I made when I upgraded WordPress, so much simpler than in WS_FTP.

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Monday 8th January 2007 9:57 pm

So I was playing with the District website over Christmas and added a Text Only link to it. And had no end of problems, some of which were caused by my ftp program (WS_FTP) being crap. I quite liked it when it told me the year was 100 but I feel I should get a new one. And since I can't be bothered to do any research, I thought you lot might be able to recommend me one that's good.

I should point out that it needs to be me-proof (ie 'I wonder what happens if I press this button' doesn't bloe up the world). Otherwise I just need it to upload files, store details of more than one account, not lose the connection due to inactivity, have a decent way of changing permissions, warn me about overwriting files, and most importantly delete folders even though there are files in there (I have my blog up there at least twice because WS_FTP doesn't let you do that and I can't be doing with going through all of them).

On a slightly different note, I've just realised that Firefox isn't underlining my typos/spelling mistakes. I thought I had installed 2.0 but it's telling me I'm using 1.5. No idea what I did there then.

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