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A few things
Monday 23rd June 2014 9:00 pm

Wimbledon! Although this afternoon was a bit disappointing because the radio was all about Andy Murray defending his title. Now his first match is over with, hopefully things will settle down a bit. With roughly half the first round matches played I'm already one fantasy tennis player down on one of my fantasy teams.

Game of Thrones! I finally got round to watching the latest series last week. Well, I started the weekend before last and finished last weekend. I definitely need to read the book because some of it made no sense. My favourite character of his series was Peter Baelish because I have no idea what he wants, which makes him unpredictable and therefore more interesting.

Temporary glasses loss! On Friday I got home, wearing my prescription sunglasses. After I'd got the bin in I went into my bag to change my glasses... and my glasses case wasn't there. I'd either not put it in my bag at work when I changed my glasses or it had fallen out in Tesco when I stopped for some salt (for a slug barrier to stop the slugs getting in the house) or in the car. After a bit of worry that I'd have to decide whether to spend the weekend in sunglasses or old glasses, I went out to the car and found the case on the passenger seat, where it had fallen out of my bag.

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Moving (and Game of Thrones)
Sunday 21st August 2011 10:50 am

I am all moved in. I just need to sort out the mess in the lounge and put up some posters.

I managed to move on a day when it rained pretty much all day. The removal men came, packed everything in an hour and a half, then moved it over to the house. It was so quick that my PVR hadn't lost any of its settings.

Since I've moved in I've discovered that the shower is a trickle (although I think that might be because the shower head is tiny and useless), the light switch in the kitchen is upside down, the oven doesn't work unless you set the time and the smoke alarm just outside the kitchen (which has no door) is really sensitive.

I also have internet, courtesy of BT Openzone, which I have paid for, but it's better value than dial-up or 3G. It is a bit slower than I'm used to, but far faster than the alternatives. At least it exists, which is great.

While I unpacked I listened to The Rocket Men (Big Finish Ian companion chronicle) which I thought was quite clever. And has jet packs in. Once I've had this month's credit card bill I will be giving Big Finish lots of money for a monthly releases subscription, the Benny box set and the Jo companion chronicle coming up.

I've also been watching Game of Thrones this weekend, since I promised people at work I'd marathon it this weekend. I don't know if I'll finish it though, since I'm only halfway through and it's already mid-morning on Sunday. But so far I am enjoying it, with the aid of a character and actor guide. I spend half the time watching it checking who the characters are and then going to imdb.

I had no idea so many actors I knew were in it. I am less keen on all the sex and gore, but I do like the sword fighting. I definitely need to read the book to understand what's going on - the episodes don't make it clear how much time has passed, which has been confusing me. So far I like Ned Stark dealing with his daughters making his life complicated. Which is much more interesting than him dealing with politics.

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