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New glasses
Friday 23rd May 2008 7:20 pm

I went to the optician's today. Which wasn't fun as she decided to have a really long look at my eyes with the really bright light which really isn't pleasant. And made me dizzy. And then I found out my eyes had changed rather a lot and I really need new glasses.

The good news is that I got my eye test free from the NHS, the government gave me £13.40 towards my glasses (which, as the bloke who was dealing with me said, was an insult really - it's certainly nothing more than a token gesture), and the optician's gave me a free bottle of lens cleaner and a free pair of prescription sunglasses.

The bad news is that even with all that free stuff, I'm still £725 poorer.

Part of the trouble is that the lenses are expensive to make them thinner (I could have spent more to have an even thinner lens but they're not that thick). The other part of the trouble is that I'm clumsy. So that means getting expensive lenses that bend when you walk into doors. The trouble is that if you hit anything at a higher speed they don't bend back. So I need a spare pair for when I break the pair I'm wearing. Without my clumsiness I could have spent less than £300.

However, I am getting exactly the same frames as I have now, which is good because I like the ones I have. I was surprised they still did the same ones because they seem to think you want fashionable glasses, which is silly because ideally you want them to last a long time at that price. And also, those really thick, black squares things that are in fashion at the moment look really silly on me (apparently), although that's not a surprise because I haven't seen them look good on anyone.

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