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Gmail threading
Tuesday 3rd November 2009 6:26 pm

This is really hacking me off now and I can't find the answer, only lots of people complaining that you can't turn Gmail's threading off.

I have random emails that aren't being threaded at all. And other random ones that only thread if I keep the previous emails unread. Sometimes. This is in my RPG account, so most of the emails I have are LJ notifications. None of the non-LJ emails I get have this problem, but there are so few of them it's hard to be sure.

I haven't had this at all in the nearly two years I've had this Gmail account and I can't even work out a pattern of why it's happening. Someone please tell me they've got the same problem and it's not just me? Or someone tell me they know the solution, which would be even better. It's just really driving me round the bend.

Gmail's help tells me that sometimes it doesn't thread emails properly, which is basically a catch-all for anything that might have buggered up so they don't have to deal with it.

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