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Monday 19th October 2009 8:38 pm

On Friday I went to the World Gymnastics Championships in London. And took lots of photos, which mostly consist of blurry gymnasts upside down. I really must check if my camera has a sport setting. My sister's are better, not least because she can zoom in further, but hers are set to friends and family only.

It made me really dizzy, but was good fun. We went to the women's all round because the men are boring and we got to see every piece of apparatus. We were sat high up and behind a metal bar, which hid the vault completely. So you'd keep checking to see that there was a girl still stood there, and the next thing you knew everyone was clapping because she'd vaulted and you'd missed it.

There were two Brits competing and you could tell when they were up next because the crowd would go mad. So I made sure to watch them, but apart from that I watched a bit of everything. What you can't tell from watching it on the telly is how much of nothing goes on. While they're busy showing you slow motion replays and discussing the routine there's just waiting around for the score. Which adds up to quite a lot of waiting sometimes.

It was nice not to have to get annoyed with camera angles. Which I did at the weekend when they kept moving the camera around unnecessarily and made it impossible to watch some of it.

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