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Fun with headphones
Tuesday 21st November 2006 10:35 pm

I was listening to mp3s at work yesterday while I played about with tons of data and it suddenly, entirely randomly, only giving me sound in the left ear. But only sometimes, which was probably more annoying than it just switching to the left ear. So I sensibly unplugged the headphones from the extension lead and plugged them into the laptop headphone socket rather than the docking station headphone socket. And since that didn't solve the problem it therefore follows that it was the headphones that were at fault. They were cheap and they have lasted a while.

But this was fine because I still have my old set at home. So I took those in today and still had the same problem. I went through the same steps with the same results. And this was with a different set of files and I even tried using Windows Media Player instead of Winamp and that made no difference.

Since I'll need an extension cable in my new flat as my stereo is unlikely to be so close to my computer, I went and bought one. But was so busy in the afternoon I never got a chance to try it. So I brought both extension cables and both sets of headphones home. From these experiments I have concluded that both sets of headphones entirely coincidentally have the same fault.

Luckily, I can use the headphones that came with my (my sister's) mp3 player, but I will have to shop for some more.

I enjoyed the Terry Pratchett interview on BBC4. I never knew he was from Wycombe. Suddenly it seems to be the centre of the universe. I didn't think they could spin it out for a hour but he was really interesting talking about his childhood and jobs up till he became a full time writer.

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