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Saturday 8th December 2007 11:13 pm

In Thursdays G2 there was a review of the last two episodes of Heroes. Reading it tells me everything I missed since the last episode I saw (which was ep 8 ) and I can confidently say I'm not missing anything. But also, the review was really funny. My favourite line of the review is:

It is wrong, I suppose, to hope that Peter dies because of his haircut, but, you know, the heart wants what it wants.

The trouble with Heroes, I think, is that it was a good idea, just poorly executed.

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Giving up on Heroes
Friday 31st August 2007 5:22 pm

I think it was getting SFX this week and reading them raving about Heroes, as per usual, that made me decide this week's BBC3 episode would be make it or break it for my viewing of it. I wasn't that impressed by the first two episodes, but I kept going - after all, everyone seems to think it's the best thing since sliced bread, so I thought there must be something in it.

The episode I watched last night turned out to be the 8th one - I feel like I've been watching it for longer than that. It didn't have Nikki or her equally annoying family in it, so on the plus side I didn't feel like throwing things at the TV. And it had plenty of Hiro and Ando, who are the only characters I like. It even had plenty of Matt, who is played by the same bloke who played Weiss in Alias, which makes him automatically cool.

But I was bored by it. Hiro and Ando bored me, and the rest of them bored me too. There were two moments of excitement, one of which was when it had Kasuf from Stargate in it. The other I've already forgotten, so it can't have been that exciting.

I had a look at some synopses on the internet to find out what I would be missing and if there were any answers to the questions they threw up at the start and haven't answered yet. I got lost by the use of character names I haven't learnt yet (ie most of them) and bored by everything else.

So the net result is I get 40 minutes of my life back (although probably more like 35 minutes as I skip through the previously as I have a memory longer than a goldfish).

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Ugly Betty
Friday 24th August 2007 8:56 pm

Ages ago, when I was round my sister's when The OC finale was being repeated I was surprised to find out she watched it. But she mentioned another series she watched, similar to it, that she thought I'd like. And it was called Ugly Betty. But she also said I should watch it from the beginning.

I remember it starting on Channel 4 but that's no help. 4OD only went back as far as episode 10 at the time, which was unhelpful. And I could only find the latest episodes anywhere.

But I finally got hold of it and watched the first episode last night - and the second tonight. I'm really enjoying it. It's quite funny, there's all sorts of plots going on, and there's a Scottish girl in it, which makes such a nice change from the American accents.

So I'll be watching more of it.

Heroes, on the other hand, I would stop watching, except there's usually something each episode that interests me. And I'm sort of watching it out of habit. All the characters annoy me apart from Hiro and Ando, and Matt only doesn't annoy me loads because he's played by Greg Grunberg. So I'm still watching it, for now.

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Post, driving and Heroes
Wednesday 1st August 2007 9:50 pm

I think I got a week's worth of post yesterday: SFX (which took half an hour to read), DWM (the back of which scares me - I thought you could get Doctor Who everything by now, but no, there's also a skateboard, scooter and a toiletry bag. With a sound chip), and my DVD from amazon which literally took a week to arrive, first class. Annoyingly, amazon seem determined to send me the first half of each of the first three series of Hustle, which I am catching up on. Hopefully, they'll go back to the second halves soon.

Last night I did a talk at Rotary about my trip to Romania. Which went all right. I'd never used a projector before, so that was an experience. Some of the Rotarians knew what they were doing with one better than I did. The scariest part was, as always, parking and getting out of the car park. It's built on a particularly steep hill, so when you pull the handbrake on and take your foot off the brake it creaks and rolls forwards, towards the Thames. The only way to to do it is to pull very hard and leave it in first. Then getting out requires your foot flat to the floor on the accelerator to get it to move away from the Thames. I hate it every time I have to do it.

I got back tonight from playing tennis in time for Heroes. The mad part was that Unmasked was about stunts they did last week. As well as most of it spent talking about how great they all are. I don't think I need to bother with it in future. Especially as they've decided to put the next episode on after Unmasked on BBC3. I am taping it - I don't think I can watch two in a row, it's too much. But this week's was interesting enough. I still don't really care about any of the characters, the Japanese is a complete pain because not only do I have to stop cross stitching during those scenes, but also because they have a tendency to do it in white on a white background. Which is really not helpful. Now that we've vaguely seen him (was that black man in the bar with Weiss from Alias him, I wonder?) I wonder if he has everyone's abilities, since we saw telekinesis and regeneration. I imagine we'll find out - in five months time when we get to the end of the series.

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Wednesday 25th July 2007 9:37 pm

Well, I've just watched the first two episodes of Heroes. Which started late - my video stopped taping episode 1 and started taping episode 2 and at first I thought they might have edited the two together.

I spent the first episode wondering when it would start - the answer was five minutes before the end. So I looked forward to the second episode. Except it was weird. I almost started caring about the characters, and then something bizarre would happen and I just couldn't be doing with it. I didn't really dislike it, but I don't get why everyone's crazy about it either.

And as they said in Unmasked, there are lots of questions. I just don't really care what the answers are, though. Except that is doing Confidential type things Anthony Stewart Head's new job or something? (Although Unmasked was just as pointless as the similar-length Torchwood equivalent).

The one thing I really liked was that the Japanese guy immediately connected being able to warp time with being able to warp space. That was cool. In the whole 80 minutes, that was the best bit. Which probably says it all really.

So I now know who vote4nathan is, and Sylar sounds a lot less like a Vulcan when it's pronounced Siler (although how do you get le from lar?). But I'm not really feeling the need to watch it next week. And since my weekly viewing currently consists of Mock the Week I'm wondering whether it's worth spending 98p for a TV guide.

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