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Monday 24th December 2007 12:36 pm

Now I am home it really is the Christmas holidays. The journey yesterday was interesting though.

I got up and it was warmer, so I thought that was a good sign. Except when I opened the front door I discovered that actually it was foogy. And my car was iced up. I considered waiting to see if it improved but decided I might as well go anyway. I had to stop off at Tescos to take my coat off and put my wing mirror back where I'd bashed it clearing the ice off it.

The minute I got onto the dual carriageway the fog disappeared and the sun came out. In the direction I was driving in. Also, the windscreen got incredibly dirty and my windscreen washer had frozen. It had unfrozen by the time I stopped at the services to put my sunglasses on, but it was quite interesting driving without being able to see.

I got lost coming out of the services (and going in, although not so much) and nearly went back the way I came. Fortunately there was a roundabout in between (which Tom Baker hadn't spotted).

On the way back there were still patches of fog. All of a sudden you wouldn't be able to see for it, but only for a minute, which was very strange. But did mean everyone drove with their lights on, even though the sun was really bright.

We have a wireless network here, which annoyingly goes down a lot. Everytime it comes back on Trillian decides I'm not as away as I think I am. My room now has a double bed on it, but I wasn't going to sleep in the middle of the room, so I have to climb across it to get to the bit I want to sleep on. Although it has a double quilt, I still managed to have both top corners round me when I woke up.

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