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Tuesday 13th January 2015 8:42 pm

A break from fandom snowflake stuff for some real life TM. Mainly because I came over dizzy last night for no reason. I'm not that bad - I made it into work and worked all day - but can't be doing with too much thinking. It's really frustrating because I was doing really well after a rest at Christmas and I definitely haven't overdone it. What's really annoying was that I was going to go and play board games tonight. But now it'll have to wait for two weeks.

Fortunately on Sunday I finished the first draft of Lynda Day at the Chalet School. It's 1800 words off the minimum length, but given that, on a read through, I can see more that needs adding than needs taking out, I don't think that will be a problem.

I've been watching Broadchurch (spurred on to watch the first series by the second starting last week). The westcountry accents are great, David Tennant said "mudder" which is a pronunciation you want to hear from all Scottish detectives (unless perhaps you are Scottish), and the scenery's very nice. Also there is bonus Jack Meadows. However, after five episodes they are nowhere near working out whodunnit and so far pretty much all that's happened is someone's been murdered. I think it's supposed to be a drama rather than a murder mystery, which explains why it takes them four times as long as Lewis to solve it. It is slow, though.

On a less slow, less depressing note, I started The Librarians, which [info]hhertzof recommended to me. It's made by the people who did Leverage (which [info]hhertzof also recommended to me). So far I've only seen two episodes, but I knew I'd like it after the first scene. It involves worryingly clever people, libraries and magic. And Christian Kane, who seems to be on a contract with these people, or something. And various other people I recognised but needed to go to imdb to find out why (the same could be said of Broadchurch in this regard).

I spent a lot of my weekend on house-related stuff. It's amazing the number of reviews you can read on curtain poles and how reluctant I am to buy from ebay sellers with 'only' 99.7% good feedback. I did buy a shower curtain. The old one was a bit tatty and falling off and plasticky. Also, vaguely blue, which doesn't do much for my colourless bathroom. The new one is fabric and colourful and I've put it on so that it goes all round the bath, rather than just halfway up. At some point I will take photos of my house, once it's tidied and I've made a few improvements.

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Sunday 14th December 2014 11:20 am

Back in August my landlord decided to sell my house. I disliked the idea of moving and spending more money for a smaller house, and it turned out I could afford to buy it, so I did. I own it, as of Friday morning.

There are still a few things to do, but I am looking forward to not having to deal with the rental agents. I am not looking forward to having to get problems fixed myself (rather than just calling the rental agents and getting them to sort it out). I am looking forward to doing whatever I like with it - I have a long list but I'd need to be a millionaire to do it all 🙂

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