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Ill (again)
Saturday 5th May 2018 11:36 am

I've been ill this week. But since I only felt terrible for one day, the rest of the time I was fine if I was lying down, I managed to work on my fandom 5k fic, albeit in small bits. I now have 5000 words and am more confident about getting it done. The reason I didn't blog before I was ill was because I was busy working on my fandom 5k fic.

Weekdays day time is quite good for old TV. Old TV is good because it doesn't move much. So I watched some Star Trek and The Bill (from 2000, so it moves, but not too much). And listened to podcasts, read some stuff that didn't require a brain and I can't even remember. And I've nearly caught up on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop, which I was very behind on.

Its made it hard to get excited about a three day weekend when I've already not done anything for a week and am not well enough to do too much yet.

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Saturday 31st December 2016 5:49 pm

2016 has been characterised by me getting ill every time I have some time off work and can get some things done. Christmas was no exception. Theoretically it's a cold, but I've had asthma for over a week, a cough for nearly two weeks and a blocked up nose for a week and a half. I only (ha!) felt really crap for most of a week.

As a result I spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day watching The West Wing and reading Yuletide (I got through a third of a series of The West Wing and most of the Yuletide archive I have any interest in). I'll post about Yuletide (what I got and what I wrote) in a separate post on another day. And post about all the other things I was thinking of posting about but didn't really have the energy to do.

I have seen one episode of The Grand Tour. It was funny, but laughing makes me cough, so I can't watch too much of it.

I have also read Five on Brexit Island and Five Go on a Strategy Away Day. The latter was funnier. They told me I remembered very little of the Famous Five (it has been a long time since I read any of it).

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Sunday 20th November 2016 4:29 pm

On Wednesday I sneezed and made my pulled muscle worse. And then on Friday it was suddenly so much better. At first I thought switching from paracetamol to ibuprofen had made the difference, but then it never got more painful after that.

I have had a busy weekend, getting lots of things done. I learnt that hoovering with my left hand hurts just as much as hoovering with my right, but hoovering with both was better. I went to the pet shop and wanted to take all the rabbits home. Especially one that came to see me when I spoke to them, and then licked the glass.

I bought Missy a toy that hangs up and has wooden things on it. It's the sort of wood she likes chewing, but she's spent most of her time with it on the string - she doesn't like hanging things, she always takes them down. It's safety pinned to the sofa, so it'll take her a little while as she can't spend the whole night working on it.

I got my Public Call fic done, which was just as well given that the deadline is this evening. I've also finished my Yuletide fic, for a given value of finished, given that I keep tinkering with it.

And I've started rewatching The West Wing. Since my pulled muscle means it hurts to laugh I had to find something that wasn't funny. And since I've been watching a lot of funny stuff on catch up, I keep using up my internet, so it had to be something I didn't need to stream. I've been wanting to rewatch The West Wing since I introduced my parents to it a few years ago and then caught an episode when I was home one weekend. I keep racing through it, partly because there's not a lot on at the moment, partly because I want to get to the bits I vaguely remember, but don't know when they are (and I am avoiding episode guides because I don't want to know in advance).

It was only after I started that I looked at my DVDs and thought that I should have considered The Bill - I have quite a few DVDs of half hour episodes from the 80s that I haven't watched. Or The Avengers - I have all the Emma Peel episodes and I've seen all the ones 'in color' but I can't remember which black & white ones I've seen. But now I've started The West Wing, I'll finish it first.

Of course this week has been tennis. I am disappointed that they won't show the doubles (of course) or the evening matches, and that Jamie and Bruno got knocked out in the semi-finals. But it is exciting that they're the number one doubles team this year. And Andy is the number one singles player this year. There's just the match in a couple of hours to decide who ends up number one in the rankings. I am hoping for a Murray victory of course, but I'd like either a decisive Murray win or a very close match with either winning. And come February there'll be another round of Murray vs Raonic when we play Canada (away) in the Davis Cup.

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Cabin fever
Wednesday 9th November 2016 8:51 pm

After being out four nights last week it was good to have a weekend in. Since then I've only been out of the house to go to Sainburys (and Tesco since Sainsburys never seem to have any bread). This is because I've pulled a muscle coughing. Something I've previously heard of, but didn't think could really happen. Nor did I realise how painful it is. I mean, the muscle hurts if you use it, obviously, and also if I touch it. But there are a lot of things you use it for, it turns out. It hurts if I turn over in bed, lie wrong in bed, get out of bed, sit wrong, yawn, blow my nose, cough, breathe too deeply, take my inhaler, reach up to anything (unless I use my left hand, which it turns out I don't do by default). In summary, pretty much everything. Which is why I'm writing this now and am not getting sweaty in a dance studio doing ballet.

The NHS website's advice on strained muscles is to rest it (tricky), elevate it (it probably is my default) and put ice on it (not fun in the winter, plus touching it hurts it). So, in summary, not a lot of use. Paracetemol helps, but as I already knew, it takes an hour to kick in, then only works for two hours, and you can only take it every four hours. I could take twice the amount, but experience with other painkillers tells me that it won't lessen the pain at all, but will make me feel sick. So I'm not going to try that.

On the plus side, it is definitely getting better. It feels more like an ordinary hurt than being stabbed. And I am getting better at not doing some of the things that make it hurt.

Of course the annoying thing is that it's fine sitting up in a chair at a computer, which means I can still work...

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Still not gone out
Sunday 23rd October 2016 5:31 pm

I think my cold might finally be getting better. Although this might be because last night I felt awful. And this morning I don't feel like my face is going to explode from the pressure.

It's been frustrating - I thought this week I'd get lots of things done around the house. Maybe even get the spare room cleared so I can get to things. I did drop off a load of stuff at the charity shops, so I can now get to the curtains even with washing drying on the airers in there, which is a definitely improvement. But that's about all I've had the energy to do really. The house needs cleaning and that's not done, but since I'm the only one who'll see it, it can wait.

I had thought about going swimming this weekend, but obviously that's not something you can do with a cold (even if I had the energy to).

But it has been nice to just sit on the sofa, play on the internet, watch TV and read, and have it feel like it was endless. It's not though: I have to go back to work tomorrow.

In amongst that I've been enjoying writing. It makes a change not to be trying to fit it in around everything. The evenings that I'm in I only have about an hour free, in between dinner and Missy. So I can either write or watch TV or read forums or reply to emails etc. It's pretty much just one of those and not all. Then at weekends I try to get a lot of other stuff done. I used to sit down in the evenings and write then, but that doesn't work so well now I have Missy.

Although it doesn't feel like I've been productive, because I'm still living in a bit of a mess, I have got myself ahead on Public Call and Yuletide. If I can get them (mostly) done before things get busy in the evenings (the week after next - everything stops for half term next week) and before things get busy at work (late November, probably) then I won't have to worry about them when I don't have time to do them. And will maybe have more time for treats when things calm down (about a week before Christmas).

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Not going out
Friday 21st October 2016 7:23 pm

This week I am on holiday from work. I haven't gone away anywhere, the plan was to go out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and stay home and recover/get things done the other days.

It started out well: Monday we went to Windsor Castle, which was good, but tiring. Tuesday I got a cold, but was still going. Wednesday we got up early to do a tour of the Bodleian Library (very interesting) and Oxford Castle (fun!).

Thursday my cold was worse, today it's even worse and since my friend is also ill, we ended up not going anywhere today. Being ill on holiday is crap because I'm not going anywhere and I'm not getting a lot done. But it beats working, which would just wear me out more.

Being in today meant I got some writing done. I have more words on my Yuletide fic, although some of them are: stuff goes here. I did some canon review for my Public Call fic and have written the first draft. And I finished off my DW Minor Characters ficathon fic:
At Last a Dragon (983 words) by paranoidangel
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: John Chesterton, Tenth Doctor
Summary: John Chesterton doesn't believe in Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy or the Doctor.

(And yes, I did steal the title from an episode of Press Gang)

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I aten’t dead
Sunday 10th July 2016 12:37 pm

When I wrote my last post I couldn't hear properly out of my left ear, which is a sign that I might be about to get labyrinthitis. And by might I mean in my optimistic dream world. I wasn't quite as bad as the last time I had it, where I didn't get out of bed for a few days. But it was bad enough that even though Wimbledon was on, I was to dizzy to watch much of it and ended up listening to it on the radio.

I was just getting over that, after the best part of a week when I got a UTI. Which one of the doctors I spoke to said was "uncomfortable". Which is not the word. That really made me ill. It didn't help that although I'd be in bed for 12-14 hours a night, I'd only be able to sleep for about 5-6 of those hours. It meant I was too tired to listen to the tennis and mostly had it on TV to help the time pass. And fall asleep to. I've slept through some very interesting matches...

I have managed to recover just in time to finish my NPT fic before reveals. And post my Unconventional Courtship fic, two weeks late:
Second Chance with the Doctor's Companion (1062 words)
Fandom: Doctor Who (1963)
Relationships: Sarah Jane Smith/Harry Sullivan
Characters: Harry Sullivan, Sarah Jane Smith
Summary: Everyone in the town could see they didn't belong together. Sarah Jane Smith was the adventurous outsider with a mysterious past, and Harry Sullivan was the wholesome doctor. And Sarah's sudden departure just proved the rest of the town right...
Seven months later the Doctor dropping her off brings Sarah back into Harry's life, and once again he finds himself charmed by her. Everything feels different, but the risk of heartbreak is just as strong. But doesn't everyone deserve a second chance at happiness — even him...?

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Where did March go?
Monday 28th March 2016 12:26 pm

March is a busy month. Two weekends ago I went to Rotary Conference. It was good, but did only involve 13 hours sleep over two nights. And I did [info]selenay on the way home when I came off the motorway and then got back on it again. The next junction turned out to be one where you couldn't get back on the motorway going the other way, and the sat nav was trying to take me through a city I have no intention of driving through ever (aside from that one driving lesson where I didn't have a choice). So we went the pretty way home, which involved mostly ignoring the sat nav.

After that I was out nearly every night and finally managed to catch up on my sleep last weekend. And then I got a cold. I can't have just a cold, because I don't have the energy to spare to deal with it, and it sets my dizziness off. But I hate having to stop everything just for a cold. After a week it's still not completely gone and I am still sleeping sitting up because it set my asthma off.

So all the things I was going to last week and this weekend, since they were petty quiet, haven't really been done. I have done a whole load of things off my to do list that needed doing. I have done some cleaning. Some things will just have to wait until I'm properly better.

While I was away a friend came in to feed Missy. But she didn't like that there wasn't someone around to talk to her and play with her. So it didn't help that I then wasn't in in the evenings and then was too ill for a while to be sitting up playing with her. I think she's forgiven me now.

I have proved (to myself anyway) that she can definitely see me on the sofa from where she is. There are times when I've looked over at her and her reaction is to stick her nose out of the bars, even though I haven't said anything (if I speak to her she sticks her nose out of the bars). She definitely watches me as much as I watch her and wants to know what I'm doing.

She is definitely cat-like in one aspect. There are times when it's convenient for me to play with her, but I can't convince her to come out and play. But once I'm sitting down watching TV, then she wants to play. She doesn't like being stroked or picked up, so I can only play with her when she wants to.

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Remixing and staying at home
Monday 4th May 2015 1:54 pm

Today I was going to go to London for my official birthday (technically it's tomorrow, but I have work and Rotary tomorrow, plus who celebrates on a Tuesday? and I've always considered my birthday to be the May Day bank holiday anyway). I have felt crap all weekend (tired and dizzy), but I thought I was getting better and I'd go.

I walked ten minutes to find that the path to the station (that is on the other side of the train tracks from here) is closed (I know the road was closed, but not that the footpath was too). I went along to see if there was an alternative route nearby, but no. The alternatives were an hour long walk (ish) or a drive, but it would cost me £6 (in exact change, no notes) to park. I ended up needing to go towards home as I decided which and ended up going home. After a twenty minute walk I was dizzy and needed a lie down and I was just worn out from walking. Which is not normal from just a short walk. So I am staying home and resting instead.

I did sign up for Remix. Most excitingly is they've dropped the requirement for qualifying in certain fandoms - which means I can properly put SJA down 🙂 You can put down seven fandoms you qualify to be remixed in. It only goes to show how multi-fannish I am that I had to leave some off the list. And I didn't even bother checking to see if I was eligible for New Who (I suspect I'm not). Remix being late this year means there'll be a short gap between that and [info]dw_remix but that's not the end of the world.

What I think would be fun to do is a Remix Chain - sort of like Chinese whispers with Remixes. So person A would write a story, the only person in the chain to read it would be person B, who remixes it. The only person in the chain to read B's story would be person C, who remixes that, without having seen A's story. And gso on depending on how many people you have. And at the end everyone gets to read all the stories. It would be interesting to see, at the end, how like each other any of the stories not next to each other in the chain are.

Is anyone interested in giving it a go? We'd have to agree fandoms and characters and rules (eg no minimum word count).

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Labyrinthitis, again
Tuesday 28th October 2014 7:51 pm

I've had labyrinthitis again. This is a whole new load of dizziness, unrelated to the normal dizziness (except that last time I had labyrinthitis the dizziness didn't go away properly). I'm not actually better - previous experience tells me that it takes about a month to get completely better, although being used to being dizzy might make it quicker - or this tendency towards dizziness in the first place might make it slower.

Basically, it sucks. I spent four days in bed looking at my poster of a bunny and a kitten thinking about how much I wanted a rabbit and how unsuitable my garden is for rabbits. It saps my energy and my brain power and it's worse when using a computer and watching some things on TV (a small window on my netbook isn't so bad because it's smaller) and I have the brightness turned down on every computer-like device. I have got through about a book a day, once I was well enough to read more than a few pages at a time.

Also, my neighbours wake me up at 8am on weekday mornings with their door slamming - except for this morning when someone somewhere was hammering. I don't know why anyone needs to hammer anything that early in the morning.

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Sunday 10th August 2014 1:30 pm

This week I have been appreciating how [info]lost_spook feels all the time. I didn't get enough sleep while it was hot, then work got busy and we ran out of Commonwealth Games. So now I've spent a week lying around, unable to watch anything that isn't simple and can't be watched in half hour chunks, and I can only read two chapters of Chalet School books at a time because any more than that requires too much effort. Putting effort into being up and doing things makes me dizzy. Oh, and work's got busy after a quiet July, not helped by an imminent bank holiday, before which everything must be live or the world will end.

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This is not a post about anything
Sunday 16th February 2014 5:23 pm

I could post about being dizzy again this week - I felt great on Monday evening and terrible on Tuesday morning. And then did a nine hour day with no breaks on Wednesday, which didn't help, funnily enough.

Or I could post about the Winter Olympics, which started with me watching various sports and ended with me taping curling. Although I did like snowboard cross - it's like BMX with mass carnage and half the people that start not finishing.

Or I could post about discovering my twitter account was hacked and then spending most of yesterday changing passwords, and not therefore being able to concentrate on yesterday's curling matches.

But then I decided not to post about any of those things.

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Bad Fortnight
Sunday 6th October 2013 8:13 pm

The last two weeks haven't been great in general, although there have been some good bits. Read more...

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Not quite so ill
Sunday 18th November 2012 9:43 pm

I haven't posted for a while about the lurgy I had. After nearly two weeks it's nearly gone. My voice is back, my throat's nearly better and my asthma is getting better.

Plus I worked out that there's only five more weeks until Christmas, which means that there's only four more weeks of being busy possible and it should calm down a bit after two. And I only have another three five day weeks left anyway...

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The lurgy
Wednesday 7th November 2012 8:59 pm

After a few busy weeks at work, some evenings working and working this weekend I wondered how long I could keep going before I got ill. I have Friday off to recover from working before going to the tennis on Saturday, so I thought I might make it until then and then it would be ok.

Or not. I am most definitely lurgified with a sore throat and asthma (not a fun combination). I can't be a bit ill because anything that makes me a bit ill makes me dizzy and therefore feel worse. Because we're really busy and I am not the only one with the lurgy, it just means working from home, which at least means I get to sit on a sofa and feel sorry for myself.

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This past week
Sunday 14th October 2012 12:03 pm

I don't seem to have time to do anything at the moment. Although it hasn't been helped by Friday. I was planning to get some stuff done Friday evening, but then I went to the pub for lunch with work and spent the evening not throwing up. I thought steak burger and chips would be quite safe and maybe test how much wheat/gluten I could have, since I know I can tolerate some. Given the crispiness of the chips, I suspect they were covered in it, hence why I felt ill.

I'm still tired from that, and yesterday I went to Wimbledon for a tour (and took 32 photos). It turned out to be a terrible day to go because engineering works on the tube meant we had to go a longer way round to get there. Fortunately we got to London with plenty of time to spare (even though the train was late).

When we left we thought we'd go the other way, but then it turned out we'd have to change more times, so we ended up going a very long way back to the station. I originally thought I'd be home by 6.30pm, in time for dinner, and actually got home at 8.15pm. And we didn't quite finish doing the museum, so we'll have to go back and finish it when we're next at Wimbledon.

The tour was good though. I am just looking forward to half term and finally having some free time! Maybe I'll be able to catch up on some TV...

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Been ill
Saturday 2nd June 2012 4:13 pm

The reason I've not been about at all for the past week is that on Saturday I woke up dizzy and couldn't hear in my right ear. The hot weather didn't help but it takes a week before it's possible to do much other than lie around watching tennis and reading Chalet School books. I've also watched the last 15 episodes of Chuck, so I've finished that.

What with being ill I'll probably end up seeing more of the French Open than I will of Wimbledon, given that I'm only at work for three days of it. Although watching the tennis is hard because Jim Courier keeps on nattering about nothing of any interest or relation to the match you're watching and doesn't always stop when they're playing either. And that's not nearly as annoying as the camera panning around the stadium and spinning round to zoom into the player about to serve. And when Jim Courier doesn't shut up it's hard to work out at which point it's safe to open my eyes.

I hate the adverts. I keep having to mute them and then unmute them after and it's such a pain. Tennis shouldn't have advert breaks. But we're getting to see more than the BBC would have shown us, I expect.

But I'm going to see the women's semi-finals at Wimbledon. Or at least, I'm going on the second Thursday on centre court. So we are at least guaranteed to see some tennis.

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Three year anniversary
Wednesday 29th February 2012 7:04 pm

I missed it because I was ill, ironically, but the end of this month is my three year anniversary of being dizzy. Although I'm not sure if anniversary is the right word for something you don't celebrate.

Back when I was first ill someone at work was pregnant and kept throwing up. She was guaranteed not to be ill for longer than nine months and to make a complete recovery. She's since had a second baby and I'm still ill - and for all I know this could be as good as it gets.

Ages ago, when you could put in to volunteer at the Olympic games I thought about it, but decided not to because I didn't know if I'd be able to get the time off work, I wanted to see some of the Olympics and it wasn't clear whether you'd get to do that and I wasn't sure if I'd still be ill. The last of those is certainly true.

I'd find something positive to put in this post, but I'm sitting on my sofa feeling the room going round and thinking about how I'm not at ballet for the second week this term (out of five weeks).

If anyone wants to cheer me up, you can't go wrong with bunny pictures...

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Not getting much done
Saturday 7th January 2012 7:44 pm

I had all these things I was going to do. And then I remembered that working is quite wearing, and by the time I've got home, had dinner and a lie down, there's not a lot of evening left. Especially when I have to have a lie down later on. I much preferred not working, I hardly got tired or dizzy over the Christmas holidays.

But I was still going to get lots done this weekend. Until I got dizzy on Thursday. Since this is a random dizziness for no reason, it takes a week to go away. After two days of not working, I'm now bored. Not because I have nothing to do (I have plenty to read and write) but because I feel fine when I'm lying down and want to get up and do things. But I can't. It's so frustrating.

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Another week has gone by
Sunday 16th October 2011 6:35 pm

Last week was ridiculously busy at work, so I was looking forward to a weekend with nothing planned, getting on with a few jobs. Sadly my immune system had other ideas and I had a sore throat and a cold instead. Although I did sleep for twelve hours on Saturday night, which made me feel so much less tired.

So I spent the week feeling rubbish and improved towards the end of the week. Which is the opposite of how I usually feel when a week goes by.

This weekend I spent getting the jobs done that I should have been doing last week. Oh, and spending the whole of this morning fixing my computer. Theoretically it was an easy fix, if only my Ubuntu installation pen drive. But I have now added to my list of Linux distros I've used with Puppy Linux. Which looks like the Windows sort of environment with Linux icons. And barks when it starts up, which frightened the life out of me because I wasn't expecting it.

I did finish a fic a couple of weeks ago and then didn't want to post at the same time as the other one, otherwise I'd look far more prolific than I really am. But I have now: John Chesterton: Time Lord (spoilers for When a Good Man Goes to War and Let's Kill Hitler). When I first had the idea, at the end of the first half of the series, I was intending to write something serious. But by the time I came up with a plot it ended up being not terribly serious at all.

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