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iPad apps
Monday 30th December 2013 3:18 pm

Since my sister gave me her old iPad, I'm now trying to work out what to do with it. I have put Words With Friends on it, so I am paranoidangel on that, if anyone else has it and wants to play. I will be slow since the app is slow and it depends on me checking it to see if it's my go.

Does anyone have any recs for other apps to add/use on it? Nothing that I can already use on a computer (unless for some reason it's better on the iPad).

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Christmas and Yuletide
Saturday 28th December 2013 8:08 pm

I have finally made a dent in my Yuletide reading. And when the Madness archive opened I got another ridiculous Ten Stupidest Things I've Heard Since Richard III's Remains Were Identified fic: Tudor Spies and Perfidy. This has been a fandom I've enjoyed reading this Yuletide - it is different from everything else.

We opened presents on Boxing Day, as that's when my sister arrived (and they were a month late in any case). My sister decided to give me her old iPad, so I've been trying to work out how it works. In general I find Android more intuitive than iOS. I can't work out what to use it for - technically there are things, but I have a netbook and a laptop and my old netbook if I was desperate that does all the same things, but with the bonus of a keyboard. I have started Words With Friends on it, but it doesn't email you when someone's had a turn, so you have to go and check, which is not terribly well designed.

I have a Harry Potter Lego game which we are yet to play but took me about 45 minutes to construct...

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