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iPod Touch case help
Monday 14th December 2015 7:52 pm

I have an iPod Touch. In terms of looks it's very similar to an iPhone 5. When I got it, a year and a half ago, I asked my sister what to get. Knowing what I was like, she suggested the Griffin Survivor. Which is red (and black) and it's been great. I drop my iPod about once a month on average and my lounge floor is really solid.

Except that I either have a problem with my iPod or the case and one of those is cheaper to replace than the other... (the iPod gets hot and the case gets condensation on it - this might be related to the battery problem). I've got as far as establishing that cases only cover the back, so then you need a screen protector as well (I think).

So I am drawing on the collective wisdom of people who read this, to tell me what they think I need. What I need from something that covers my iPod is:
- can cope with being dropped onto my laminate floor from a couple of feet/a metre ish up on a regular basis
- can cope with getting wet/splashes from when I listen to podcasts when cooking/cleaning
- makes the whole thing a bit bigger/wider so I can actually hold it

In an ideal world it would also make the screen less responsive, as without anything on it I just have to think about touching the screen and it acts like I have, which is really annoying. Although, from reading reviews, it seems like this is the opposite to most people's priorities.

I should also point out that I am accident prone. If it is breakable I will end up breaking it. If it is not breakable I will somehow end up breaking it.

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Monday 14th July 2014 8:12 pm

It's not quite a Smartphone, but I do now own an iPod Touch. It's red. If it hadn't come in red I would probably have thought longer about whether I wanted one. I have been holding out for an Ubuntu Phone but it always seems to be coming in a few months. There have been a few occasions something similar would have been handy - either to use the WiFi when I don't have much money on my phone to call Dad with, when I've forgotten my book on a train at night when there's nothing to look out the window at, and when I've forgotten my camera at Rotary events. I got a bonus from work, so I've used a bit of that money to buy it with (the rest is going to savings and charity, as soon as I can decide on the charity(ies)).

So far I've googled how to do lots of things, as Apple make the hardest to use operating systems I have ever used in my life, installed Fruit Ninja and been unable to type my own name first time (I have a pen in the post). I now don't get to use it except while sitting down while I wait for the indestructible case (red) to arrive.

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