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Star Wars TPM nostalgia
Friday 25th October 2013 9:52 pm

I read a long Star Wars TPM fic this week, after having not read any for years, I think. It mentioned events from films II and III that I really don't remember that well (even after playing Lego Star Wars). It reminded me of a few things from the Jedi Apprentice books that I'd forgotten.

One of the few things I remembered was that Obi-Wan has a friend called Siri, who's a girl. Since I've never heard that name anywhere else, it's very weird to hear Siri with a man's name on Apple products. Although somehow that was marginally less weird than hearing it having the same voice as the Siri joke on The Now Show - that being the place where I first heard the voice.

It's made me all nostalgic, wanting to watch the films (I think I have II and III - they do have Ewan McGregor in, so it seems likely, despite the beard), read the books and read the fics.

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