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Wednesday 14th November 2012 7:42 pm

Since [info]just_ann_now did this yesterday, I'll copy her and do it today. Only I can go one better and show you the desktop from two of my computers. Read more...

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Coming at you from a whole new computer
Monday 7th May 2012 9:33 pm

Today I spent pretty much the whole day installing things on my new computer and playing with settings. I had a break when I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. It is nearly done. Currently the only way I can find any programs I want is from the Quick Launch - the Start Menu and Desktop are too much of a mess to find anything, and I haven't installed the printer. But other than that it's done.

It was very handy I have a computer running Linux. The folders with things like my Firefox profile and my RSS feeds live in folders that you need admin access to get. But this computer refused to copy them or access them from the hard drive of the old computer. Ubuntu, on the other hand, didn't care. So I copied folders from my old computer onto my netbook and then across to my new computer.

At the moment I am really struggling with the keyboard. I'm fine with typing, it's just once I need to go further right than the return key that I'm struggling. The old one had Home, End, Page Up and Page Down down the right and that was it. The new one has a number pad. Which does mean there's two of each of those four keys, but they're all in a different place, as are the arrow keys, so I keep being slowed down by having to look down and check where I am. So I have established that I like the trackpad!

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Updatey thing
Sunday 6th May 2012 5:24 pm

I now have a new computer. I have now remembered how unusable all the default settings are in Windows. Not to mention IE9, where I spent five minutes trying to find the address bar. But it has a 1TB hard drive (10 times what I need) and 8GB of RAM. It should be fast and able to cope with anything I throw at it.

Yesterday I had a party to celebrate my birthday. Which basically consisted of spending a relaxed afternoon sitting around and chatting.

Aside from the epilogue I realised it needed, I've finished the second draft of my Big Bang fic. I just need to go back and make it less boring now. And add 3500 words, which shouldn't be hard.

I'm sure there was more I meant to add, but I keep waking up early and not being able to fall asleep any earlier, so I'm tired. I'm just very glad this is a three day weekend.

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Alas, poor computer
Monday 30th April 2012 10:04 pm

My three and a quarter year old computer is no more 🙁 According to the error message it's either the memory, the video driver, the motherboard or the hard drive that's gone. I'm not sure they've narrowed it down there. Basically it's going to be simplest to buy a new computer. They're not expensive these days - in fact it's very likely I'll be spending more on new glasses this week than I will on a new computer.

Fortunately I have two netbooks, but it does mean I can't use anything running Windows, unless I borrow my work computer. And I can't use a big screen, unless I borrow my work computer. On the plus side, the only things I really use day to day are Trillian (which works on every operating system known to man except Linux), but Kopete is a reasonable alternative. Or at least, I like it better than all the other Linux alternatives. And there's RSS Bandit, for reading my RSS Feeds. But half of them are on LJ/DW, so I can read those there - although there's no way to tell where I've read to or mark things as unread to come back to later. And I have a load of the others in Google Reader and the rest bookmarked, so I've been adding those. I could use RSS Owl, which is the only other RSS reader I like and it works on Linux - except I have all my RP feeds in there and it's just going to get complicated. Not to mention that to get the OPML I'll need to put my backup program on my work computer to get at my latest backup.

There is at least a PC World that's walking distance from my house. So I can go and try a load of laptops and see which keyboards I like. And this time it won't involve two new operating systems (my last one didn't quite make it to Windows 7 launch, so I had to have Vista for a year so that I could upgrade to 7). It just involves setting it up and installing everything and I still vividly remember that from three years ago... 🙁

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The weekend
Sunday 1st November 2009 7:48 pm

I didn't have anything on this weekend and I didn't have to go anywhere, so I thought I'd get a few things done, housework and writing and so on. Well, I managed the first. I thought I was doing well for getting all my washing done, until I thought "that's making a bit more of a watery noise than usual", opened the kitchen door and found water on the floor. Which is just what you want from your washing machine. It was just the waste water pipe from the washing machine that had come out of the pipe that takes it to the drain, so it was at least easily fixed.

Recently I discovered Pidgin, which is the messenger program I use on my netbook, doesn't belief AIM exists any more. Since I was awake annoyingly early this morning I thought I'd get up and see if anyone was in any of the RPG related chats. Which they weren't, but I discovered that Trillian in your browser doesn't do chat. After lots of searching on the forums I uninstalled Pidgin then reinstalled it. At which point it refused to open. But I did discover why it refused to open links in Firefox and just did nothing. In the end I installed Kopete, which I've decided I like far more than Pidgin anyway, but not as much as Astra.

Just because it seems to be that sort of weekend, the netbook keeps randomly disconnecting from the network (it just seems to be a common bug with it, which is unhelpful, but at least I know how to get it back on without restarting). And I watched a DVD using my computer as a DVD player and the wireless keyboard as a remote and twice the computer decided that every keystroke was actually me right clicking and wouldn't acknowledge me left clicking. Why it decided it didn't like the wireless keyboard today when it's been fine up till now, I don't know.

On the plus side, since Azureus kept disconnecting my computer from the internet (which also seems to be a common problem with Vista) and there's something clearly not right with it, I thought I'd install μTorrent, which seems to work perfectly and looks pretty much the same.

So that was my weekend of trials and tribulations. Next week I have an MRI, a flu jab and a trip to the dentist and the week after is a trip to the balance clinic. So it'll all be a bit medical.

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It must be spring
Friday 20th March 2009 9:48 pm

I am freezing. But then I am only wearing one jumper. I have stupid heating that comes in on or off and as it's so warm during the day I have it off, otherwise I wake up boiling. Because it's still really cold at night, it means it's quite cold in the mornings and evenings, plus my body clock seems to have decided it's BST a bit early.

I'm definitely still ill. I put on a New Who episode and the beginning credits are the worst thing ever. Definitely not recommended if you're dizzy. I have until Wednesday to get better, then I go back to the doctors, who are pretty much incapable of diagnosing anything I can't work out for myself, so I'm not hopeful, but I just want to get better. I want my life back again.

I am going to decide what car I want this weekend, which'll probably knock me out for the weekend with the half hour drive each way. But I definitely need a car that's less effort to drive, because part of the reason I didn't for so long while I was ill was because I didn't have the energy to turn the wheel. The trouble is that they don't make custom cars and what I really want is a Toyota Yaris at the front and a Honda Jazz at the back. And no, I don't want James May to make me one.

I have discovered the source of one of the funny noises my car makes! I currently have four: one is something rattling in the dashboard, one is a squeaking noise when I break, two are squeaking noises when I'm going along. The squeaking noises are all louder with the window open, which hasn't really been improving my drive home in a stuffy car with the sun right in my eyes. But while I was backing my car up after I'd turned it off, by the method of sticking my foot out of the door and giving it a push, as it's on a slight slope, I discovered that when I move the car, it creaks. I'm quite looking forward to owning a quieter car.

I thought I'd try out a DVD in my computer this evening. It took me ages to work out which program it had installed as the DVD playing program and then I found I hate it with a passion. It's rubbish. It takes over so much that you can hardly run any other program at the same time, and it takes the taskbar away so you can't get to any other program (alt+tab refused to work). I couldn't work out how to fast forward in any useful way and there's no right click menu to tell it that actually you want subtitles/commentary. I was looking forward to getting an upgrade from WinDVD, but it turns out WinDVD was the pinnacle of DVD playing programs (and to be fair, I loved it, it's far better than a DVD player). Am I right in thinking it's the free version and PowerDVD is the paid for one that lets you take screenshots? Can I get it somewhere? Can I go back to Windows 98? (actually, since I have it on a virtual machine on this computer, the answer to the last one is yes, technically).

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Tuesday 17th February 2009 9:32 pm

I've been trying to think about what I like about Vista vs XP. There are lots of things I like about my new computer, but none of them are related to the operating system at all. And I can think of plenty of things I hate about Vista. But when it comes to things I like about it...

There are two. The running things as administrator, as a security measure. The trouble is that I don't get to see the benefits of it and it's a pain every time I want to do something that requires being an administrator.

The second is the taskbar not being blue. I can now have the wallpaper I wanted on my old computer, but couldn't have because it clashed with the taskbar. Although I'm not keen on the taskbar being such a dark grey because black icons (like TweetDeck) don't show up well. I know there is a workaround to get it lighter, but it involves having a wallpaper that's not darker than the taskbar, or fiddling about with the wallpaper and I can't really be bothered.

When it comes down to it, there aren't many things I liked about XP over 98 either. There's only the start menu, which doesn't scroll when you have too many icons (although I always made sure to keep mine down to one column anyway) and the recent programs on it, so you never have to go into the depths of the Start Menu where I could never find anything anyway. That was the only reason why I didn't change to the Classic View.

I can't remember 3.1 enough to remember whether I liked it or 98 better. But in conclusion, Microsoft shouldn't keep changing things.

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New computer
Monday 26th January 2009 7:17 pm

Recently I decided I'd try and write a blog post a day. It all fell apart this month - rather like the whole of this month really. I've put off so many things due to laziness at Christmas and then my computer dying, so now I feel like I have so much to do I don't know where to start. Whereas in reality it would probably only take an evening if I just started. But I have nothing planned for this weekend, so hopefully I will be caught up by the end of it.

I have my shiny (and it is literally shiny) new computer now. There's parts of Vista I really don't like, but I have managed to replace those parts. Like I don't use Windows Explorer and have a program that changes the Start Menu back to like XP and 98, which opens folders a lot quicker.

And that's what I spent my (long) weekend doing (I had Friday and Monday off work). I also bought a breadmaker because my bread tastes so much better when mum makes it in her breadmaker than when I make it in my oven. And the cooker in the new place is so much slower (still electric) that it would probably be just as quick.

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Going from bad to worse
Saturday 17th January 2009 10:48 am

On the whole, this has been a bad week. But it did have some good things in it:

  • I found Sainsburys did lasagne sheets made without soya flour, so I can eat soya again
  • I now have a sofa and a wardrobe (even if the latter is currently in the kitchen, since that's the only space for it) and a coffee table
  • I have some friends coming tonight to go to our Cheese and Wine quiz and see my new flat
  • I found some white dairy free chocolate. I haven't tried it yet, since I ought to finish my current bar first, but I'm very excited about actually seeing some

And the bad:

  • Friday last week the graphics card on my computer died. Friday, yesterday, my laptop keeps fusing, for reasons we're not 100% sure of yet. It's just as well I'd brought my work laptop home. You'd think two computers would be enough, but no...
  • I haven't had any emails since Thursday - turns out that actually I've had 34, including the test one I sent to myself. Now it's sorted and I have them, but it would have been nice to have had them at the time...
  • I worked ridiculously hard and late Tuesday and Thursday - the only days I had something on in the evening. So Thursday I didn't get to go back to fencing again and Tuesday I got in long enough to have a pot noodle before going out, then only had the energy to go to bed when I got back in. Although part of that was because I had yesterday off.

Ok, so there aren't any more bad things than that, but those are bad enough, I think.

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Argh at online ordering
Sunday 24th August 2008 5:21 pm

I'm feeling all Sunday afternoon-y at the moment: ie I have things to do, I just can't be bothered to do any of them.

The annoying thing at the moment is I ordered a little Ace laptop (in blue, since despite them saying they were going to do red, they don't) from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. After a while they emailed me to say they were having trouble getting hold of it, so couldn't give me an estimated date, but they would let me know.

So I waited for a bit, checked the forum and discovered that quite a few people had had trouble with Amazon sending them theirs, so I ordered one from laptopsdirect, which cost a bit more because of delivery and them changing 0.95% to use a credit card.

A few hours later I had an email from Amazon to say they had an estimated delivery date for it, and it was later than the date I was expecting to get it from laptopsdirect, so I thought I'd wait and see who managed it first.

This morning I had an email from laptopsdirect to say they'd despatched it and I could track the order after midnight. So I thought I'd wait till midnight just to double check and then cancel the Amazon one.

This afternoon I had an email from Amazon to say they'd despatched it.

I looked on both websites and you can only cancel before despatch. So Tuesday/Wednesday ish I will have two of the things and then have the fun of sending one back and waiting for a refund. Both payments will made August's credit card bill, I think, but the refund won't. So September's credit card bill will probably be a minus number.

I just know that if I'd done nothing I wouldn't have any.

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New desk
Monday 13th August 2007 9:01 pm

My parents came up to visit yesterday, so now I have a new desk. Although by new I mean the one I had in my bedroom, but there won't be room for once mum gets a double bed in there, so it'll be a spare room. For people who like pink.

The trouble is, this one's shorter, so I'm looking at a slightly different bit of wall, so I'll have to move my posters around a bit. The walls in my lounge are yellow. All the other walls are ok, except for this one room. When I have a house of my own, there isn't going to be any yellow at all. It's horrible to look at.

I've also had to put my chair down as far as it will go. Sadly, though, that's not far enough. And my laptop is too big to put on a telephone directory. At the moment I have it up on a set of rubbers, but I only have 5 rubbers and the newsagents in town were unhelpful at being able to provide me with more. They did have some, but probably not big enough. Annoyingly, it's going to be impossible to tell how many I'll need until I put them under there. And work couldn't provide me with enough rubbers the same to test it out either.

Nothing's ever simple.

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The vagueries of life
Wednesday 1st November 2006 10:09 pm

It turns out Dell's Indians are not as good as I think they are. When the person I spoke to on Monday said they'd ordered me an adaptor, they were lying. I had an email yesterday asking me for the serial number so it could be ordered, and telling me they'd tried ringing my work number (several times) and couldn't get through, which quite obviously cannot be true. Apparently it's still supposed to arrive by Saturday, so we will see.

I've just taken out a policy for (credit) card protection - previously I just had my cards on dad's. It took them a week to send me the paperwork but didn't quite manage to send me the bit of paper that told me which cards were protected. Which is helpful.

I've accidentally upgraded my Firefox to, which is annoying. If that breaks it I'll be most upset. I can't upgrade to 2.0 until I'm sure the extensions I can't live without are on it, and I've tested the portable version and Linux, just in case, as I've had so much trouble with Firefox in the past.

I managed to add another 100 words to my SF ficathon, but I think it's going to need a second draft before it starts to look useable (my second drafts always involve starting from scratch, just using the first draft as a guide for what I sort of want to happen). On the PicoWriMo front I wrote 100 words. Which is not quite the 167 per day needed, but it better than nothing. Except that's one whole scene where nothing happens. Some editing might be required there. On the plus side, I re-read the 673 words I already had and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Doing a bit of surfing to avoid writing, I discovered Lis Sladen had been in The Bill in 1989 (I didn't start watching it religiously till 1993, so a bit before my time) but there was a screencap with Tosh in it. And Lis too, obviously. On nearly the same subject, my next week's TV guide (it has a name, I just don't know what it is) has this to say about Life on Mars:

The second series of retro drama Life on Mars, starring Liz White and John Simm, is due on our screens early next year, and, sadly, it will be the final series. But fans will be heartened by news of a spin-off show set a decade on, in the Eighties. Ashes to Ashes (named after another David Bowie song) will be, according to BBC1 boss Peter Fincham, 'more Miami Vice than The Sweeney'.

Which just sounds really unlikely to me, but potentially quite cool, except that there's 80s Bill on DVD that I've not seen.

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Monday 30th October 2006 10:34 pm

I managed to get on chat with an Indian from dell to get a new adapter. It was only 25 minutes and I had one in the post. Result! I really hope that solves the problem because the next thing to try is flashing the bios. I had a look and how to do it and it doesn't look that complicated but I'm quite scared it could all go horribly wrong and I'll end up in a worse position than I am now.

I have now seen Torchwood's pterodactyl in the summary at the start of last night's episode. I thought Owen was a crap DS in it, he was supposed to get information out of the woman as they made the tea, not complaing about the amount she talked. Has he not watched The Bill? And please tell me the reason Jack is cagey about his sleeping arrangements is because he is working his way through the population of Cardiff. Neither me nor mum recognised Gareth Thomas straight away. Which is an improvement for her who had no idea who he was in Taggart. And based on what he said to me about it, would make him happy.

I followed a link in metafandom because although I didn't care about an Atlantis hospital AU, I was hopeful it would tell me what an OB/GYN was. I ended up googling it and it stands for Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. So something to do with pregnant women. And I feel that's probably all I need to know.

But it reminded me of a topic I thought about the other day about American/British words that you don't know what they mean. For years I thought a faucet was a type of spanner. Used with water pipes, so I was close at least (it's a tap). A friend of mine thought it was some sort of tool as well. I read on a random blog a while ago of someone who thought a fortnight was twice a week (it's two weeks). Until then I never really thought that was misunderstood, even though I knew it wasn't a word in American.

Anyone got any other American/British words they've misunderstood the meaning of?

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I hate technology
Thursday 19th October 2006 10:03 pm

Everything technological seems to be going wrong at the moment. My computer complains when I start it up that it can't detect the AC power adaptor. Which I've had before but it's usually gone away again. It's been doing it for a while now though and it means that it won't charge the battery. Which is a problem. A friend of mine has tested the adaptor and said it's fine which means either the BIOS needs updating, which looks complicated and scary, or there's a problem with the motherboard. I don't like the sound of either of those options, frankly.

Last night I made a phone call, then five minutes later, needed to make another one. Except that after I dialled, nothing happened. I could ring my phone but not the other way. I played about with plugs in sockets and have established that it's fine in the extension lead, but not in the splitter. So if I want to ring someone, I have to come off the internet. I'm hoping Pipex will give me a new splitter.

I'm currently running down my mobile phone credit so I can switch to Tesco, as they're cheaper (I feel so dirty for it, though). As I was having this issue with the phone, I thought maybe I should get myself the IM card now (well, last night). Except that the site was behaving so slowly it took a few minutes to load each page. And when I got to the end and wanted to submit my order, it said there was something wrong with it. I couldn't find what it was, so I thought I'd go away and try again later. Later on, it was at least faster, but only let me get as far as the address page before throwing me out. So I'm going to ring them tomorrow night and order it over the phone.

Then, I was waiting to send back Serenity to amazon DVD rental, so I could get The Sontaran Experiment. When I posted it, it was available now, now, of course, it's not, and I'm getting whatever's next on my list, which I hadn't really thought about. I was looking forward to watching it this weekend as well.

On the plus side, I did drive to Didcot on my own tonight, with only the aid of John Cleese (my satnav). Which was quite handy because it told you what the road was doing, given that you can't really see much in the dark with no markings on the road itself and a whole load of parked cars around.

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Some random bits
Sunday 15th October 2006 11:42 am

I saw the Torchwood trailer last night, before Robin Hood and at the end it confirmed 22nd October on BBC3. I'm quite disappointed there weren't more rumours about it.

My blow-up chair had definitely developed a hole, so I spent the first two-thirds of Robin Hood alternately blowing up the new one and trying to get the air out of the old one. I'd done about as much as I was going to by 7.30 at which point I realised I was just too bored with Robin Hood to watch any more of it. Plus I worked out that I'm not actually going to be in for a single 'nother episode, so I gave up and finished off the Serenity extras.

I updated my website last weekend, which includes the diary I wrote for my Northern Ireland trip.

I also uploaded a couple of fics onto that I hadn't got round to - and it decided to delete half my text. As if it's not useless enough already.

Every time I turn my computer on it complains it can't detect the AC power adaptor, which is obviously a lie because it's running on AC power. I've had this problem before but it's not usually lasted as long.

And there's a pterodactyl in Torchwood, apparently. And I thought the date rumours were crazy.

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Crappy computer stuff
Sunday 8th October 2006 10:32 pm

Dear ZoneAlarm,

Why do you bother having updates if they work worse than the previous version? I didn't not plan to spend my Sunday night staying up late trying to fix you.

I want a refund,

Dear computer,

What do you mean, can't detect AC adaptor? I can see it fine and you should be able to see it too, given that it's plugged in. Beeping loudly at me everytime I turn you on or restart you due to ZoneAlarm driving me mad is not helping.

Please sort yourself out,

In sort: this weekend's been quite crap, really.

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Thursday 13th July 2006 5:29 pm

Yesterday my PCMCIA card with two USB ports arrived. The booklet that came with it had instructions on how to install with various versions of Windows, but for mine it basically boiled down to 'plug it in'. So I did and it worked perfectly. At which point I died of shock transferred everything from the old external hard drive to the new one. And I've still only used 100Gb (most of that is backups).

While I did that I finished off Inferno. All I knew about it was that there was a parallel dimension and the Brigadier wore an eyepatch. I thought it started off quite slow because he didn't get there until episode 3 but once he did I was engrossed, it was really good and exciting, and a bit scary. I loved the Brigadier and Benton in this and hated Liz's hair. You can tell it's the 60s - all the women are in really short skirts. What I didn't know was that the AU Brig didn't have a moustache. Which, frankly was just not right.

I hadn't noticed that BBC4 are now showing the black & white Emma Peel episodes. Which is a bit pointless as I've got them on DVD and because I've seen both tonight's and this weeks. They are, however, really good ones.

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Irony with computers
Thursday 6th July 2006 10:50 am

First a bit of a recap. The other weekend, I discovered, as Doctor Who was starting, that my USB hub no longer works. So I went out and bought a new one. Everything was then fine (although I could still do with more USB ports!) except my external hard drive refused to cooperate with the hub. Yet when I plugged it into one of the (two) ports in the back of the computer it worked fine. So, I did a whole load of research on external hard drives and ended up buying a 300 gig one, with a plug this time.

Cut to last night when said external hard drive arrived. I plugged it in and everything was fine and great. Although the bit at the bottom of Explorer that tells me how much space is left keeps scaring me because I'm used to seeing three figure numbers being in megs not gigs. So at this point what I want to do is transfer everything from my old external hard drive to the new one. Which for long complicated reasons which I won't go into, involves unplugging my modem. I was watching the tennis at the same time anyway, so I could quite happily sit there and let it do its thing.

So, I plug the old hard drive in and immediately get a message saying there's a power surge and the USB device has exceeded the power capacity of the port, or something along those lines. Which was a bit worrying, except that I could still see what was on the disk, albeit by sneaky means because Explorer wasn't entirely happy about it. Which isn't really anything new. Explorer is also going through a crashing phase at the moment which doesn't really help.

But I digress. I try copying some stuff from one hard drive to another and slow is not the word. In two hours I managed about 8gig and I have about 50gig of backups and other stuff on there (40gig of it is backups, so I haven't littered it too badly). In the end I gave up because I actually wanted to get some stuff done.

This morning I looked this problem up on the Dell support forums and lots of people have had this problem with unpowered external hard drives. Apparently, the solution is to either buy a powered external hard drive or use a USB hub...

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Friday 30th June 2006 8:15 pm

It's far too easy to buy things online. A few clicks and all of a sudden you've spent £132 and have nothing to show for it for half a week. In this case, I spent an hour researching external hard drives and the reliability of, and have ended up buying something that's nearly the same as dad's got. I wanted 1Tb but it was too expensive to justofy, sadly 🙁 But now I get to try and fill up 300Gb! It won't take long.

But of course the main thing I'll be talking about for the next two weeks is tennis. It's not been all that exciting so far, although that's mostly because there was hardly any play Monday and it keeps being interrupted by football. Today, while Andy Murray was playing the commentary on his match was on Five Live Sports Extra, which I can't listen to at work on my ordinary radio. Although I now know lots about Michael Vaughn's knee and the captaincy of the England cricket team - I never knew it was so complicated.

Work's been really busy, mostly because the network system is shit, frankly (I mean, even more than usual, if that's possible). Between that and the tennis I've not really done much else this week.

I'm going to the Film & Comic Con at Earl's Court tomorrow, so Sel can drool at see Rachel Luttrel. So I'm taping tomorrow's tennis (and if it wasn't bad enough I have to play a guessing game between BBC1 and BBC2 but I also have to play a guessing game with alternative schedules) so Middle Saturday will be played on Middle Sunday. Hence I will be avoiding all tennis tomorrow. And those eight hours will take much less than that to watch. But Andy Murrary vs Andy Roddick could be quite good/very disastrous and hopefully on whichever channel I tape. I'd tape both but then I'd have to leave my computer on all day in the heat while I'm out and I'm not keen on that idea.

Doctor Who, obviously, will have to wait for the BBC3 Sunday night repeat, but who cares about that.

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Loving technology
Sunday 25th June 2006 8:45 pm

I now have a USB hub and normality is 99% restored. The 1% is that my 60gig external hard drive for my backups doesn't like my new hub and will only work when plugged into the back of my computer. It's the same make as my mum and dad have both had, and they've both had problems with theirs. So I will be forced to buy a ~300gig one (dad has one that size and I'm jealous). Which I am really broken up about.

I saw X-Men 3 this afternoon while we were playing football. There was a new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer! And a Superman Returns Trailer. Which frankly, were more exciting than the film. I'm not quite at the point of wanting my 2 hours back but it really wasn't very good. I heard that you're supposed to stay till the end of the credits on this one but I had to leave to get my bus. Can anyone fill me in on what I've missed (assuming there was anything of course).

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