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Life on Mars and Taggart
Tuesday 15th January 2008 10:33 pm

I accidentally bought Life on Mars on DVD, but since it arrived while I was ill, I can't say it was a bad accident. I re-watched both series (and the extras) in five days. I always meant to re-watch it after knowing whether Sam was mad, in a coma or back in time. It's interesting to re-evaluate in that light. The last episode doesn't work at all, though. The first time it's a chance to wonder what's really happened to Sam and then be disappointed and then happy with the ending. But the second time you already know, so you don't have the same feelings about it at all.

I am looking forward to Ashes to Ashes a bit more now though. Gene Hunt's great and it'll be good to see him more. Mind you, it helps that I haven't seen any old episodes of The Bill. Ashes to Ashes won't need to be a cop show in the 80s, the same way it was a cop show in the 70s, because we already have it. Even if it's changed beyond all recognition.

On the subject, last week The Guardian had a conversation between the two writers and Gene Hunt.

Taggart was really good last week and I was disappointed to find it was only an hour long tonight (I remember the days when it took them three weeks at an hour a week to solve the murders - and you got half a dozen of them). However, even though it felt like it raced along, the end of it was so emotional I felt that it was just as well there wasn't more of it.

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January sales
Thursday 20th December 2007 10:10 pm

Amazon are having their January sales already. I wasn't going to click on any of the links but I was weak. And then discovered they have both series of Life on Mars on DVD for what would cost me £30 for them both, since I have 10% off as I'm on their rentals scheme. Oh, if only I hadn't spent December's budget for that sort of thing. I just need them to still have them on sale after the Christmas holidays. The Big Finish sale, on the other hand, I haven't gone anywhere near out of self preservation (but I do have Peter Purves for my journey home, looking forward to hearing him compete with Tom Baker).

Only 3 hours of work to go, then it's the work Christmas party and then it's my Christmas holidays, since I have Monday off! And I am up for best charity worker in the work Oscars (I only found out when voting), so wish me luck!

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Life on Mars
Wednesday 11th April 2007 9:13 am

Big spoilers here for the final episode. Don't read this if you haven't seen it, or if you haven't seen any of the series but might, because being spoiled would spoil it.

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Tuesday 13th February 2007 9:50 pm

Just to make my day complete, I got in, thinking I could watch Life on Mars slightly time-delayed only to find my video hadn't recorded it. Despite me checking it's set up for it. And the BBC, in their infinite wisdom, don't repeat it. So my only option is to illegally download it. Thank goodness for illegal downloading, otherwise I'd never see it!

Just waiting now to see if it tapes the second episode on BBC4 - which I'll watch anyway.

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The vagueries of life
Wednesday 1st November 2006 10:09 pm

It turns out Dell's Indians are not as good as I think they are. When the person I spoke to on Monday said they'd ordered me an adaptor, they were lying. I had an email yesterday asking me for the serial number so it could be ordered, and telling me they'd tried ringing my work number (several times) and couldn't get through, which quite obviously cannot be true. Apparently it's still supposed to arrive by Saturday, so we will see.

I've just taken out a policy for (credit) card protection - previously I just had my cards on dad's. It took them a week to send me the paperwork but didn't quite manage to send me the bit of paper that told me which cards were protected. Which is helpful.

I've accidentally upgraded my Firefox to, which is annoying. If that breaks it I'll be most upset. I can't upgrade to 2.0 until I'm sure the extensions I can't live without are on it, and I've tested the portable version and Linux, just in case, as I've had so much trouble with Firefox in the past.

I managed to add another 100 words to my SF ficathon, but I think it's going to need a second draft before it starts to look useable (my second drafts always involve starting from scratch, just using the first draft as a guide for what I sort of want to happen). On the PicoWriMo front I wrote 100 words. Which is not quite the 167 per day needed, but it better than nothing. Except that's one whole scene where nothing happens. Some editing might be required there. On the plus side, I re-read the 673 words I already had and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Doing a bit of surfing to avoid writing, I discovered Lis Sladen had been in The Bill in 1989 (I didn't start watching it religiously till 1993, so a bit before my time) but there was a screencap with Tosh in it. And Lis too, obviously. On nearly the same subject, my next week's TV guide (it has a name, I just don't know what it is) has this to say about Life on Mars:

The second series of retro drama Life on Mars, starring Liz White and John Simm, is due on our screens early next year, and, sadly, it will be the final series. But fans will be heartened by news of a spin-off show set a decade on, in the Eighties. Ashes to Ashes (named after another David Bowie song) will be, according to BBC1 boss Peter Fincham, 'more Miami Vice than The Sweeney'.

Which just sounds really unlikely to me, but potentially quite cool, except that there's 80s Bill on DVD that I've not seen.

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Life on Mars
Monday 27th February 2006 10:01 pm

It's gotta be significant that just after the announcer told us Life on Mars would be back next year, my TV crashed...

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The ‘I haven’t updated for a while’ big, long post about lots of different things
Wednesday 18th January 2006 8:50 pm

I spent the weekend (ok, well, some of it) updating my website. I now have a contact form that works and I ended up with a ton of music videos to rec on there. I also reorganised my fanfiction page, so its actually grouped by fandom now! Plus I went through my drabbles and indexed them at the top of the relevant pages. As I was going through all of this I kept finding other, little, things I wanted to change. I've been thinking for a while that I want to go through and tweek some of the back-end stuff, perhaps I should actually get round to it.

Just after I uploaded it, I posted a new fic to Langford U - Divide and Subtract, which is a Sheppard and McKay friendship piece. I'm tempted to do some more with those two because they're so fun (although it was so tempting to go slashy!) and work my way through the rest of BODMAS (brackets of division multiplication addition subtraction = the order you evaluate an equation in, and is actually useful in my job!)

I really enjoyed Life on Mars on Monday. The DCI is so much like Burnside. I feel when he told Sam he had asked to transfer there that was important to the mystery of how he got to 1973 in the first place, although I have no idea how. I notice that, like Spooks, they've gone for the American style of starting with a bit of excitement before starting properly and telling us the names of the actors and giving us some pretty pictures. Which annoys me because it means you actually have to be ready at 9 o'clock, rather than just thinking about it. Unlike Spooks, though, they have actually kept the credits in and saved the trailer for next week till afterwards. The BBC are seriously pushing it, though - there was even a trailer for it before Doctor Who on BBC7 (which was the last one *sob*)

Last night we went to see Brokeback Mountain, which was very good and I really enjoyed. The only downside, apart from the 70s sideburns and that terrible moustache, was I couldn't always understand the Southern accents and as a result I have no idea of most of the characters names.

From the A people on my friends list - annmarwalk, avon and altariel - I am going to read my height in books this year. Because it is a good idea, and also because I'm only 5 foot 1 - which is 155cm in books, so shouldn't be too difficult.

And just to finish off, as I asked Una one of these:
Top 5 Meme: You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section (examples: "Top 5 Johns & Jacks on TV" or "Top 5 pairings in Atlantis"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me.

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A long post with lots of stuff in
Wednesday 11th January 2006 7:46 pm

A multi-part post for today.


I really liked Life on Mars on Monday. It's about a DCI who gets in a car accident (RTA, if we're going to go with acronyms :)) and wakes up in 1973. As a DI. Poor love. It's sort of a cross between The (Old) Bill and Quantum Leap. His DCI in 1973 I hated at first but by the end he was obviously a nice guy and a bit Burnside-like and I liked him. I'm looking forward to more of it.

On the one hand I'm looking forward to Hyperdrive tonight (sci-fi sitcom, thereby Red Dwarf's succesor) because it sounds good, but I'm a bit worried that a lot of comedy on these days seems to be puerile, rather than funny. With the exception of The Thick of It, which is more ridiculous-situation funny than laugh-out-loud funny.


There have been links to people talking about feedback on metafandom recently. I'm trying to be good and give feedback for nearly everything I read, counting reviewing it for Sel's site as feedback. The exceptions are generally ones where I honestly have nothing to say, not even I liked it because I can't decide whether I do or not. I am mostly succeeding at this so far.

The reason I'm doing it is, well, actually there's more than one. It's partly because I feel I should, I mean just pressing a button and typing a few words takes less time than reading the thing. I don't know if it's called karma, maybe, but I always feel that you should treat people, generally speaking, how you'd like to be treated back. Okay, so it doesn't always happen, esp not if you talk to me while I'm ill or stressed, but then my dad's exactly the same so I blame him. But it feels the same with feedback - I feel that if I don't take the time to comment on other people's fic then why should people comment on mine?

It's also sometimes an opportunity to have a discussion about a character or a situation, or something. And a chance to make friends. When I did Crack Van back in December I did worry at first that I was reccing stories of people that are on my friendslist, but then I realised that in some cases that's how I met them!

Generally speaking, if someone comments on a fic of mine and I don't know who they are I'll go and check them out, find out what they've written. On the basis that if they've read something of mine we must have something in common, so maybe they've written something I want to read.


We went to Rotary last night for our meeting. While they were eating and meeting we met, and it was very nice to sit in comfy chairs, even if they were 'a bit horizontal' as Matthew described them. I remember when I first joined and didn't know anyone that well it seemed really odd that they all knew each other really well. It doesn't now though. We were discussing Moonraker at one point (a 10 mile night hike with orienteering, also including running out of torch batteries, getting stuck in the mud and large amounts of chocolate) and someone said you basically laugh for 6 hours. I've never done it, but whenever we meet up it does consist mainly of laughing. And chocolate.

Going into Rotary afterwards was more sobering, though. They had a talk from a couple of guys who had been out to Pakistan after the earthquake. One was a journalist, the other had raised lots money (like £50,000 in a week lots) and they showed the videos they'd made out there. There were loads of buildings either flattened or half falling down. The worst thing was that the guy who had raised money is trying to build an orphange out there, and he focused on the children who had been injured, many of them had to have amputations because they hadn't got medical help soon enough. That was really horrible to see.

The trouble with seeing that sort of thing is that it immediately makes you want to help. That's obviously not a bad thing in itself (our cheese and wine quiz on Saturday was to raise money for a Shelterbox, and the usual Rotary collection at their meeting went towards that and raised £139 between about 30 people). The trouble is that you feel this way everytime and you just can't help everyone. And it's really hard to think about who you're not helping, even though you are helping someone else.


For a bit of lightness after that, these have been going round today.

You scored as Teyla.









Which Stargate Girl Are You?
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I like the beautiful part!

You scored as Carson Beckett.

Carson Beckett


Ronon Dex


Rodney McKay


Aiden Ford


Daniel Jackson


Cam Mitchell


Jack O'Neill


John Sheppard




Who Is Your Stargate Boyfriend?
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It's true he does have a nice accent, although it would be better if it was an incomprehensible-to-Americans, proper Scottish accent. With no r in murder (cf The Tower).

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