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Lost Lost
Monday 14th November 2005 9:18 pm

I think I have officially given up on watching Lost. I got so behind with my TV last week that I still haven't got round to watching it. This was, in part, because there were other things I would rather watch, but it's reached the point now where I'm just not going to get it in before this weeks. And I haven't missed it at all, so I'm taking it as a sign and giving up. I just can't quite bring myself to care about any of the characters, or the island's secrets any more. If I get really curious I'll just surf a bit, or ask some Americans who I know watch it.

I'm feeling virtuous about my writing, too. The Sheppard/Weir Thing is now on v4, complete with, shock horror, some description! And a couple of adjectives! I mean, really, what more could you ask for? I think there's some action (ie a bit of movement) I could probably describe - I mean I know where they're moving, what direction they're facing etc, but it's not all in there. I'm trying (note the important word here, trying) to get it to the stage of needing beta'ing by the end of the month. Hopefully that'll be v5 or v6.

I had to remind dad that I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue started tonight (having previously reminded him last week when MiniMinder reminded me). He'd forgotten. I'd got a tape out ready to record it while I cooked/ate dinner. Sadly, though, I was washing up when I realised it was halfway through and it might have been a good idea to have actually pressed the record button. Hopefully it'll be up after Shakespeare and I can listen to it in bed. I wish TV had listen again, it would be so useful for people like me - unless I set everything to record I forget to watch it! (although I have on occasion forgotten I've recorded something and accidentally taped over it)

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Happy New Year
Tuesday 4th October 2005 7:50 pm

(Although I started writing this yesterday, so I'm technically a bit late with that, never mind)

You couldn't make it up: Drunken prank led to armed siege

I had no intention of seeing Serenity. I've seen 20mins of Firefly and that was enough. But there was an article about it in the latest SFX that mentioned they go to a remote place called Maidenhead. I mentioned it to Rotaract and there was a general concesus we'd have to check out this 'Maidenhead' place. (A small note - Maidenhead is a town not far from here. One of our members is going out with an ex-member of Maidenhead Rotaract).

I discovered today this WordPress blog has the best thing ever - search. We were having a Myers-Briggs discussion and I knew I had what I was on my blog somewhere but couldn't remember which month it was. But I searched for it and found it.

I'm really bad with names, it takes me a long time to learn them. For some reason I find it much easier if I see them written down - although if isn't pronounced as it's written that doesn't help. I struggled with who Weiss in Alias was for two series. I was seeing it written when people talked about him and assumed it was pronounced Veiss, and I couldn't remember anyone with that name.

I've seen someone called Halling mentioned paired with Beckett (Carson, not Sam, which doesn't help). I assumed it was the woman from Duet whose name begins with a C or K, but no, turns out Halling is a man. Is he actually on the series? Admittedly, it's taken me a series and a half to work out who Zelenka is.

I'm doing really badly on episode titles as well. I keep seeing episode tag fics, where they'll say it's set post 'Hot Zone' for example. Which is great. Except that doesn't really narrow it down very much. Which is why I started putting an episode guide on my site - I need it for me.

The way Lost introduces you to a character each episode is really handy because I'm learning a name per episode. I think I've learnt the same number now as I would have in the entire series. I did confuse myself though, as I temporarily named Sawyer, 'that guy' but then got confused and thought Adam was 'that guy'. I think the only ones I have temporary names for now are Adam, the pregnant girl who I think was Tess in Roswell High, that guy who's been in everything, the kid, the kid's dad, the dog, the one with silly hair. I've even managed to learn Shannon without her having an episode yet, which is pretty good going for me.

After the two-part starter for the latest Spooks series I realised there was a new character and I should make sure I remember his name. Needless to say I'd forgotten it a week later and I still can't remember. It's only one name and four episodes later it could be anything. Although the other week I couldn't for the life of me work out who this Fiona Adam was referring to was.

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Lost Computers
Monday 22nd August 2005 10:24 pm

I just saw Lost (well, then Coupling to take my mind off it) and it was actually good. I was surprised. I'm hoping they'll continue to do an early evening repeat, so they'll cut the bits that will disturb me. And as my landlady watches it I need to get her to tell me if we see the plane go down in an episode so I can be ready with the remote. Obviously, I'm not going to watch it live, too many adverts in it.

And because it's been marked as unread for a while, Saz tagged me with the five songs you are currently rocking the hell out of. I don't have five but it's Coldplay X&Y. I especially like Speed of Sound and that one they played last at Glastonbury. So it sort of answers the meme.

Today I set up my old boss's computer for my new boss - so then I can have his current one as mine is currently on it's last elbows (it ran out of legs several years ago). I don't think it's been updated ever. It took me an hour to get to installing SP2, which took forever to do, then there was another hour of updates. But she'd pretty much cleared the rest out (amazingly) so I didn't have much else to do. I'm leaving him to play with his wallpaper and other settings on the basis that he either knows what do or if he doesn't, I don't care.

(It was so much more fun writing this stuff than typing it - I want a tablet PC. Also, I had it portrait so I could see long parts of a website at a time - which is better than wide parts (which is why my Firefox window isn't maxised and is square))

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Wednesday 10th August 2005 9:58 pm

It's been so long since I last posted I can't even remember when it was or what I said. Although this is partly because I've been so busy at work I've been a bit stressed and my memory goes when I'm stressed. Which is a problem because I have a good memory, so I rely on it a lot.

I got halfway through watching the first half of Lost tonight and got bored. It didn't help that there had been about ten minutes worth of adverts in that time. And, strangely enough, nothing in it had changed since I saw most of it last autumn. So I'm taping the second half and will find out at some point where I got up to. I also think that watching it just before I got to bed is a stupendously bad idea. That is assuming I manage to stay away till 11pm. It's not looking likely at this point.

I had a good weekend, despite working ridiculous hours to have Monday off. I met up with Sel, Kate, Beth & Terry on Saturday. Terry and I rowed in the Serpentine. Although rowed is perhaps putting it a bit strongly in my case. I think there was more swearing than rowing going on.

Sunday I saw a couple of friends in the London Triathlon. If I hadn't known anyone in it it wouldn't have been so interesting, but as it was I really enjoyed myself.

After that I was off to Somerset for the annual trip to the Windmill. It was good to swim in the outdoor pool on Monday while everyone else in the office was at work.

The only trouble with the weekend (and in fact, most of them) is I get some intelligent conversation. Or dirty conversation in some cases. But it makes going back to work so much more difficult when the main topic of conversation is Big Brother, clothes, shoes and diets. None of which I have any interest in at all.

On the plus side the latest Atlantis was great. Mainly due to David Hewlett, who was fantastic. Stargate was equally funny but can't quite match McKay and [censored] doing [censored]. I want a screencap of it as my wallpaper. At work, of course. (Note to people watching it on Sky, this is the fourth episode called Duet. It will be obvious which bit I am talking about).

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