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The importance of being earnest
Friday 9th November 2007 11:23 pm

This post isn't about the play, it's about names and what people call each other.

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Mainly writing
Sunday 30th October 2005 9:48 pm

I've done quite well this weekend with getting things done. I was doing my backups, so watched the gymnastics, Stargate and Enterprise while it was doing it. Stargate I enjoyed, but I didn't get all the way through Enterprise. I was already reading during the adverts but ended up reading through the last third. In all fairness it was the first 'Last of the Jedi' book, which had some quality Obi-Wan angst.

Between those two and The West Wing on More4 on Friday night I saw the latest Barclays advert which is both funny and has Norman Lovett playing a computer.

I've had an email sitting in my inbox for a while now, reminding me (not very well) to talk about the MEFAs. There are loads of names I recognise in there. Congrats if you're one of them and reading this. Most excitingly the story I had nominated got an honourable mention! It was the first LOTR story I wrote, so that's very exciting.

I was good this morning and wrote another part of my Five Things fic. So I am now 4/5ths through the second draft, so it's getting there. Slowly. I worked out that my Sam/Jack slash fic should start off with Jack looking at Sam and thinking 'if only she was a man' but it's not got any further than that. It must have been SG8 last November when this was first discussed, so at the rate of a sentence a year it'll be finished, oh, sometime this century maybe. It could be a whole new record for me.

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Lord of the Rings
Sunday 23rd January 2005 7:25 pm

I saw all three Lord of the Rings films this weekend. It's interesting how much is more noticeable when you see them so close together. And my sister's boyfriend has a widescreen TV and surround sound - so it's just like the cinema only with comfy seats, cheaper food and better-timed breaks.

I noticed the knife Galadriel gives to Aragorn is the one he holds up when he's woken up at Dunharrow. And the battles get bigger - so it's just the Fellowship fighting orcs in the first one, then there's the Rohirrim and lots of orcs, then it's everyone against everyone else in the third.

There's also a roast chicken joke going on in extended Two Towers, which I never realised before. At the beginning, Sam says he brought seasoning with him in case they found a roast chicken. At the end, Merry and Pippin find a roast chicken!

The hobbits looked so much different at the start: more innocent, I think. I did like how Sam, when fighting orcs to rescue Frodo, after Shelob's lair, killed one for Frodo, one for the Shire and one for his Gaffer. But never one for himself. All the hobbits went from throwing stones to actual fighting with swords. Well, except for Frodo who had battles of his own.

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Tuesday 4th January 2005 11:03 pm

I've just spent just under ยฃ100 at amazon. And when I say just under, I mean by 9p. All of the stuff I bought was under ยฃ10 except for the printer. Which itself is a tale and a half.

I realised some time ago that my printer didn't talk to me anymore. When it won't print it just flashes, which could mean it's run out of paper or one or both of the cartridges need replacing. I also realised that this had been going on since dad bought a special lead to connect it to the USB port. And it had taken me a few years to notice.

Then I got a new computer and it prints everything backwards (ie from last page to first), which is caused by XP.

The HP web site suggested using the XP driver rather than the one supplied with the printer. Except that the computer can't find the printer when you tell it to look. It will print perfectly fine though!

So me and dad spent some time going round the shops measuring printer boxes (because they never tell you details like that) and looking at printers. I read reviews, which turned out to be quite useless because they would say things such as it's slow, when it's actually four times as fast as my current printer. I think I spent more time choosing my printer than I did my computer.

The other day I was reading some of the comments about people's HP fanon constants, and then Nilmandra posted about Elrond and loss and it got me thinking about how I see Elrond. There are all sorts of things about him in my personal fanon that are entirely unsupported by canon - at least in the sense that they're not mentioned either way. In all fairness, some of this probably comes from other people's fics because you can't help but be influenced.

My Elrond...

I also saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight. I don't quite know why it's described as a romantic comedy because it's not funny. Or that romantic. But it makes you think, and I like that.

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I’m back
Tuesday 19th October 2004 11:46 pm

Well, kinda. In the sense that I got into a Harry Potter thing and couldn't get out of it. Which is not to say I wanted to necessarily. But, I wrote the first draft of my Elrond essay at the weekend (it's terrible, I need to re-write it) and now I have Elrond back in my head. Suddenly I care less about Sirius & Remus and more about Elrond & Arwen.

I also realised, the other week, that I quite liked Sirius & Remus not fancying the pants off each other when I read Mad Martha's One Week in Summer (which is really very good). Except that I went looking for such fics and couldn't cope with the idea that they're not going to get together. And then I realised what I liked about One Week in Summer was the mention of Remus's son, and Sirius & Remus's relationships with Harry.

Which is exactly the same stuff I like in Smallville (Clark's relationship with his parents) (apart from Clark/Lex and Clark/Chloe - I never said I was consistent) and LOTR (Elrond & Aragorn). So perhaps in some ways it doesn't matter what fandom I'm reading because I'm ultimately reading the same story.

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Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
Thursday 9th September 2004 11:05 pm

Today at work wasn't long but it was intense. We've just started getting into internet research (ie doing research using the internet, not researching the internet) which at the moment involves using an external company. So they send the data in excel and I spend time trying to work out which question is which and whether the data is right (which it always is, except when you ask people what county they live in - the answers have ranged from 'Milton Keynes' to 'Scotland' to 'South England/North Somerset').

Anyway, I've worked on all of them so far, which is good because I think this is quite exciting, especially if we do it ourselves one day and I actually get to program the things. It's also bad because today I dealt with data from two of them (both complicated, although for different reasons) and some data we had in from America. In the latter case we've used the company many times and their data always comes back perfectly and I hardly have to do anything with it.

There is only so much playing about with data in excel you can do with a headache though. And I spend most of the day unable to feel my hands because I sit in the draft from the air conditioning. I must remember to take my gloves in, which are rapidly becoming fingerless.

While I was getting sick of the whole thing this afternoon I was thinking about fandom-related stuff. I'm supposed to be writing two Lord of the Rings fics at the moment. One is with someone else, for a challenge on HASA and words can't express how much we're not going to finish by the deadline in October. It seemed a long way off when we started.

So, first of all I should learn how to organise my thoughts so I don't digress in the middle of a paragraph, except that's how I think. I often confuse people by seeming to change the subject in the middle of a conversation, except the link makes sense to me, and carrying on a conversation three months later. My memory's odd like that.

And now I've had a paragraph of digression, I've spent so much time reading Harry Potter fan fic I don't have my head in the right universe any more. And I was trying to decide how best to get back into it. I might actually get round to reading Unfinished Tales, as I'm going home the weekend after next and will need something to read. But then, The Daily Snitch mentioned a new community: Idol Reflections where people can post essays about particular characters. So now I'm writing one about Elrond. Oh, yes, a maximum of 7000 words by 13th November to convince everyone to love him like I do.

If anyone wants to comment with anything they think I should say, or fics I should rec, feel free. Although LJ doesn't seem happy about sending me comments at the moment, and freeserve thinks ones from Blogger are spam.

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Saturday 28th August 2004 10:04 pm

Two cool links: Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Trailer. Very exciting. I just hope that the BBC show it, and after 9pm. It's not a children's program, BBC, take note.

I have also just found some of the Orange adverts they show at the cinema to remind you to turn off your phone. These are usually someone pitching a film and the Orange guys ruining it by putting mobile phones in it. You can't get to the Clockwork Orange advert for Orange Wednesdays but the Lord of the Ringtones one is there (generally agreed to be the best one so far, it even stands up to multiple viewings).

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Monday 19th July 2004 10:22 pm

I meant to congratulate all the finalists in the Mithril Awards. It was cool to see so many names I knew and fics I read on the list of finalists. But it was also a bad thing. See, I use awards as a set of recs. I'll read winners in categories I might not otherwise read, and all the nominees in categories I do. But what am I supposed to do if I've already read them? ๐Ÿ™‚
I have issues with Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. Also Netscape, although that one's different since it doesn't really want to run on my computer. Much as they might be better than Internet Explorer, they're worse in two tiny, yet important aspects.
First, when I open a new browser window it goes to my homepage. I often surf with a few windows open (novelty aspect at being able to have more than two open withou my computer crashing) and it's so useful to be able to just press back on the new one.
Other one, on my livejournal layout the text is much less than half of the window size. Now, granted I have a widescreen laptop, so I do have my browser window at quite a strange shape. But it doesn't explain why internet explorer can manage boxes on the page with more than a couple of words per line. If I can't read my friends page in anything other than IE there's not really much point in using anything else. Which is a pity because I love Opera.
Note: Blogger have just changed the way you write posts to make it easier to change things (so it's a lot more like a WYSIWYG editor). This has had the effect of making it much more difficult to put web addresses in. Unless you know html. It took me longer to discover this while putting in the Mithril Awards link than it did to type the rest of this post.

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Wasting Time
Monday 5th July 2004 8:52 pm

How much have I just completely failed to get done last night and tonight? Lots. And what have I been distracted by? So glad you asked...

Clay Kitten Shooting - my best is 7/10

The Sightings section of the Bad Baby Names Forum, which led me to American Baby Discussion Groups because what's here are the worst sigs ever. Trust me on this one - just have a look at one of the testing sigs threads. There are also lots of scarily young mums there - and older ones, who frankly, have no excuse.

And because reading forums was fun: Godawful Fan Fiction and not just fan fiction either, bios, names, journals, the lot. And this led me to journals where I found the Sextips Livejournal. I had to read it because I couldn't quite believe it. I started at the userinfo page where there are 10,809 members. Somehow that doesn't surprise me. Why, yes I would like to describe my sex life in detail in public.

Today's Dilbert turned up mid-afternoon and made me laugh, it was so true.

The final results for Fantasy Wimbledon went up and I am 99th! I'm amazed. I didn't win a DVD of Bjorn Borg (don't know how I'm going to survive without it) but it means I make the leaderboard (Note: the link is to a picture is 100k so it's readable and I doctored the page so you can see the bottom and top of it - it's only available if you log in)

I also rediscovered How I Spent my Summer Vacation by Elladan son of Elrond and its sequels. I'll have to re-read it to review it on Sel's site (poor me).

And having had great trouble with birthday/mothers/fathers day cards I found sympathy cards are much easier to find - some of them are really good. And nearly made me cry - just as well they were in the corner.

I've also trying to do a healthy eating thing and eat five fruit and veg a day. It would be a lot easier if fresh fruit and veg lasted longer or there was a decent source of them nearby. I really wish Waitrose would sell half melons though. Melons are so much nicer than the kind in packets, which I had forgotten, but I've now eaten most of a melon in three days. Practically every meal involves melon. I love the stuff, I just don't know how much I'll still love it after eating it that much in a few weeks time.

And now I'm going to listen to the new Corrs album and do something productive. Really.

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How cool?
Sunday 20th June 2004 10:00 pm

I put the MTV movie awards on five minutes after it was supposed to start and discovered Ben Affleck and some other bloke making a film pitch to Peter Jackson for Sam & Frodo. Totally slashy! How cool is that?

Apart from that it was all a bit American and OTT. But Johnny Depp made a cool acceptance speech and confirmed there's going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean 2, woohoo! I got excited for Emma when Tobey was on as well. Although they put some woman in the Spiderman suit. Everyone in the audience knew who she was and they didn't feel the need to tell us, so frankly, they could have dragged her off the street for all I know.

I watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy from Friday. It was so funny. I can see why it wouldn't work in this country though. I can't believe how much money these people must have to get a makeover.

The most exciting thing was the discovery that there is someone at work who watches The OC. There also was someone who watches Stargate (although only because her boyfriend does) and I think there's someone who watches Smallville. So they're not all a complete dead end. I also impressed them by walking up to someone's computer, at which point it started working again ๐Ÿ™‚ and being able to fix the printer (it's a really shite printer, I've just lived with it longer than they have).

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Saturday 15th May 2004 9:29 pm

I am so tired, even though it's only half nine (so this may or may not be coherent), and it doesn't feel like I've done much today, other than wander round the Expo. Oh, and propose marriage to Craig Parker (who played Haldir in LOTR films). Well, ok, I didn't say that to him, and in my defense I wasn't the only person who thought that.

Annoyingly, he's doing a dinner in two weeks, but I have two things on that day (well, one in the day and one in the evening) and a con in October, but Kate won't go with me (too many SG cons!) and it's in Manchester, which is more of a pain to get to than Heathrow (being as it's practically the other end of the country). I did make her promise to go with me to an LOTR con next year, although together with Australia and Redemption that'll pretty much use up my holiday days for next year.

The man himself, and me, as taken on my new digital camera (the original looks a lot better but is a lot, lot bigger):

Nic and Craig

Then on the way home the (very hot) train stood around at Paddington for an extra 25 minutes, so it meant I missed my bus (and the next one wasn't for 2.5 hours, so I got a taxi - I will try and charge Thames Trains for it) and I finished my book when we were only just past Slough.

On the plus side I now have a very silly mouse for work (it has a floating Nemo in it) and Daniel on a keyring.

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Monday 23rd February 2004 10:37 pm

I'm really not happy with There's an American book I want that comes out on 1st March, so I thought if I put an order in now it would arrive about then, being as they don't rush for free deliveries. But they've decided it's limited availability so they won't let anyone buy it. I could get it from or though.

I seem to have been sucked into Frodo/Sam slash. I definitely remember thinking I didn't want to see their relationship that way - I like the idea of them being friends to the extent that they'd do anything for each other. It's quite hard when reading ROTK to see it any other way. I'm kind of seeing it both ways now. Which is kinda strange, I admit.

I remember hearing about RPS fairly recently and thought it was something I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Which I'm fairly certain I don't remember thinking about slash. I did read one low-rated piece with no slash in, which was quite funny (and I'll read anything funny). It's not something I'd read because I'm just not interested in the characters but I'm thinking it's not quite so icky any more. I think I'm being gradually worn down.

Yesterday I took down all of my posters, washed the walls, dusted the posters (which I didn't think I'd have to do) and put some of them back up (Orlando is now by my bed where he belongs). I bought the holographic Middle-earth map in Oxford on Saturday but didn't think about getting more blu-tack. I have now used up the most of the packet I had left and there are still gaps. On purpose, but it makes my room look so dark and cold. In my opinion anyway. I so need my own house to decorate. The LOTR one is so going in the lounge.

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Angel news
Saturday 14th February 2004 12:14 pm

Important Angel news: - Press Release

Next Davis Cup tie will be away against Luxembourg 9th-11th April.

I saw Return of the King again last night. I was impressed to see you could see the marks the chain was making around Frodo's neck due to the weight of the ring though. I don't understand where the horses went though. They're in front of the black gate, then retreat. Next thing they're fighting the orcs and there are no horses in sight. Did I miss something?

SG7 photos to follow - hopefully I'll sort myself out and get some up from SFX and Paris since I haven't done any for a while. I so need a digital camera though (now I'm not quite so likely to run out of space). Any suggestions?

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Lord of the Rings
Sunday 1st February 2004 1:33 am

I managed to get first time lucky on this one:

Your Own LOTR Sequel by AngelicDEVIL
Your Name
Your LOTR Name is Ivanna Humpalot of the Shire.
Your side-kick will be Witchking
and the two of you will go to Fangorn Forest
and spy on Aragorn
and in the end you go to Edoras
and some person dies.
Anything else? I'm BORED.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

I've been watching the TT DVD - now the Faramir bits make sense! I'm happy now - we have elven rope, trees at Helm's Deep (so they didn't just miraculously win then? I was wondering), Merry and Pippin eating and smoking at Isengard. And Aragorn opening the doors but that was in there already ๐Ÿ™‚

Then there are the extras, which include nice shots of Orlando Bloom as he is without all the make-up... Excuse me there, I seem to have slipped and fallen into a puddle of my own drool.

The coolest part was the fighting documentary where they said that the person in charge did Princess Bride, Zorro, did Darth Vader's sword fight against Obi-Wan and was Errol Flynn's stunt double. In fact, all the fencing films! Which explains a lot, frankly. Although I did notice that every time anyone got an orc at Helm's Deep it was because said orc had lifted their sword miles above their head. Stupid orcs.

On an entirely different note, I think one of the LEDs has gone on my modem - I'm sure it used to be brighter. And I hate XP. It's so nice and helpful it takes me twice as long to do anything. Thanks Microsoft for treating everyone like idiots.

Oh yeah, this weeks LOTR drabble - The Sword. 0 guesses what it's about.

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LOTR Drabble
Wednesday 28th January 2004 8:02 pm

I wrote a drabble for LOTR100 - Learning from the Best. I finally managed an Elrond & Estel thing and got some fencing in there. I'm happy now.

It has snowed. Typically, just before I was supposed to be going to Swindon to see Michael Shanks and Chris Judge. Now I'm thinking it will be far more effort than it's worth. I might stay in and do something constructive instead, and finish off the work I was doing before I left work early.

I also need to watch Stargate and do some ironing.

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Canon NO Fanon
Saturday 3rd January 2004 9:45 pm

I was having a look through the Canon NO Fanon site. It was very interesting to see the sources quoted for everything but I came across the one about Elrond marrying someone after Celebrian went over the sea. Which, in my personal canon certainly, is ridiculous. However, I'd love to see it done well.

On an entirely different subject I'm off back to Wallingford tomorrow after spending two weeks at home. I remember being bored last week and not being able to remember what day of the week it was. Now I really don't want to go back. Although I am still bored - although it's not from having nothing to do, it's not being bothered to do anything. I don't actually mind going back to work so much because it won't be so busy and because new boy will be starting soon, which will be different at least. I'm not looking forward to having to do my own cooking and washing though.

The last post I wrote in livejournal first and then I realised I needed to put in a couple of links. I was feeling too lazy to type in the html so I copied it to blogger, put in the links and then copied it back to livejournal. I do keep trying to press upload file rather than insert link though - I should learn the shortcuts, that would probably help.

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Lord of the Rings meme
Monday 29th December 2003 9:11 pm

I've now sorted my website out so it's hosted elsewhere, so now all addresses beginning with will work and you should be redirected there, if you're getting to this page via

And here's a Lord of the Rings meme, from fileg:

1. When did you first become a LOTR fan?:
I first read the books six years ago but that was as far as it went until a year ago

2. Have you read the books?:
Yes. I've read FOTR three times, TT twice and I'm on my second reading of ROTK

3. Seen the movies?:
Yes, FOTR once at the cinema and once on DVD, TT twice at the cinema (but I will be getting it on DVD) and ROTK once at the cinema (but I will be going again in February)

4. What is it that you love about LOTR?:
The characters. And, in the films, the swordfighting

5. How many times did you see each of the movies:
See above

6. Times you've read the books:
See above

7. Just how obsessed are you with LOTR?:
Not that obsessed with LOTR, just with Elrond ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Can you speak elvish?
I have difficulty just pronouncing the elvish words in the books, even when I've heard them in the films.

9. Did you dress up for any of the movie premieres:
No, I didn't go to any of the premieres - I tend to be at work Wednesday mornings

10. Most memorable moment as a fan:
Not so much as an LOTR fan, but when I came out of FOTR with a friend who had never read the books she had guessed Gandalf wasn't dead. I was impressed she'd watched enough Buffy (and other stuff, through me) to know.

11. Favorite of the books:
FOTR. I seem to have something about always preferring the first book in a series.

12. Favorite of the movies:
That would be FOTR as well.

13. Favorite overall character:

14. Character you find most attractive:

15. Favorite couple:
I'm not sure I really have one

16. Favorite hobbit:
Since I've already said Pippin, I'll say Sam here

17. Favorite elf:
Elrond, of course!

18. Favorite man:

19. Favorite dwarf:

20. Favorite wizard:

21. Favorite orc:
Don't have one for any of these - there aren't enough to choose from and those that we know about we know some better than others, so it's a bit difficult to compare

22. Favorite villian:
In the film, Galadriel scared me

23. Favorite horse:
Bill the Pony. How can you even ask that question? ๐Ÿ™‚

24. Favorite scene from the books:
The point in Rivendell in FOTR when Frodo meets up with Bilbo again

25. Favorite scene from the movies:
I think it's a tie between Bilbo's birthday party and Aragorn's fight on Weathertop - sword in one hand and flame in the other.

26. Coolest creature:
None of them, especially

27. Scariest creature:
Actually, the Argonath scared me shitless ๐Ÿ™‚

28. Cutest creature:
Not sure here either

29. Favorite quote:
From FOTR, Boromir: "They have a cave troll" (it was the way he said it)
From TT, Faramir & Sam: "Your bodyguard?" "His gardener."
From ROTK, Gimli: "That only counts as one!"

30. Where would you want to live in Middle Earth?:
The Shire, or perhaps Rivendell

31. What kind of creature would you be?
A hobbit. I'm nearly there with the height part ๐Ÿ™‚

32. What's your weapon of choice?:
A sword. What a stupid question.

33. Are you good/evil/somewhere in between?:
That depends on how cool a sword I get...

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Return of the King
Saturday 27th December 2003 11:04 am

I actually got to see Return of the King yesterday. I can't say that sitting in a cinema seat for 3.5 hours is a particularly pleasant way to spend the time - especially for my back - oh, how I long for L3 again. Anyway, here there be spoilers if you ain't seen the film - and specially if you haven't read the book.

I'm just remembering Elrond smiling at the end, when Aragorn and Arwen reunite. Yes, it was cheesy, but at that moment I forgave the scriptwriters for making him look like a complete bastard and reminding us he loves his daughter. I don't know whether it was just the way he holds a mug or whether Sean Astin did it deliberately to show us he is a different class from Frodo, Merry and Pippin, but I did like the way the others held theirs by the handle and he didn't at the end, in the Green Dragon.

The film did remind me why Pippin is my favourite character as well. He just looked so scared at being parted from Merry and everything he saw - which is pretty much the same way the rest of us would be reacting in the same situation. And he's now even a grown up yet.

And Faramir, poor Faramir. Why did you ask that question? When the orcs were complaining about the Corsairs being late I was almost expecting them to say "bloody pirates" but that's because I watched Pirates of the Carribbean a few days ago.

I now feel the need to go and download the games (well, demos) now I actually have a computer good enough to play them.

Edit: Elrond and Aragorn quoting Gilraen: "I gave hope to the Dunedain; I have none for myself" (not an exact quote, can't be bothered to get the book out at this moment). They could have capitalised the word hope though.

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Tuesday 16th December 2003 8:33 pm

I've got out of work on time twice in two days now. I almost don't know what to do with my long evenings. The best thing about ADSL - downloading the new episode of Stargate in about 10 minutes. And it kept on going really slow. The episode seemed to go really slow although I remembered why I love Teal'c - he does come up with the best lines.

Return of the King come out tomorrow. Just as I wrote this the trailer for it came on the radio! I'm not going to see it until Boxing Day, which is probably just as well because I still can't decide whether I'm excited about it or not. I will be once I get in there, I'm just really worried about what they're going to do to Elrond.

Ewan McGregor seems to be doing a whole load of films lately - on Saturday I saw a trailer for one coming out in January. It didn't look that exciting though so maybe I'll wait and see what the reviews say about it first. I still haven't seen the last two he did.

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Random me facts
Saturday 13th December 2003 8:10 pm

Greetings from an internet cafe in Reading! This is from fileg's journal:

I know very little about some of the people on my friends' list. Some people are real-life friends who I see frequently. Others I know relatively well: I read your fic, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she likes spinach."

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal.

So here's my piece:

I was born two days after the election in which the Conservatives won. The next election they lost was four days before my 18th birthday.

I have learnt to drive but have never driven since I passed my test - I hate driving and I hate the idea of having to.

When I was younger I wanted to go to Mars.

I'm crap with all technology and am usually years behind everyone else - except when it comes to computers when at least money is an excuse.

My all-time favourite film is 2001. My favourite TV series is Red Dwarf.

I never moved house until I went to university. In fact, most of my stuff is still there since I don't have enough space for it all until I can afford a house of my own - which won't be anytime soon with the current house prices.

Anyone who wants to write something about themselves either in the comments here, or you can comment in my livejournal if that's easier. Don't feel obliged but it would be cool.

On an entirely different subject Love Actually is good. I mean you have to suspend your disbelief but its still funny and you come out feeling good (trying not the use the phrase feel-good movie here). Plus you can spend your time spotting people you've seen in other stuff - certainly that bloke from The Office and Rob from The Bill I didn't know about.

There was also the trailer for Return of the King. I was getting worried about what they've done to Elrond in it but then I realised there would be some Elrond & Aragorn interaction, which would hopefully be good and loads of decent Frodo & Sam stuff - which is what I always thought Lord of the Rings was all about until I discovered Aragorn. There's definitely something about him opening the doors - that seems to be when everyone who fancies him realised they did.

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