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Thursday 10th July 2008 9:40 pm

I'm so annoyed at Lovefilm being a) shite and b) taking over everywhere, including Amazon.

Before I decided Amazon were the best for DVD rentals I tried out a few free trials. Which I can't do again (despite having more than one email address, moving house and changing credit cards) because Lovefilm have taken over all of them and the ones it hasn't got to it's just a matter of time.

What I liked about Amazon was:

  • You can put all the DVDs on a numbered list so you can decide exactly what order to have them
  • It tells you if you aren't going to get them for a while
  • You get 10% off DVDs you buy

Now I get 5% off DVDs for two years. Whoopee. And Lovefilm does actually tell you if you're not going to get DVDs for a while, it just took me ages to find it and you do need a magnifying glass.

What really annoys me is when it all moved over they explained the system of rating everything High, Medium or Low priority. According to the FAQ this is better. Given that this means that they'll send you a random title from your High list, or if none of them are available a random title from your Medium list, or if none of them are available a random title from your Low list. Whereas Amazon just worked down the list in order. I'm finding it really hard to work out exactly how that's better because as far as I can tell it's worse in every way.

The first I knew that Amazon had actually moved over was I got an email from Lovefilm to say I only had 8 titles on my list. Which was a bit of a worry because I had about 50 when it was at Amazon. It turns out that it counts box sets as one title and will only send them to you in order whether you want them to or not. Which I wouldn't mind if they counted as one title in my monthly quota but that don't. So why count them as that way on the list?

What also didn't help to change my list from 50 to 8 was that they lost some titles on the way. I know they lost the one that was number 2 on my list, I don't remember what else was on there and now isn't. But, I had Sapphire and Steel Assignment 1 at the top of my list for ages and I finally got it just before they changed over. The rest of S&S was available, I just wanted to see the first one first. Which it now turns out was a stupid thing to do because Lovefilm refuse to admit they have the rest.

So, yeah, I'm not a happy bunny.

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