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Saturday 16th October 2004 11:26 pm

I've been good and dynamic today. I lazed around in bed (where it was nice and warm) and watched The OC while making CDs. I dusted and hoovered my room. I did back-ups while watching The Bill. Actually, someone from work told me this weeks was really good, but this was coming from someone who likes soaps, so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Just as well. Only good thing about next weeks is that [censored] is going to [censored]. At last. I've even written my piece about Rotaract for Rotary (it is due on Monday) and a first draft of my Elrond essay for Idol Reflection.

I also, and this is the most impressive part, made a lasagne. Myself. For the first time ever. I ate it for lunch, and not only did it taste nice, I'm still alive. I might make it again, although I'm going to run out of mince - the recipe thinks I want to be using half a bag!

I also put my photos onto my computer. They're all behind an lj-cut and you can click on the photos to get a bigger one.

Avon asked for:

Where you live. Not the exact house or anything, in case you have a lurking neighbour stalker, but a typical house/ street where you live.

There are all sorts of different housing round here, but the part of the road I live in is all fifties housing. I took a photo of the most colourful ones:

( houses )

Nilmandra said in her journal:

I would love to see the homes/pets/favorite rooms of my friends!

I took two of my room - one from the doorway and the other from my bed. The first one came out really dark, so I took it again later in the day when it was getting dark outside, so the light looks completely different in these two.

( room )

And because no photo session is complete without the animals, I also have ones of the cat (Merlin) and the baby fish (Tim) I took when I was last home.

( animals )

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Chocolate and cold
Saturday 2nd October 2004 6:40 pm

There were all these I was going to do this week but then I got ill. There is a cold thing going round - I, of course, manage to turn it into flu. Doubtless because I am getting a flu jab (free) on Thursday. I'm sure there were things I was going to comment on, and I was marking as unread, but then it all got a bit silly, and I'm never going to catch up if I'm constantly behind.

To start off with I'll talk about last Saturday and answer Gemma's question about the new Bullring.

Cadbury World was great. We each got a Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk with Wafer, Buttons and Curly Wurly, and we got to try some liquid chocolate. Bits of it were better than others but the best part was seeing the packing in the factory. Although this was because the box making machine broke, so the machine putting the bars into the box threw a wobbler. Which was fun to watch (especially the poor woman who had to sort it all out!).

We had an hour in the Bullring before we went there, and then another hour afterwards, so I can say I've definitely done the Bullring now. The toilets were quite nice, the Borders wasn't quite as small as it originally looked, and there was a Lego shop. Where you can go an play with lego. In all sorts of colours (including pink and purple!). There's not really much to say for it apart from that - it's a bit like the Oracle in Reading: full of expensive clothes shops. We're planning to go back for a Christmas shopping trip at the end of November, so I will definitely spend most of my time out on the streets in the shops there instead.

Sunday I went to see Wimbledon (the film that is). It was okay - it's not as if the plot isn't obvious - but I think the most interesting part of it will be the behind the scenes stuff when it comes out on DVD. I was quite impressed that the actors did look like they were tennis players. For some strange reason there didn't seem to be a fourth round, and the shadows on Centre Court were quite obviously wrong for the time of day it was set (well, obvious if you've watched a lot of Wimbledon, and know they filmed it on middle Saturday last year before any of the real matches started).

Tomorrow I'm going to Superset Tennis at Wembley. They only play one set and can appeal to the videos for line calls, which given that John McEnroe is playing, could make it interesting.

My landlady recently bought a set of electronic scales. So I took to weighing myself once a week, just to see. My weight changed about two-tenths of a pound (I think, I don't tend to remember it in that much detail) in about a month. Except for this week. Sleeping all day and therefore not eating much took me down a pound and a half. It's probably just as well I don't need to lose or gain weight.

However, establishing what all the numbers on it meant was a trial in itself. I really don't understand the metric system, so I could quite happily stand on my parents scales and give a number in stones, half-stones or quarter-stones, but no more accurately than that. Which is fine with a dial, the numbers were confusing though because they were:

a I could tell were stones, but bb and c I had no idea. It was dad who suggested leaning on it a bit and watching the numbers go up. He also reminded me how many pounds in a stone and ounces in a pound, which I always forget, so I knew what to look out for. It turned out bb was pounds and c was tenths of pounds. There's nothing quite like making it complicated. It would make life so much easier (in the long term, if not the short) if we just went metric.

And lastly, cos this post isn't long enough, there's a meme on Blogger's front page:

Ask your readers to think of three photos they'd like to see posted to your blog. (Things around your house or whatever.) When you have enough requests, post them!

Since I have a digital camera, I can totally do this. I also have photos from Wimbledon (which I can't post), Monkey World, and of the cat and the baby fish lying around if anyone has a burning desire to see them.

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