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Meme thing
Friday 18th December 2009 5:37 pm

From today's advent calendar at The Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society

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Time meme
Tuesday 5th February 2008 6:27 pm

Since everyone's doing it and I have 5 minutes before my dinner is ready: Read more...

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Doctor Who Companion meme
Thursday 18th October 2007 10:15 pm

Apparently I am Jo. It's because I had a tendency to answer questions by saying I'd attack a guard and try to escape...

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Wednesday 19th September 2007 10:41 pm

From hhertzof


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Oh look, I’m still an ISTJ
Tuesday 24th July 2007 3:16 pm

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Those are pretty much accurate, I would say. And agree with every other test I've taken. Although that graphic misses Visual/Spatial at 5% off the bottom - although I think 5% probably 5% too generous...

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Livejournal space adventure
Tuesday 15th May 2007 10:12 pm

I escaped from Moonbase Paranoidangel42!

I killed Chlorrel the engineer, Selenay936 the plasma cloud, Wadjet Theperv the nutrivend drinks machine, My Llama Girl the shapeshifter, Blonde Sheep the cargobot, Dashdan2003 the awful green thing, Bibliophile1887 the nutrivend drinks machine and Justagirluk the tribble.

I salvaged Nostalgia Lj's commbadge, an Oxford screwdriver, a Gmulian deathblade, an COSMIC-LLIN-120 phaser, an ALIAS-10 phaser, a TPM-60 phaser, a quantumleaplithium crystal, a RED-DW-7200 supercomputer, a Remixreduxian raygun, a Netgirly2kian artefact and 111 galacticredits.

Score: 471

Explore Moonbase Paranoidangel42 and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own space adventure...

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That Christmas stocking meme
Tuesday 12th December 2006 9:25 pm

Because everyone else is doing it and I've never had one (this is the point at which people say Banbury to me), even though the green is impossible to read on the red.

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That seduction meme
Thursday 30th November 2006 10:26 pm

Which couldn't be more wrong if it tried.

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Livejournal dungeon adventure
Wednesday 28th June 2006 8:54 pm

I died in the Dungeon of Paranoidangel42

I was killed in an abandoned chamber by Descended Sg1 the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Axe of Stargate, the Armour of Clark/lex, the Sceptre of Gluten Free and 25 gold pieces.

Score: 25

Explore the Dungeon of Paranoidangel42 and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

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Reading my height in books update and a meme
Thursday 27th April 2006 8:40 pm

Happy Birthday, Gemma! (I only knew it was your birthday because I saw it on Una's LJ :))

I read two books while I was away, experiencing long train journeys and long waits for buses:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26.1cm / 155cm

The Colour of Love by Preethi Nair
When I was at Rotary District Conference last month Preethi Nair spoke about how she became an author. It was a really interesting story, and she spoke really well, so I thought I'd try this book. It's a fictionalised account of what she did to follow her dream. I don't know how much of this is real and how much she made up (although the main character's dream is painting rather than writing) but the characters are so realistic. Nina's dad particularly sticks in my mind. The only thing I had trouble with was that it's just straight fiction - I've read nothing but sci-fi & fantasy and history for so long it was strange!

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman
This was one of my mum's she recommended to me. She makes good recommendations because this was really good. It was slightly surreal at times, though to be reading about Georgiana in the 1770s and going to houses set up like they would be in the 1770s! Georgiana was a really interesting person, and it was quite an interesting to be a female member of the aristcracy back then. Their lives were so different from ours, in terms of what rights they had.

And a starship meme from Una that has some quite funny options to choose from. This result gave me the funniest weapon and defensive system:

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A long post with lots of stuff in
Wednesday 11th January 2006 7:46 pm

A multi-part post for today.


I really liked Life on Mars on Monday. It's about a DCI who gets in a car accident (RTA, if we're going to go with acronyms :)) and wakes up in 1973. As a DI. Poor love. It's sort of a cross between The (Old) Bill and Quantum Leap. His DCI in 1973 I hated at first but by the end he was obviously a nice guy and a bit Burnside-like and I liked him. I'm looking forward to more of it.

On the one hand I'm looking forward to Hyperdrive tonight (sci-fi sitcom, thereby Red Dwarf's succesor) because it sounds good, but I'm a bit worried that a lot of comedy on these days seems to be puerile, rather than funny. With the exception of The Thick of It, which is more ridiculous-situation funny than laugh-out-loud funny.


There have been links to people talking about feedback on metafandom recently. I'm trying to be good and give feedback for nearly everything I read, counting reviewing it for Sel's site as feedback. The exceptions are generally ones where I honestly have nothing to say, not even I liked it because I can't decide whether I do or not. I am mostly succeeding at this so far.

The reason I'm doing it is, well, actually there's more than one. It's partly because I feel I should, I mean just pressing a button and typing a few words takes less time than reading the thing. I don't know if it's called karma, maybe, but I always feel that you should treat people, generally speaking, how you'd like to be treated back. Okay, so it doesn't always happen, esp not if you talk to me while I'm ill or stressed, but then my dad's exactly the same so I blame him. But it feels the same with feedback - I feel that if I don't take the time to comment on other people's fic then why should people comment on mine?

It's also sometimes an opportunity to have a discussion about a character or a situation, or something. And a chance to make friends. When I did Crack Van back in December I did worry at first that I was reccing stories of people that are on my friendslist, but then I realised that in some cases that's how I met them!

Generally speaking, if someone comments on a fic of mine and I don't know who they are I'll go and check them out, find out what they've written. On the basis that if they've read something of mine we must have something in common, so maybe they've written something I want to read.


We went to Rotary last night for our meeting. While they were eating and meeting we met, and it was very nice to sit in comfy chairs, even if they were 'a bit horizontal' as Matthew described them. I remember when I first joined and didn't know anyone that well it seemed really odd that they all knew each other really well. It doesn't now though. We were discussing Moonraker at one point (a 10 mile night hike with orienteering, also including running out of torch batteries, getting stuck in the mud and large amounts of chocolate) and someone said you basically laugh for 6 hours. I've never done it, but whenever we meet up it does consist mainly of laughing. And chocolate.

Going into Rotary afterwards was more sobering, though. They had a talk from a couple of guys who had been out to Pakistan after the earthquake. One was a journalist, the other had raised lots money (like £50,000 in a week lots) and they showed the videos they'd made out there. There were loads of buildings either flattened or half falling down. The worst thing was that the guy who had raised money is trying to build an orphange out there, and he focused on the children who had been injured, many of them had to have amputations because they hadn't got medical help soon enough. That was really horrible to see.

The trouble with seeing that sort of thing is that it immediately makes you want to help. That's obviously not a bad thing in itself (our cheese and wine quiz on Saturday was to raise money for a Shelterbox, and the usual Rotary collection at their meeting went towards that and raised £139 between about 30 people). The trouble is that you feel this way everytime and you just can't help everyone. And it's really hard to think about who you're not helping, even though you are helping someone else.


For a bit of lightness after that, these have been going round today.

You scored as Teyla.









Which Stargate Girl Are You?
created with

I like the beautiful part!

You scored as Carson Beckett.

Carson Beckett


Ronon Dex


Rodney McKay


Aiden Ford


Daniel Jackson


Cam Mitchell


Jack O'Neill


John Sheppard




Who Is Your Stargate Boyfriend?
created with

It's true he does have a nice accent, although it would be better if it was an incomprehensible-to-Americans, proper Scottish accent. With no r in murder (cf The Tower).

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Thursday 30th June 2005 10:40 pm

I think I've done this one before but the picture's pretty.

You are dependable, popular, and observant.
Deep and thoughtful, you are prone to moodiness.
In fact, your emotions tend to influence everything you do.

You are unique, creative, and expressive.
You don't mind waving your freak flag every once and a while.
And lucky for you, most people find your weird ways charming!


On Tuesday we had our handover. The Rotary, and therefore Rotaract, year runs from July to June. Which means that as of Tuesday evening, or tomorrow, depending on how you look at it, I'm not president any more. It hasn't actually made a great deal of difference so far. I've still got a to do list from Tuesday's meeting that I'll probably do tomorrow night as there's nothing on once the tennis has finished. This is partly because in July we are having a tinshake, a stall at the town charity fair, and there's a fair bit going on on Charter weekend. All of which needs stuff doing.

However, I do now own 2001 on DVD, courtesy of the club, who are all fantastic people, even without the DVD. It's great when you hand over running something to other people and they come back having done loads of stuff and thought of things I haven't. And we've raised about �880 for charity, all local ones except the Aquabox.

But the hard part is only being able to help people with a small amount of money and a small amount of time, and even then you can only help a few. I was reminded recently that I really want to do Habitat for Humanity, although my milk intolerance makes it harder, especially in a foreign country.


I just watched a program called Allergic to Everything which showed people with really bad allergies. Which does make me feel more lucky. But I realised I should go and get myself allergy tested because I think I'm allergic to chilli and my reaction sounds worryingly like it's going towards anaphylactic shock. And get some intolerance tests done. There's a part of me that still doesn't quite believe I am lactose intolerant and I keep testing it by eating things with milk in (not a lot though, I haven't been very ill yet). But if I'm going to make myself ill occasionally, I might as well do it for a test that will tell me definitely one way or the other.

Plus my mum seems to be developing allergies/intolerances for all sorts of things at the moment and they're inheritable.

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Tuesday 8th March 2005 10:18 pm
You scored as atheism. You are... an atheist, though you probably already knew this. Also, you probably have several people praying daily for your soul.



















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
created with

Which is really not a surprise give that I am an atheist, albeit a Jewish one (I don't believe in god but still get to eat nice food at passover).

Last night I booked my hostels and coaches etc for Australia. It's getting scarily real. But I am glad I'm starting off at my aunt and uncle's so it won't be so scary, before I have to go off on my own.

I had terrible trouble getting a coach from Melbourne to Sydney though. There's one that used to go but isn't for Summer 2004 (which goes up till the end of April), there's one that only goes on a Monday (I want to go on a Thursday) and then there's OzExperience. They don't quite go on a Thursday but worse than that it seems that you book to tell them you're turning up - but not when. So the stories I've heard of people not getting seats suddenly seems more true.

So, I'm flying from Melbourne to Canberra, staying there for about 24 hours, then getting the Greyhound bus to Sydney. Which all works out cheaper as well.

I also found out why I can't get hold of this guidebook - it's not being published till April now. Blackwell's Online told me and the website confirmed it. So why could no-one tell me before now? I will be getting the 2004 edition instead.

I also noticed it was Fanfic Author Appreciation Week (well, from Sunday). I will have to sort my list out when I have time and appreciate them on later on in the week. Anyone I have recced on my site, or Sel's or reviewed is appreciated though 🙂

I borrowed Queer as Folk on DVD off a friend of mine at the weekend - must go and watch another episode.

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Meme spam
Friday 14th January 2005 10:16 pm

Some meme spamming - lj cuts for length.

IQ Test



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Some memes
Wednesday 5th January 2005 9:47 pm

Because I untaped my thumb to wash my hair and now can't type.

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

(I looked back in my archive and I came out as ISTJ on the Myers-Briggs meme going round at the time. I think I came out as the same thing on the Hogwarts house one as well.

I am nerdier than 25% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Get fired from my current job.

Get your resolution here

On New Years Eve I actually dreamed I resigned from my job. Then panicked because I didn't have a job.

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Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum
Sunday 21st November 2004 8:20 pm

Because Blogger isn't happy about the html in this (it is a bit of a mess, and more of a pain to sort out than I can be bothered to). So, the latest post is at livejournal:

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Saturday 9th October 2004 9:11 pm

It occurred to me yesterday that I have a tendency to have dreams that involve book shopping. Which, incidentally, is what I did today. Well, I spent time in Borders, Blackwells and Waterstones and am planning to buy some books on Amazon (or on-line at any rate, being as it's cheaper).

I spent lots of time in Borders, as always, although partly because I got distracted by the rabbit books. Which is not a good idea as I can't have rabbits until I have more money, a house with a garden to put them in, and a change of lifestyle.

I discovered Waterstones has a Costa Coffee (and toilets) which I didn't know. Although I'm still quite worried about the idea of WHSmiths in Reading having a coffee shop. It's not as if there's a shortage in Reading.

I have fallen in love with Blackwells though. Partly because it's massive. I went to the Computing section thinking it was tiny, then found some of it behind me. And more round the corner. And then it just kept going. And also because it's the Oxford University student bookshop, which was perfect for what I was looking for. I mean it has Pascal books! Only a student bookshop would stock that because only students would use them. Although the year below me they switched to Java anyway.

I've seen this meme going round:

I can't be arsed to look up all the others but this is certainly accurate when it comes to:

She Might Be an Academic Girl if:
4. She'd never: read Cosmo.

Well, of course I'd never read Cosmo. Or any of the other 100 magazines like it. There's nothing in it worth reading! Anyway, I think I only came up with that answer because I think holidays are for doing things - I don't know how people who go on holiday to lie on a beach don't get bored (or why they bother spending all that money to go abroad, there are beaches in this country, and for all of the country they get to see abroad, they might as well be here).

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Memes and stuff
Monday 20th September 2004 8:34 pm

Behold the LJ cuts! Partly because Blogger keeps complaining about the html (it's probably right but they're horrible to search through). Out of all the memes I've seen going round recently, these had the funniest answers.

Your Political Career

What Kind of God Are You

The Ultimate Farscape AU

The end of last week was bad, mainly due to work. Thursday afternoon we had the company day out (well, afternoon) where we did West African drumming, which was really good fun. There were people who found moving their feet and clapping difficult and they were all impressed that I knew the answer to the question: what does c stand for in the equation e=mc2. Oh dear. I work with arts students. This is not good.

In the evening I had my first Rotaract president's meeting, which was good fun. We established that as a club we all get our weekends booked up quickly. I could have done without it though, because I didn't get home till 10.30 and then was so tired I just fell into bed. And couldn't sleep.

I did get eleven and a half hours Saturday night though. I didn't hear my parents go to bed or get up. And the cat didn't come in till I got up, so he didn't even get to sleep with me (which was probably just as well because I was hot enough on my own as it was). It's almost worrying that the best bit of my weekend was the amount of sleep I got and the warm house I got to have it in...

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Centre Court
Friday 2nd July 2004 8:41 pm

We were on centre court yesterday and we did see both of the women's semi-finals. And a mixed doubles match. I'm now 160th in Fantasy Wimbledon and very tired. I've finally made it through my friends list and everyone is talking about livejournal being down. Um, I didn't notice. I mean it was playing up recently but no more than usual.

This link's from Sel: How to write a best selling fantasy novel and this one's from a few people: 20 Questions to a Better Personality in which I got:

You are an SRDF--Sober Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a font of knowledge. You are cool, analytical, intelligent and completely unfunny. Sometimes you slice through conversation with a cutting observation that causes silence and sidelong glances. You make a strong and lasting impression on everyone you meet, the quality of which depends more on their personality than yours.

You may feel persecuted, as you can become a target for fun. Still, you are focused enough on your work and secure enough in your abilities not to worry overly.

You are productive and invaluable to those you work for. You are loyal, steadfast, and conscientious. Your grooming is impeccable. You are in good shape.

You are kind of a tool, but you get things done. You are probably a week away from snapping.

Some of which is quite worryingly true.

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Monday 15th March 2004 8:16 pm

Three memes from undonne and one that isn't:

1) How old do you feel?

Usually about 19 (not quite willing to admit I'm not a student any more). Although at work when I'm being all responsible, about 25. I think I prefer the 19.

2) What is/was your favorite pet's name and why is/was it so great?

Bunny. He was second-hand, so I didn't name him but he was great because he was a bunny. He also loved everyone and was always pleased to see you (which makes a nice change from cats who are only pleased to see you if they think they are going to get fed.)

3) Reveal/discuss something (the more arbitrary the better) you don't usually mention on your LJ, but is a thing/subject/occurence very dear to you.

See point 2 for the rabbits name.

4) Briefly describe your surroundings.

There is a big pile of stuff on the left of my computer which are my computer accessories (ie drives). I have to move them to use the mouse, which is a pain. The Stargate collage photo I have on my wall is going a funny a colour. That do?

5) If love were a sound, what would it sound like?

Ugh, that's like one of those questions we have at work: 'if this product was to come alive as a person...' I so don't do those.

6) What's something you eat that you assume most people don't?

Kosher sausages. And in this country, Tim Tams.

7) Describe your hands.

Small but I can stretch my fingers out a long way. They're also quite dry at the moment, probably due to the cold weather and my gloves falling apart.

1) What's the most interesting place you've ever visited?

I did like Prague - all the cobbled streets with cars and trams going down them. And the fact that the cars are allowed to turn right at a red light certainly made crossing the road interesting.

2) If you had to go live in a book, which one would it be?

I don't know, I'm not sure I like the life I'd have in them. It certainly wouldn't be anything historical - I don't do camping, I need a bed, running water and electricity.

3) Who is your favorite Beatle?

I saw this question and my first thought was it was about the car! In which case, you can't beat a yellow one. As for the real question though, I don't know.

4) What's the most relaxing thing you can think of to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or whenever your lazy afternoons are?


5) If someone left two kittens on your doorstep, what would you name them?

I don't know, I'm crap at thinking up names. It would probably depend on what colour they were.

If you call me...

Nic, you know me in RL
Nick, you can't spell
Paranoidangel, you know me from a forum (TB and HASA are the only ones that immediately spring to mind)
Para, you know me from the TB Forum
PA, you know me from the TB Forum
Paranoid, you've played Quake against me
Nic___, you are either my grandmother or someone who doesn't know I don't answer to that
Nicola, you are either my old doctor or are someone who can't read
Mr {lastname}, you shouldn't be assuming anything
Ms {lastname}, you are someone asking for a punch in the mouth
Miss {lastname}, you are someone official
dear, you're my mother and are being sarcastic

I am 85% British, just like
Mr Bean
Shy to the point of ridicule, you've probably never been out of the UK.

Take the Brit Quiz at
Quiz written by Daz

Bloody good thing too! (that 15% comes from actually knowing things about America)

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