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Seven things about my writing process meme
Friday 16th July 2010 9:43 pm

Seven things about my writing process - as done by [info]melliyna and [info]avon7. Read more...

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Writing, Stargate, The Bill
Friday 25th February 2005 8:11 am

I've discovered the perfect way to catch up on my lj reading - mark everything as unread.

I just wanted to say yay, for I got Estel's Ears through HASA review. With a 7/2 ratio as well. My two declines had nice long reasons why, which was great. They also pretty much agreed with what one of my betas has been saying recently, which is a good thing. And being as I've questioned other people, I should ask this:
Ask me one question - any one - about my writing, then post this in your LJ so I can satisfy my curiosity about yours... (although in my case, it's more if I've asked you, or are going to but haven't quite got round to it yet, then ask me).

I had a plan for Stargate which involved watching part 1 on Wednesday, in bed, and then part 2 on Thursday. Except that I was enjoying part 1 so much I went straight onto part 2. Here be spoilers.... I loved Amanda Tapping in it. And Jack and Daniel so fancy each other, don't they? Although so do Sam and Jack, still. I think my head is a strange place. But it was good fun, and great to see General Hammond, McKay (although since his name was in the beginning credits, that wasn't exactly a surprise - I hate it when they do that) and Kowalski.

The Bill
I hated Wednesday's episode, and Thursday's ordinary episode. We've been here before, and it was crap the first time. The half hour one, I liked though. I think perhaps it's the perfect length for The Bill - ie as much as you can take in one go. It does now feel like the end of an era. But left me with an urge to see Old Bill back again. I'm only really still watching for Gina, Smithy, Reg, Tony, Lance, and I'm quite liking Roger as well, he feels like one of the old crowd. But I really don't care who is sleeping with who, just give us a crime and solve it in an hour, not fifteen minutes if you take the sex out.

And on another note, I know through two people that slasher decided it was a good idea to watch when the PoG and Puke storyline was going on. Which, I'd like to point out, it was not. That storyline involved two personality transplants, and turned The Bill first gay copper from the sergeant who happened to be gay, but mainly was very straight, played by the rules and wasn't Bob Cryer, into the gay sergeant.

On a more positive note, I'm off to Redemption in a few hours, and Australia in a month.

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Writers meme
Saturday 2nd August 2003 10:36 pm

Writers meme.

Do ideas come in little tiny pinpricks and then get expanded, or do they start great big and scopy and then get refined?
Little tiny pinpricks. Sometimes very tiny. I have only really written short stuff though, so that's probably got something to do with it.

Why do you choose to write in the tenses you do (present tense, or first person POV, or third person) and how do you choose particular styles for particular stories?
Mostly I've done 3rd person (I've only ever done past). Occasionally I'll do 1st, it depends on how much I want to get into that character's head. Having said that, some of my 3rd person stuff is the same persons POV all the way through.

Do you have music that inspires your writing? (That you listen to while writing, or certain songs that remind you of certain characters.)
Not really. Sometimes it'll get you into the mood. If I want to write something sappy, late night love (songs) will do it.

How do you brainstorm what comes next in a story?
Fics usually go round in my head for a while before I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Sometimes I'll just write something down and if I'm not sure about it then I'll leave it, come back to it later and see what I think.

What do you do when you hit a road block?
Write something else. Or ask other people for ideas. Mostly though, I have more than one thing on at a time, so leaving one for a bit and coming back to it later tends to help.

How often do you end up deleting a whole bunch of already-written stuff, and how hard is it to let that stuff go?
If it's first draft then I effectively delete the lot. After that it tends to be smaller bits. I generally have a copy in an earlier draft though in case I want to go back to it or use it for something else.

What if you really, really want to include something but part of you is saying it's not right for that particular story?
Write a different story.

Do you take notes longhand, and if so, when?
Yep. Now I have myself a nifty little notebook from Borders.

Do you use challenges by other people to inspire you?
Yes. Often, in fact. It works when I'm just trying to get into something, I think.

Do you do anything in particular to get you into the right mindset to write a certain character or characters?
Read/watch something they're in a lot. I remember watching The Warrior in order to write Protector. At the moment I'm not sure I could write Farscape because I haven't watched any episodes for a while or read any fic.

Which characters are easiest for you to write, and WHY?
Stargate - I'm in a minority here, but Teal'c. His speech patterns are easy to mimic for a start. And he's fairly easy to understand.
TPM - Yoda, for the speech pattern thing (although that's just fun) and Obi-Wan.
LOTR - Elrond because I can understand where he's coming from. Or that's possibly just because I've read up about him more so than the other characters.

Which ones are hardest, and again, WHY?
Stargate - I haven't tried most of them, but of SG1, I find Sam and Daniel hard to write.
TPM - Anakin. I just don't understand him, not even after reading Jedi Quest.
LOTR - Let's not even go there.

Which characters are most like you emotionally?
I'm not sure any of them are. Or possibly them all a little bit.

How often do you feel like what you're writing is fulfilling some emotional need - ie, when you're writing comfort, is it because you often feel that you don't get it IRL?
I have done that sometimes. I was feeling upset when I wrote the prologue to Life, Love and Consequences.

What about writing smut - do you find it easy, difficult?
Haven't really done that. Can't get my head round it.

Which of your stories is your favorite and WHY? Least favorite?

I have a fondness for Protector because Judith helped me with it, I know it's good. I look at Life, Love and Consequences though and think how much better it would be if I wrote it now. I keep old stuff around though to remind me how much I've improved and so I don't make the same mistakes again.

How do you choose titles for your stories?
With lots of sweat and blood. Sometimes they come to me out of nowhere, often I'll have it finished and it'll sit around for ages waiting for a title while I think about it.

Do you write differently with a cowriter than you do alone? Is it easier or harder?
I don't really write any differently but I do like doing it. I would say easier but I have only done it in person. Easier because you know you can discuss every plot element/character name/whatever and you can both argue your case. And it'll turn out better because of it as well.

Do you write original fic differently from fanfic (if you write it at all)?
In some respects, yes, in that I have to create my own universe (assuming it's not set in this one) and my own characters. Although you have to do that with OCs in fanfic anyway.

When a scene feels forced, what are the first few tricks you try to fix it?
Rewrite it, without looking at the original, so hopefully while I'm partway through something will go different. Or there's the old leave it alone for a while thing again.

Are most of your fixes deletions or additions?
Additions. Left to my own devices I'd write big sections of thoughts or big sections of conversation. I have to go back and put in some description for a start

How long does it usually take you to write a story? How many revisions do you go through?
I have taken a year before. I think my quickest is a few weeks, the longest a few years. The number of revisions depends on how well it's working. The minimum is three before beta'ing. Otherwise it can be seven or eight. I don't always count and my counting system is always consistent, so it's hard to tell.

Do you use beta readers?

Yep. Couldn't live without them. Well, my sister, at least. When I can find a good beta reader that's great but when it comes to grammar my sister is always right.

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Writing and reading quizes
Wednesday 1st January 2003 6:42 pm

Fic writers quiz:

In which fandoms do you write?
The only ones I've so far written and completed are Bugs, Star Wars and Quantum Leap. There's also Stargate, Farscape and Enterprise I've started writing in.

What genres do you write?
Mainly angst to be honest. I have written some plain drama, but I find it much harder to do.

Which do you most enjoy writing?
Angst if I'm feeling masochistic! Its quite depressing to write so I can only do a bit at a time (I know, excuses, excuses)

If you write het/slash pairings, why those pairings?
I've dabbled in Sam/Jack, Trip/T'Pol and Obi/Qui. The first two because I think the characters really do feel that way about each other. The last pairing, I do think they love each other but not in that way. It just can be interpreted that way and seems to work quite well for some reason.

Is there any genre or category you haven't yet written that you'd love to write?
Comedy. Sadly, I'm not very good at it.

Is there a style you attempt to emulate in your writing?
Um, not especially.

What's the best story you've written? Why?
I would say Confessions as its the most recent. Looking back at it, I'm not so sure about the plot (such as it is), but I do think the characterisation was quite good (IMO, of course).

What's your favourite story out of those you've written? Why?
Life, Love and Consequences because its the longest I've written so far and was very intense to write (I'd manage about 15mins then stop to cry). Hence the reason it gets happier in the middle. Plus I went with the opposite of everyone's expectations.

Which story of yours are you most disappointed in?
Looking back I'd say A Rainbow in the Dark because I wrote it before I'd revised the rest of Star Wars canon and because I'd created the wonderful character in Neena who could have been so much more - she was very underused. It would have been better with the original premise, had my strange ideas at the time not taken it in a different direction.

And the fic readers quiz:

In which fandoms do you usually read fic?
Stargate, Enterprise, Farscape, Alias, Angel. I've dabbled in Buffy, Quantum Leap and Voyager a little as well, but not to the same extent as the others.

Which genres do you read?
Humour and angst mainly.

Do you have a favourite author/set of authors? Who and in which fandom?
Angel - Jennifer-Oksana, which is quite strange really as I don't do Angel slash, she just writes it so well
Stargate - Noda because I love her Sam/Jack UST and Alli Snow for the same reason.
Those are the ones who I've read pretty much everything they've written anyway. There are others, but we'll be here all day if I go and hunt them out.

Do you have a pairing preference and if so, what do you like to see in that writing?
Practically the only Alias I've read has been Sydney/Vaughn, same with Enterprise and Trip/T'Pol. Stargate I've read Sam/Jack and also Daniel/Janet, not because I think there's much evidence of it, more because I think it could work quite well.

Is there any genre or category you haven't yet read that you'd love to try someday?
For some reason I keep thinking slash looks quite fun, I just haven't come across any yet that I can see working apart from Obi/Qui.

What's the best story you've read? Why?
What's your favourite story? Why?
See my fic recs page and the ones down the side of this blog.

And while I'm here, Celli's year in fic meme:

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
I think I would say less, on the basis that I didn't really finish anything. Or at least I didn't get anything beta'd and published somewhere.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2002?
I've started bits of Enterprise Trip/T'Pol.

What's your favourite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest.
There's an AU one for an epsiode of Stargate called The Sentinel. Its written from Teal'c point of view, which I really enjoyed doing. I discovered I liked the character a lot more than I thought while I was researching it.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (See above for unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?
The Teal'c thing I think. The reason the fic is written that way came from playing around with points of view and looking at which I could do. So I learnt thats a good idea!

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
Er, finish something! There's a few I've found that aren't as bad as I thought and I might be able to use some of. I should get them sorted and beta'd. I really want to finish the ones I've started and start the ones in my head.

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