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New phone
Monday 28th April 2008 9:36 pm

Last Tuesday my mobile kept doing the thing where it randomly switched itself off during a conversation. The battery was low, but it wasn't that low. I've had it do that before, not long after I got it, so I know it means the battery is going. And it's only going to get worse, to the point where it's completely unusable as a phone.

I established at Christmas, by accident, that there are now such things as cheap phones that don't do all the million things the manufacturers seem to think you need them to do, but actually don't. Which makes it cheaper to buy a new phone than a new battery.

Since I was off on Friday I went into town where there is at least one phone shop for every network. After going into Carphone Warehouse, Phones4U and the Orange shop, I went to the cheap shop. And then to the other Orange shop where there were three members of staff and the only other customer walked in at the same time as me.

I tried out a few phones and bought the only one that doesn't have moving (ie breakable) parts and keys big enough to press (seriously, I only have little fingers and if the keys are too small for my fingers no one else has any chance). Annoyingly, you're not allowed to just take your SIM card from your old phone and put it in the new one. I never satisfactorily found out why. Except it means you have to wait for your number to be swapped over. Which the woman in the shop told me takes 24 hours.

48 hours later I rang them up and they told me it would take a maximum of 72 hours. It finally changed Sunday night. The trouble is that I had a text message I wanted to keep, so I forwarded it to mum's phone, then dad forwarded it to me Sunday night. Well, first he forwarded me a message that said 'forward', then sent it to my landline (no Tom Baker to read it out any more, though) and by the time I got it I found it was still on my old phone anyway.

So now I have a new phone. It was £15 more than the old one, doesn't have Tigger on it and has annoying polyphonic ringtones that some bright spark thought would be a good idea. And it does more than my old phone. But handily you can get a cut-down menu on the main screen that just has phone and text. Much more useful!

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Orange Update
Thursday 28th July 2005 10:16 pm

An update to yesterday's post. Just before I went to bed I thought I'd try the Orange website again and managed to get a battery for my new phone. I couldn't find one for the old one though, so I thought I'd wait and see whether the new battery for the new phone worked first before ringing them up to find out where they've hidden this battery on the site.

On another subject, does anyone want to go and see A Few Good Men in London? I discovered this one through my BBC news email, but it's written by Aaron Sorkin and has Rob Lowe and John Barrowman in it. It's on from mid-August until mid-December and the cheapest seats are £13 + booking fee (and definitely require binoculars!).

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Wednesday 27th July 2005 9:36 pm

My mobile is doing my head in. Whenever someone rings me, I have just enough time to establish who they are, then it turns itself off. No idea why. Nor do I know if it does it when I call someone because I do it so rarely. Since I could really do with a working mobile I thought I'd try technical support.

For some reason, this involves giving them my password, passcode and address. Now, I first got a phone Christmas 1999. I don't remember giving them anything of the sort, never mind what it was. Admittedly, I did get all confused and didn't realise there was a password as well as a 4-digit number but the woman on the other end really wasn't happy when I couldn't give them the first two and it took me two goes to get my address (I never quite know who I've told I've moved and who I haven't bothered with). In the end I got her to change all those. So when I ring the useless buggers again in five years time I'll have forgotten the new ones too.

Their technical support was basically running through a list of questions and then telling me to clean the battery contacts with a rubber and 'monitoring'. As much as it might make them laugh, when you have a have a conversation in 30 second bits it's not funny. Apparently, if it's still doing it the next thing they'll do is tell me to try another battery. Er, yes, so I'll just magic one out of thin air, shall I? This phone was my sister's and she raved about how good the battery life is, and it's only started doing this recently, so I think it needs a new battery.

So, I go on the Orange website (I can't buy over the phone) and I thought I'd get a new battery for my old phone as well, so if this one's still doing my head in I can just go back to the old one, which is far more reliable despite being older. As long as you buy it a new battery every year, but then they're not that expensive. The relevant part of the website is not working. Apparently, the only other place I can get a new battery is an Orange shop. There's not one I can get to anytime soon, and anyway, if your phone's older than 2 minutes they don't want to know.

I think perhaps I'll bang my head against a wall next time, it'll be cheaper and more productive.

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Monday 11th July 2005 9:49 pm

Why is it that my mobile randomly dies - but only when I'm using it? It's my sister's old one so I will have to get onto her about it, see if she had the same problems. If it keeps doing it I'll be buying a new battery and going back to the old one - which is five and a half years old and works perfectly fine, except for needing a new battery once a year. The only thing it doesn't do, is if someone rings me it doesn't tell me what time it was. But then if I answer I don't need to know and if I don't answer and they don't leave a message Orange tell me. And the old phone fits into my rabbit, which is a distinct advantage as far as I'm concerned.

I also managed to write something! Something fictional, rather reports and news items and other stuff for Rotaract. It's three sides of A5 and is of course not what I'm supposed to be writing. I've stopped looking at the Birthday Cards forum on HASA because there are still some from March I haven't got round to yet... I told myself that any writing is good though, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Which is good because i was almost cringing as I wrote some of it, it was so bad. But then my first drafts generally are - afterwards I go back, fill in the gaps, add some description (because, believe me, there's none at all in those three sides and I can already tell it needs it). My first drafts are more like summaries with conversations and thoughts in.

My blog entries are usually first drafts...

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