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Monday 3rd October 2011 8:38 pm

I don't have a reading challenge, but I thought I'd post what I'd read each month. So, in September I read:

Stargate: Atlantis: Homecoming by Jo Graham and Melissa Scott.
I was saving this one until after I'd finished my Big Bang story, because they start in similar places, after the last episode of Atlantis. I enjoyed this book to start with, seeing all the characters and what they were getting up to. But then it went over to standard Atlantis stuff and although I liked it when I saw it, I wasn't so keen on reading it for some reason. Perhaps because we had so much from Todd's point of view which was just weird. I wasn't so sure about seeing the Wraith humanised like that, even though they are partly human. I was also surprised to see obvious John/Teyla shipping. I'm not used to seeing that sort of thing in published books so it was a bit strange. The book ended on a cliffhanger, but I can't say that I'm that desperate to find out how it's resolved.

Arrow's Fall by Mercedes Lackey
I've read a few Mercedes Lackey books and I find them hard going until about halfway in and then you have to read big chunks in one go to actually enjoy it. Which means I don't get many books read in a month when I read one of these. But the first in this trilogy actually got going right from the start and I liked all the way through. However, this is book three and it did start going downhill a bit in book two. This one was alright, but I can't tell you what happened in it now, except for a lifebond and Ancar. The lifebond part I hated with a passion. I've been there and done that in fanfiction (reading, not writing) and it's just so cliched and sickly, frankly. The Ancar stuff was more interesting because I realised that I'd read stuff about him in future trilogies (I seem to be going backwards with Mercedes Lackey trilogies). Which did make me want to read another Mercedes Lackey.

Winds of Fury by Mercedes Lackey
I read the first two of this trilogy ages ago, and then read the trilogy that came after, so I had a good idea of how this ended. And then forgot about it because it was ages ago. I actually enjoyed this one. I felt like I was starting to get a grip on the characters and the magic and the land. Some of it still baffles me - I could do with a glossary I think - but given that they only just explained what a Heartstone is in this book, after it being an important thing in the previous two, perhaps that's on purpose. I'm feeling all excited about reading more Mercedes Lackey now. And thinking that perhaps I need to go back and re-read some sometime.

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