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Alternative Christmas carol lyrics
Saturday 11th November 2017 4:00 pm

At choir this week we started doing some Christmas carols for our informal end of term concert. One of them is We Three Kings. I'm not sure if I ever knew what the real lyrics are, but I can remember the alternative lyrics from primary school:

We three kings of Orient are
One in taxi, one in a car
One on a scooter
Blowing his hooter
Smoking a big cigar.

Well, I say I remembered them, but in reality I couldn't remember the last line and it was doing my head in. The internet brought up loads of options, but this is the one I remember.

I do remember the alternative lyrics to Jingle Bells*:

Jingle bells
Batman smells
Robin flew away
Uncle Billy lost his willy
On the motorway

(Hilarious when you're eleven)

Anyone else have any alternative lyrics for carols?

*I kept typing jungle bells, which would be a whole different song...

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Playing music online
Monday 30th March 2009 10:48 pm

Ages ago The Guardian had a list of top 100 websites, including various music-listening ones. I like - it's learning quite well and actually plays a better variety than Pandora did before it stopped. And then I discovered the website and you can play specific tracks and it tells you which ones you've, which is really useful.

Since then I've been using Spotify, mostly to play albums that I have on CD but can't be bothered to get up and get... But for Christmas I asked my sister for copies of some of her CDs because I know she has some I want, since I heard The Killers at Reading (on the TV, I didn't actually go).

But I tried some others - Jango and Deezer and The first two I did bookmark in case they were useful when I couldn't find a track. The latter I didn't. But today I had an email from it to say someone had friended me on it. How they found me I don't know. So I went in, created a picture and then thought I'd play some music. At which point it all fell down because I can't work out how to do it. The FAQ is more concerned with blipping, which I don't want to do, I just want it to play stuff. It says it's all about creating your own radio station, so I thought I'd give it my loved list from and Pandora, if I can find where I saved the screencap. But I literally can't work out how to do it. Which doesn't really say much for it, other than I'll stick to and Spotify - and they don't use up a tab in Firefox.

And my body's still in GMT - I was so tired this morning but awake now, even though I've been used to going to bed at 10pm.

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mp3 player question
Tuesday 30th December 2008 12:38 pm

I have an 2Gb mp3 player that I use for listening to stuff in the car on long journeys, so I don't have to work out stopping at the services around changing the CD. But it is a bit annoying because it plays files in the order of the name of the track in the properties, rather than the file name. It's a bit of a pain going and changing them all - the other day I ripped Forty Five and it gave the tracks such silly names that I ended up listening to one of the CDs anyway, as it was quicker (and it helpfully reached the end just as I reached the services, but that rarely happens).

So my question is, does anyone know of an mp3 player that's at least 2Gb in size (although 1Gb would probably do) that will play tracks in filename order? I think ipods do it, but I don't really want to spend £100 and I'd far rather copy files in Explorer, rather than having to download iTunes and fiddle about with that.

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A big update
Sunday 27th July 2008 5:21 pm

I haven't posted for so long I have such a big update. With headings. Read more...

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Friday 22nd June 2007 8:15 pm

I have my amazon parcel! It arrived yesterday and someone had hidden it downstairs. Which is just as well because when I rang them up they promised to look into it and get back to me, which they never did. So I have now watched the whole of the Robot commentary and am now on Glastonbury, which is on BBC3, BBC4 and 301 - I feel spoilt for choice, I've never had digital while Glastonbury's on before. Now if only I'd ever heard of any of these bands...

While I was away I read the BBC Doctor Who book Wolfsbane, which was the last one (of three) that exists with Sarah and Harry in. And there was a very interesting bit about Harry's feelings for Sarah in it on page 137 that I copied it out:

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A quick biology lesson for Peter David
Wednesday 6th December 2006 9:38 pm

Moving is stressful, I've discovered. Although this is mostly because I wanted to tell Pipex I was moving but it turns out this means they cancel your current account and give you a new one. Which can take 7-10 days after you move in. So I could be broadbandless for a few days, till I go home. I don't know how I'm going to survive (although I can see it involving staying after work...)

I posted the latest chapter of Doctor Who: The Soap Opera, Chapter 6: The Truth, where I don't torture Sarah at all. But am making up for it in other stuff I'm writing.

My dad introduced me to Pandora where you tell it what music you like and it finds other things it thinks you will. I told it various artists and it came up with a Garbage song, and I'd forgotten to tell them I liked Garbage, so that impressed me.

I'm less impressed by the book I'm currently reading, which is 12 in the Star Trek New Frontiers series. I haven't read any since about book 4 and I think it's gone downhill since then, as I'm not interested in any of the plots in it. But what got me last night was the science being completely and utterly ridiculous. Basically, they've just found out that back in Kirk's era a god and a human reproduced and had a daughter. She had a daughter, who had a daughter, who had a son. None of the daughters showed any signs of godhood but the son did. The explanation was that the difference was that he had a Y chromosome (fine so far) and the godhood gene is on that. Er, no. You get your Y chromosome from your father, so the son can only be a god if his father was descended from one, not his mother. They could have made it work like colour blindness, where the godhood gene was on the mothers' X chromosomes but was cancelled out by the fathers' X chromosomes, but that bits missing on the Y (where the brain is, according to my A level biology teacher).

That's all fairly basic biology as well, like GCSE level stuff, so no-one should be getting it wrong in a published book. It's slightly more excusable in fan fic. I read something recently that was set now and had someone in this country paying with pound notes. And another where someone British was described as African American. (although it always comes up at work when we do an American questionnaire and ask ethnic origin, if you can be African American, [anything else] American why can't you just be American?)

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A comparison between driving and guitar playing
Monday 14th August 2006 8:15 pm

The trouble with going away is that I forget how crap the network at work is. Plus our IT guy is away, which is a signal to it to go completely screwy.

On Friday I cut my nails (a sad pre-requisite) and got my guitar out for the first time in a couple of months, I think. This was on the basis that no-one was in to hear how much worse I'd got for not practising, plus I wanted to try and calm down a bit before my driving lesson. The latter worked and after a bit I wasn't too bad. I'm forcing myself to get back into a routine of practising straight after dinner and tonight I was back up to where I was before.

I had a conversation with dad about this at the weekend. I keep thinking that driving should really not be that hard because so many people can do it - and some of them really are complete idiots (most of whom I seem to meet when trying to cross the road). But on the other hand an awful lot of people seem to be able to play the guitar and that's hard. Dad did point out that they've had many years of practise - and if they can't play you don't get to hear them in public. In all fairness, a greater percentage of the population can drive than can play the guitar.

It didn't help that I discovered that I can't play and sing at the same time. Not being able to talk and play at the same time I'm fine with because I could never do that while playing the organ and I learnt that for ten years. But the singing thing is a problem because I can't get enough space to breathe probably. And if I hold the guitar further away from my chest I can't get my hand round enough. I much prefer playing tunes anyway.

I posted the latest part of my longest fic I've written ever last night: Dream a Little Dream part 2

And a meme that I've seen in at least two places this evening:

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Musical theatre
Sunday 30th April 2006 11:08 am

I went to the theatre in London today to see The Pocket Orchestra. It's by Graeme Garden, of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue fame and I pretty much didn't know anything else about it before I went, except that it was something to do with music.

It turned out to be really good - and everyone was saying so afterwards. It was funny, of course, and it was sort of about the (possibly apocryphal) lives of the great composers. There were six actors who variously played the composers and people related to them - or screaming fangirls in a couple of cases. They also played a lot of their music, which was really impressive. One girl, at one point, was playing Brahms on the electric piano while holding a conversation with Schumann. They all walked around playing as well, which was really impressive for the one who was a cellist!

Sylvester McCoy was dressed up almost clown-like. He basically narrated it, occasionally played a composer and occasionally played an instrument (well, the cymbals very enthusiastically, and the spoons, mostly on the audience). And he heckled people.

I was sat at the front - and there wasn't a stage just an area where they performed, so I definitely had a good view, and a fair bit of attention from Sylvester McCoy, probably because I was also on my own and look younger than I am.

During the interval one of the kids there wanted to have a go on the keyboard, so the main actor helped it, and revealed the secret of the beginning of the Eastenders theme tune they were using.

It was funny, insane and brilliant. I'm just not quite sure what to believe now! It's on until 20th May, and when I went it was only half full, so if you get the chance, definitely go.

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Busy week
Saturday 8th April 2006 8:24 pm

I've been so busy at work this week that I'm tired, I ache and I've set off the RSI in my thumb. At least next week's only a four day week. I have discovered, though, that the Big Finish audios while working make it all so much better. I might have an investigate, and actually buy some without the Seventh Doctor and Ace... Speaking of Doctor Who, I really enjoyed The Green Death, I wish they'd show some more. Although I could have done without the maggots. Making them big doesn't improve them at all.

I discovered, through a comment my mum made on the Diary Free forum, that Coldplay were doing a concert on Radio 2 tonight, so I'm currently listening to that. It's good, that goes without saying.

I've had this tiny ficlet in my head since this morning, so I finally got round to writing it down. And I did literally write it, which is why my thumb now hurts. Which means I'm going to have to watch the second half of Poirot without cross stitching, if I want to use my thumb next week.

I'm going to London tomorrow though for sausages, chocolate spread, possibly some gluten free matzo. And a look at some other free from food in a nice big Tescos, and a health food shop. And back in time for Doctor Who night (although night's a bit strong considering it's three hours, one hour of which is an episode of Nine and the other is a documentary they've already shown twice).

I am going to miss the Davis Cup tennis, though. I was looking forward to watching a nice bit of doubles today (although given the result, nice might not be the best description) but the BBC in their infinite wisdowm decided not to show it. Doubtless, because the Grand National is more important. And football, needless to say. I am not impressed.

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Monday 3rd April 2006 9:50 pm

I just put Coldplay X&Y in my stereo and put it in shuffle. I was listening to the first one that came up and loving it and thinking 'why isn't this one my favourite?'. Then checked the listing and found out it was Speed of Sound. Which is my favourite. Mostly, though, I wanted to listen to it because when dad told me about The Guardian April Fools I didn't think Coldplay had done a song called Talk. I am really great with song titles, as you can see.

Anyway, Remix authors were revealed last night. So I can now say that I wrote Dear Jack (The Elizabethan Remix), which is a remix of From Pegasus, With Love by Soleta. The original was for the SGA Flashfiction Documentation challenge, and is a series of emails, and is quite funny. I took Elizabeth's point of view, filled in the gaps and made it slightly angsty.

My first thought on seeing my assignment was, 'excellent, a Sheppard/McKay writer'. From Pegasus, With Love is Sheppard/McKay. But Elizabeth didn't know there was anything going on, so mine ended up being the more hinted at pairing of Liz/Ronon. And there's a teeny tiny Teyla/Ronon hint in there that probably no-one will notice.

It means I am now more than halfway through my writing goal for the year:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,362 / 20,000

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Wednesday 7th December 2005 9:50 pm

I seem to have been really intolerant today. A word I associate so much with food nowadays I almost forget it has another meaning. For some reason today, loads of things are winding me up, more than usual. I have a tendency to be annoyed with the whole world on my way home - it does seem to be motorists that are the last straw. Today one of them decided at the last possible minute that perhaps he wouldn't run me over on the zebra crossing. Last night I noticed one car didn't seem to feel the need to put his headlights on, even though it was clearly dark.

Today when I got home, though, my recorder came in the post. It's a bit of a guilty secret at the moment. I get quite frustrated sometimes playing the guitar when I can't do things that would be so easy on the organ. But since I don't have space/money for one of those, I thought I'd get myself the tenor recorder I had when I was little (and broke, twice). I bought it off ebay, and not only is it exactly the same but my hands really haven't grown that much - it's still quite a stretch.

I've forgotten the fingering for the sharps and flats since I last played, and there are a few notes I can't quite get every time, so I'm going to need to practice it. Not least because maybe then my right hand wouldn't hurt so much.

Slightly worryingly, my Five Things fic is now on v4.1 I didn't mean to detour into decimal points, it just didn't seem like enough of a change to make it v5. I am very bad and must go and eat chocolate and work on Melli's LJ design before watching Atlantis.

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The past couple of weeks (ish), the good, the bad, and the ugly…
Wednesday 19th October 2005 10:37 pm


Payrise! Well, technically promotion but the only difference is the nice big payrise. Which needless to say, I've already spent. Dad had me addicted to QuizCall this weekend, so now I have bought a Freeview TV card, which is the size of a pen drive. So as of this weekend I will have three TVs....

I've read Thud! It was good, I enjoyed it. Specially Vimes's Gooseberry.

I've got Friday off, so am going to see Wallace and Gromit. I know it must be good because The Guardian likes it (they don't like anything).

Mum made me some muffins that are very nice and extremely chocolatey. We had chocolate mousse every night for pudding when I was home. Mum's chocolate mousse is 100 times nicer than any other I have ever tasted. She also made flapjacks but we all forgot that I should be taking them home. And even though they were a bit chewy they were nicer than ones you get in shops as well. She also made me bread, which isn't so good as it's white. And gluten-free, so dry and falls apart.

I've found a version of Hexic at MSN Games, although it's not as good as the Tablet PC version.

Captain Jack is getting his own TV show although it's on BBC3. It might be available on the internet afterwards though, like Confidential was, and The Thick of It will be for the second half of the first series/second series.

Very funny wikipedia take-off: Uncyclopedia. I particularly like the section on the religion of various particles (protons are catholic because they have mass) and various random things, like the links off the marriage article to slavery.


Broke a string on my guitar. Got it fixed fine at the shop. Went to lesson and the teacher pointed out it was the wrong type of string. So I'm taking it back again tomorrow. On the plus side, I now have an electronic tuner which makes tuning 5000% easier.

I've set off the RSI in my thumb again with my cross stitching, so that's out. It gets worse throughout the day after I've been using it - it is quite hard not to use your right thumb, specially given that it doesn't hurt until I've been using it a bit, so I tend to forget. On the plus side, I really should put my Australia photos in an album. On the minus side that does involve writing, which also involves my right thumb. On the plus side, I've just realised I could type the descriptions. How stupid am I?

Just travelling home Friday, back again Sunday, and walking round Bournemouth has completely worn me out. I'm still a bit tired from it.

My chocolate spread has vanilla on it. But I will see if my local health food shop will order me some Plamil Well, their chocolate is good, so I figure their chocolate spread ought to be good too. If not, there are other ones I can try.


Which is really just a way of saying this could go either way. I've discovered spirits have a tendency to be made from wheat grain. The thought of having one drink and spending the rest of the evening doesn't really fill me with joy so my only options seem to be brandy (yuk) or wine (ditto). On the plus side, I'm a cheap date. And will be driving everyone once I have a car so I can remind them what they did the previous night. And increasingly, drink just seems to make me tired.

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What I’ve done since my last update
Sunday 25th September 2005 5:14 pm

Gone to Blackpool - it was cold and tacky, the Pleasure Beach didn't involve a beach and mainly consisted of expensive roller coasters. I was too tired to care much about the con as well.

Had my first guitar lesson - it's really frustrating not being able to play it but I'm enjoying it all the same

Got my WP blog up and running! The only reason I have to go to LJ now is to post comments

Actually slept

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Sunday 26th June 2005 9:39 pm

Apart from forgetting to turn my alarm off Friday morning and being woken up by it Saturday morning and failing to get back to sleep, I've had a good weekend. I just about managed to get up and get dressed before the tennis started on Saturday. The Andy Murray match wore me out but on the whole it was the most interesting match of the day. But hopefully once we're into the second week the matches will get closer and more exciting.

I completely failed to stay up till the end of Glastonbury on either night, so ended up taping it. I am enjoying it though - there's all sorts of music I'm finding I like by people I'd never previously heard of. Or thought I'd heard of anyway. And lots of Coldplay, who were excellent.

I've also discovered ebay. I'm used to looking on amazon new and used for cheaper books (which often aren't when you take into account that you pay p&p on those but not on the main site (because I always make sure to spend £19)) but I could never get my head round the bidding. I've worked it out now but I'm still trying to work out whether it's worth selling some of my stuff I want to get rid of. I might just give up and charity it, if I could just pick a charity shop (we have quite a lot round here).

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Friday 17th June 2005 10:01 pm

A couple of follow-ups to the Crimson Room:

The Blue Room

The Viridian Room (although the aim of this one isn't to get out)

If you're stuck the walkthroughs to the above are at and respectively.

I was having a surf at Think Geek and it would be worrying that the t-shirt saying:

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you

made me laugh, except that the hex codes were in colour.

Wimbledon starts on Monday! Looking forward to it. Then there's Glastonbury next weekend, the last Doctor Who for a bit on Saturday and Coldplay are on Later, later tonight. I would be worried that dad likes Coldplay except that he's like me with music (or more probably, I'm like him) in that we both like anything good, no matter when it came from or who. Well, up to a point anyway.

And on the subject of Doctor Who. I've now seen a few Sylvester McCoy's, listened to a Big Finish CD and read a book. And I can't think of a single one where I got to the end of it and actually understood what was going on. Somewhere along the line I seem to miss something important, I think.

Come to think of it, I had the same problem with Shada (although that was partly because I was confused due to the plot not being what I expected) and Scream of the Shalka. I'm understanding the new stuff but then it's shorter and less complicated.

If it's as hot as they say tomorrow I might melt, as we're in the local carnival. I'm playing Death. I even had a home-made scythe, which I'm quite proud of.

I might not watch The Bill from next week. I came home on Sunday and decided to watch The Last Detective. I had no idea what was going on, no idea who'd dunnit but I still enjoyed it. I couldn't help comparing it to The Bill on Wednesday, which I really didn't enjoy at all. There really hasn't been anything worth watching on this week's episodes and the trailer for the next one hasn't really made me want to watch them. If it's a choice between tennis and The Bill, well, it might depend on how pissed off I am at the commentators by then as Radio 5 finish coverage at 7pm, so we're forced to listen to the likes of John MacEnroe and Viginia Wade for an hour and a half.

I also have until Monday lunchtime (so, tomorrow would be a good time) to pick my Fantasy Wimbledon team. Last year's was easy because they just provided a list of four and you picked one, then another four, and so on until you had 8 men and 8 women. This time you have to spend �100k - and Federer is �50k!

And I think that's been a bit rambly. If you can follow this, welcome to my brain!

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Sunday 5th September 2004 11:42 pm

I had a bit of a mare yesterday morning. I downloaded the updated version of Abilon on Friday night, installed it and everything was fine. Come Saturday morning it had lost all my feeds. I eventually managed to find where they were but ended up having to uninstall it, reinstall it, then manually add them all back in again.

There was a big folk festival going on in Wallingford this weekend. I think it's only the third year it's been on and the first time I've been here for it. Which turned out to be bad because the house was invaded by my landlady's friends, which included two annoying little kids.

It pretty much started up on Friday, so I saw it all walking home from work, so I didn't really feel the need to go. I was asked to usher for a concert tonight at the theatre/cinema, so I went early and did the whole thing in ten minutes. Well, all the stalls.

The concert was Irish music, mainly. The first band were good, I wasn't so keen on the other two as they consisted mainly of guitar players. Although that could have had something to do with the keyboard player in the first band being a complete guinness. If only I could remember his name...

It was all very nice and relaxing, which means that now I really need to go to bed. I even managed to get over the part where I wanted to be up there playing. I generally can't go to concerts without itching to play. Or fancying one of the musicians, if they're young enough.

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Once More, With Feeling
Sunday 20th April 2003 10:14 pm

Have been busy today and updated website. A bit anyway. I got the book for Once More, With Feeling, which had the sheet music inside. But it was really hard to play because I can't remember my chords. I went back to my old music books where they at least wrote them out, but it was still hard though. My bass clef reading was never that good to begin with. I found reading treble clef hard till I realised I was thinking about it too much. I wish I had the opportunity to practise more - I wish I'd done that right back at the start of uni. Why do I play an instrument that's expensive and not portable?

I happened to look at Friends Reunited, which I don't do very often and I found Marian had written something in there, just 6 days ago! We've only seen each other once since school, so now I have her e-mail address, maybe we'll be able to keep in touch better this time.

I wrote a drabble for the Weekly Farscape Drabble. I'm suddenly finding Chiana more interesting than I first thought.

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Protected: Orange
Thursday 6th February 2003 11:39 pm

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