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Distracted by sport
Wednesday 24th August 2016 7:51 pm

I might have been a bit distracted by the Olympics and not posted. And by might I mean was. And still am - since it finished I've watched the men's triathlon, diving, BMX. I still have plenty to catch up on - I should be finished by the time the Paralympics start...

I have managed some non-Olympics things in the past couple of weeks. The weekend before last I went to the Nine Worlds convention. Last year I generally wasn't impressed with it, but loved the Whedon Singalong enough to go back. This time they only sang a selection of songs in the Whedon Singalong, which didn't include my favourites. And I liked the rest of the con less. So next year I might just be going to the Whedon Singalong, if they return to singing all the songs.

While I was there, Missy was having a holiday with my sister. They both enjoyed it, except for when my sister had her in-laws round and Missy wasn't happy that there were people in the house and she wasn't being played with.

I went through a whole load of my cards. Back in uni, when we had Wednesday afternoons off for sport, I spent it playing the Star Trek customisable card game. I haven't played it since I left, but I have a lot of cards. Also, quite a few Magic cards, Young Jedi (which I don't even remember playing), Attack of the Clones cards, the Dilbert card game (which at least is just a normal card game), a pack of Original Series Star Trek cards. And a booster pack of Harry Potter cards. The TOS cards are confusing because they're in a box that states it contains 65 cards including Kirk, Spock, McCoy & Enterprise + a rulebook. It actually contains more than 65 cards, none of which are Kirk, Spock or McCoy and no rulebook. I don't remember playing this one either.

Going through my Star Trek cards brought back memories of playing it. I'm pretty sure in one of the boxes was the deck I last played at a tournament where I assimilated Earth. Which is pretty much all I remember of how to play it. I just have to decide, with all of these cards, whether to sell/get rid of them, keep them as a collection (and get rid of the duplicates) or keep them and play them. But right now I'm enjoying cataloguing them and putting them in order. And trying to convince myself that I don't need to buy any more...

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Nine Worlds con report
Monday 24th August 2015 9:27 pm

Better late than never... Nine Worlds is a convention in London and this was its third year. It had, apparently, 1400 people there. Because the hotel was so spread out it never seemed like that many. But because the hotel was so spread out I rarely saw people I knew (many of whom I didn't know if they'd be there).

I'm still yet to decide if I liked it or not. But here's what I thought of the bits I went to: Read more...

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Sunday 2nd August 2015 9:27 pm

I am going to the Nine Worlds convention at the weekend. From what I've heard, I'm not sure if I'll like it or not, but the only way to find out is to go. If nothing else I'll have a year's catch up with [info]selenay.

The thing that I liked most about it was when I heard about the Whedon Sing-a-long. Which sounds like fun. So after I'd done my choir practice this week, I went on to Once More, With Feeling. Just as I started I thought that perhaps I should have watched the episode first, but it came back to me. I didn't get through the whole thing, partly because that was a lot of singing in one go, partly because some of it was really low (I thought low G was low, but low F is a semitone too far) and partly because I reached a song that started in a key signature with 5 sharps and changed to a key signature with 5 flats. It's like these people don't like white notes!

The other thing they sing is Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. Which I saw when it came out and everyone was raving about it and I didn't like it much. But I thought I'd re-watch it and see what I thought. And I really liked it. It must have been the effect of people raving about something that made me dislike it - that tends to happen quite a bit. So now I'm looking forward to singing that one too. I just need to relisten to the songs some more, because currently my head is full of Buffy.

And then after that I'll have to get all my choir songs into my head as we have a concert at the beginning of September and we're supposed to have learnt half the songs and I didn't practice for a month...

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