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Noise and TV
Saturday 15th September 2007 10:12 pm

The noise is very quiet still. I've occasionally heard it this evening, but you have to be silent to hear it. Hopefully it will continue that way.

It's definitely not the height of summer any more. I was in London today and as it was nice, we sat out in St James Park. But after a while it was a bit cold in the shade. What was nice, though, was that I got on a semi-slow train at 8pm and was home at 9.30. If I'd had to have got the bus from Reading, I wouldn't have got home till 10.30.

I just happened to look at the TV guide and notice that Diana Rigg was on Parkinson. Then I sat down to read and when I looked at the clock I noticed it had already started. I put the telly on anyway, just before she came on. She's 69 but looks amazing. She's changed a bit in the last forty years, obviously, so it was quite strange to hear Emma Peel's voice coming from a stranger - until you looked more closely and it was clearly the same person.

More coherency and replies to comments etc tomorrow when I'm more awake.

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Food and noise
Friday 14th September 2007 11:05 pm

Things I learnt tonight:

Jelly babies, jelly beans, chocolate sauce and cream taste good together.
Jelly babies and cheesecake don't go.

I can't clarify these since I can't eat chocolate sauce, cream or cheesecake and I don't like jelly babies or jelly beans.

You'd never tell but I've been to the Chinese restaurant for buffet night - where I could eat two main courses! Although coconut sauce turned out to be a bit much for a whole main course.

The noise is currently quiet enough that the fan on my laptop drowns it out. The fan's not on all the time, so this is not as useful as it first appears. And since I started writing this it's got a bit louder...

The woman from the council is writing the neighbours a letter. I'm not sure if they're allowed to break in. But even if they can, there's no longer any guarantee that they'll be able to work out what it is.

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Life update
Thursday 13th September 2007 9:36 pm

Today I got home to find my new recycling bin had been delivered - very exciting!

The woman from the council rang to say she spent all of yesterday trying to find out if any of the estate agents manage the flat above. Which they don't. She said she is determined to get it sorted out by the weekend though. The noise is a lot quieter tonight and not on as much, although that's no indication of what it'll be like any other time.

At her suggestion I spoke to the people in the flats upstairs to see if they knew when the neighbours would be back or had a key, but no joy. Well, although the bloke whose parking space is next to mine turned out to be quite nice and Australian. I would have happily talked to him for longer. So that's a good thing that's come out of it at least.

I got some chocolate buttons from Tescos last night - they're very nice. They taste like what I vaguely remember chocolate buttons to taste like. I was less impressed that they couldn't provide me with the milk I like, though, specially as I only have one pot left (a fifth of a litre). So I will end up going to Didcot on Sunday.

According to Mock the Week Didcot is a good place to live in terms of healthy life expectancy - you can expect to live till 86 if you live there! Make of that what you will.

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Noise update
Wednesday 12th September 2007 5:38 pm

I spoke to someone at Environmental Health at the council who wrote it all down and told me they probably couldn't do anything because they can't get in there. Which is why I have the problem in the first place!

They did ring me back, though, and the person who is on my case had been told nothing, despite it having been written down. She was going to see if the the flat was rented and the estate agent would therefore have a key. I didn't hear anything back, so I assume not.

The noise was unchanged since yesterday, although a few minutes ago it changed in frequency and got louder for short bursts, and is quiet for even shorter bursts. I am desperately hoping that this means that whatever is causing it is burning out and will therefore stop making a noise. I am also hoping that as last night's ear plugs are doing very little to block out the sound, a fresh set will block it out enough for me to sleep.

Fortunately, I have to go out in half an hour, but I am in tomorrow night and have things I need to do so I really need it to stop before I go crazy or have a nervous breakdown.

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The Noise
Tuesday 11th September 2007 6:37 pm

So everyone can hear it: It's a 259k file - ignore the first 2 and last 2 seconds where I was getting to the other side of the room where it's loudest. And turn the volume up - I might need to fiddle with my audio settings, but I could do without the background noise for that.

If anyone can tell me:
a) what it is
and more importantly
b) how to stop it
c) where my neighbours are so I can get them to come home and stop it.

I might have stopped being rational about it - must be time to leave the house.

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My neighbours
Tuesday 11th September 2007 6:21 pm

My (upstairs) neighbours woke me up at 5.20am last Wednesday morning. They usually get up at 6am, so I wondered if maybe they were going on holiday. There was blissful silence after that, so my conclusion is that they have. Everything was great - I got more sleep, I was more awake, it was nice.

Apart from Saturday night when the noise started. It was a few months ago when I first heard it and since then it's been maybe every couple of weeks that I've heard it, although sometimes not for very long. The longest until now was when I was off ill with a head injury. It started after the neighbours left for work. I heard them get home - door slam and footsteps, then it stopped mid-creak.

I should explain at this point that I can't really describe this noise very well. Someone on the street was doing some hammering at the weekend and it was that frequency, but the noise isn't banging it's more of a creaking sound really. I have never heard it before in my life and have no idea what it is. Except it seems to be coming from upstairs, and it's loudest next to an outside wall, so no one else in the block hears it, I suspect.

I discovered Saturday night that a fresh set of ear plugs blocked it out enough to sleep. Sunday I though it had stopped because it was quiet for three hours. After that it was off and on. Last night it was on for a few minutes every half hour. And by half hour I mean on the hour and half past pretty much exactly.

This morning it didn't make a sound for a 50 minutes I was awake and in the house. So I was hopeful it was improving at least. Tonight I've been home for over an hour and a half and I don't think it's stopped for asa much as a minute yet. I have a headache and can't concentrate - when it does stop that all magically goes away and comes back when the noise does.

So now I am really hoping the neighbours are only going away for a week and will be back tomorrow, because anything is better than this. The only bright spot in tonight is that I have to leave the house in just under half an hour.

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