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Sunday 24th September 2006 1:59 pm

I was awake earlier but now my head hurts from the noise and I can't breathe. I want to go back to Belfast!

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Back home, sadly
Saturday 23rd September 2006 7:38 pm

I'm back home now, sadly. I really liked Belfast and coming home always reminds me how much I hate living here. The room I was in, even though it had three other people in, people shouting outside on Friday and Saturday nights, and a ridiculous amount of traffic in the mornings, was still quieter than my landlady.

I don't think there was a single day with no rain; I have blisters; my legs ache from all the walking; I'm really glad I don't have to eat out again for a while; I really, really hate taking off; I was practically stalked by a guy staying in the same hostel; and there were other things that just went so wrong.

But, I really enjoyed myself anyway. And for everything that went wrong there were things that went right: the City Hall was impressive, I met some nice girls in my room (and one nutter!), I really enjoyed the fencing (I so want to go back to it now, but I just have to be able to drive there first), and I met a fencer on my first night who I got on really well with and hopefully we're not going to lose touch. Only trouble was she's Australian and I ended up supporting them more than England!

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of my photos and tidy up the tags and categories etc. The travel sickness pills have knocked me out so I'm not good for much tonight any more.

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Postcard from Belfast
Tuesday 19th September 2006 7:08 pm

I am in the process of uploading some (75!) photos. I'll sort all the tags and everything out later when I'm home.

Loads of things have gone wrong: my bread went furry, I have a blister on the bottom of my little toe (how is that even possible?), I got both soaked to the skin and sunburnt yesterday, today I got lost and walked loads up hills, I haven't had more than 6 hours sleep a night, and I can still only understand 2 sentences of every 3 in an Irish accent.

I am looking forward to sitting and watching some fencing tomorrow. And cheering on half the people there at this rate.

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A few things
Thursday 14th September 2006 9:26 pm

Yay for I have packed. Apart from the things I can't pack until Saturday morning. Most fun was trying to find an ice cream tub to fit in all my bread and rolls (can't guarantee finding them anywhere else). I am only packed one day early because I'm going to the theatre tomorrow night, I am not usually that organised. This will probably be my last post before I go, although I will upload my photos there if I can, so keep an eye on my flickr photos (it even has an RSS Feed so you can just bung it in your feed reader/live bookmarks thing).

I've watched the next four episodes of Firefly this week: Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories and Trash. I liked in them how stuff that had happened in earlier episodes came back to cause them more trouble. I didn't like all the blood and guts in the middle two but apart from that they were the ones I liked the best.

gmul said: "If Out of Gas [...] doesn't move you, give up." So I got all excited about that episode. I liked seeing how all the crew came aboard, except it was only tiny little snippets and I wanted more. The rest of the story bored me - the best parts were the fire in space and the air coming in when the other ship docked.

The thing I really like best about Firefly is the music though. I'm not convinced about the theme tune but I love the incidental music. Jayne is actually starting to annoy me less and now River's a bit less insane she's quite interesting. Inara is really doing my head in though, I wish someone'd shoot her.

My mother found my blog while searching for Monster Cracking (it's good to see google finds it, although blogs are never terribly helpful to get in ordinary searches) and tells me that the pointless dance with bendy swords is called Rapper and is a pointless Northern dance.

I spent some time this evening adding a plugin to subscribe to comments on the blog. I tried adding it when I first got the blog but it refused to work. No idea why because it's fine now. While I was there I realised there's so much stuff I need to do to the blog at some point. What I really want (and have since I moved to WP really) is to get the comments sorted so they're better than LJ, then turn off commenting there and make everyone move over here. Which involves exactly the same number of clicks. Anyone opposed, speak now and give a damn good reason.

In Doctor Who news, the BBC have confirmed the Sarah Jane spin-off. I'm waiting to see if it merits a position in the top three entertainment news stories tomorrow in my email. And I didn't start it but I might well be writing what feels like Doctor Who: the soap opera (and beta'ing the person's I blame).

Probably just as well I'm nearly leaving the country for a week.

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And there’s still another day of weekend left
Sunday 28th May 2006 8:23 pm

I was going to write about one thing but then a whole load of other things crept in too...

Yesterday I went to Dangercon. Well, technically I did, since I gave them money and wore a sticker with my name on it. What I actually did was sit around in the bar, drink, talk, tried not to fall asleep (due to waking up at 3am the night before and not being able to get back to sleep for ages coupled with waking up again at 7am and really not being able to get back to sleep), and tried not to watch Doctor Who (as there was no sound for the first 15mins and it competed with the music for the last 30). But it was good fun.

Also, all the tubes I wanted to get were actually running, I bought up the sausages and soup cubes in Sainsburys in Whitechapel, and I made a new record in finding the pub that was 5 mins walk away in only 15. And I spent half of that trying to get out of London Bridge tube station.

This morning I rather annoyingly woke up at 6.15 and didn't think I got back to sleep again, but since I haven't fallen asleep yet I must have done. I also pegged my washing out and didn't make it rain!

I listened to the second half of not-the-latest-anymore Seventh Doctor Big Finish audio, Night Thoughts. There was some interesting stuff between the Doctor & Ace & Hex. I'm still really confused about why she's now back to being called Ace again. But there was a bit near the end where the Doctor had to kill a girl to save time, or something like that (which is simplifying the situation a lot, otherwise I'd have to explain the whole plot). And I was absolutely convinced he was going to do it.

Last night's Doctor Who was quite fun. Except that I sat down to watch it and five minutes in, just after the beginning credits, my dad messages me to ask me if I've watched Confidential because he thought it looked like they were writing scripts on typewriters. Which I didn't notice when I did watch it but either way I'm not convinced he's on this planet, half the time.

I've also watched a load of second series Drop the Dead Donkey this week. Even though it was broadcast in 1991, if you just change the names the politics really hasn't changed that much and is just as funny. And one episode had the guy who played the DCI in Life on Mars. And one of the writers discussed that he demonstrated it's possible to do a joke where Alex staples a piece of paper to Dave's chest, by stapling a piece of paper to his thigh. Neil Pearson got to wear padding for the real thing, which hurt less, apparently.

Ewan McGregor was on Top Gear. He was quite funny. And I noticed when he swore, while driving this car round their track, they not only edited the sound but the picture as well! I laughed so hard I was crying when the two guys drove the car Jeremy Clarkson had interior designed it was so funny. It's repeated at 7pm Tuesday if anyone missed it.

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