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Monday 11th September 2017 7:43 pm

I watched Strictly at the weekend. Well, judging by how long it took me to get through the episode, I actually watched less than a third of it. I can't watch all the celebrities, the same way you get to know the comedians on Taskmaster. But I'm permanently behind on TV and can't watch that much dancing without getting dizzy and/or bored. So I just watched Susan Calman, Richard Coles and Jonnie Peacock.

I found the part where they were drawing out who their partner was quite dull, because the only Pro dancer on there I've heard of is Anton Du Bec. I liked Richard Coles introducing himself because he was hilarious. Does not take himself seriously in the slightest, which I loved. I didn't intend to watch him at all, but him and Susan have been hilarious on Twitter.

I watched the Footloose dance and it ruined my night by making me dizzy. I didn't remember it being that bad, when I tried watching a dance a few years ago. I tried the dance again in the morning on my iPod and I was fine... but I looked away when they spun the camera round. I'd got complacent and forgotten I needed to do that. In future I will watch the dances on my iPod and then skip through the rest of the episode on my PVR.

But of the dance itself, I liked Richard Coles. He looked like he was enjoying himself really hamming it up. And Susan looked like she was just having a really good time. So I am really looking forward to seeing them dance.

On YouTube I found that Claudia Fragapane had been on it. Which I knew at the time and had forgotten. So I watched some of her dances. They did really use her flexibility and she did lots of lifts, because of course she has the balance* to do it. Her dancing generally was pretty good, which is what you'd expect from a gymnast. And yet I preferred Judy Murray's dancing - she might not have done much, but the dances were more fun.

The last one I watched was to Shut Up and Dance - which was the first song I did at Rock Choir. It was a great, fun song and we all loved it. We'd sing it in the breaks. At the end of term we sang through all the songs we'd done that term, and started and ended with that song.

*One of my ballet teachers once told us that lifts weren't about strength they were about balance, and as long as you have that anyone can lift anyone else.

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The Avengers and The Guild
Sunday 1st May 2016 6:32 pm

Game of Thrones started again last week and I still haven't seen the last series. But instead I've been watching two old things with 'The' in the title.

The Avengers
I went to my parents last weekend and Dad mentioned The Avengers is on weekdays. So we watched a couple of Steed & Peel episodes. They were the beginning of the colour ones, which I have seen all of. I can't remember which black & white ones I have seen any more - and sometimes looking at the descriptions on the backs of the DVDs makes me want to rewatch ones I know I have seen, which isn't helpful for getting through them.

It was well timed because I've just been listening to Big Finish's audio adaptations of Steed & Peel comic strips. Which were good and gloriously ridiculous and whimsical, which is what I like about The Avengers. The first one was (sort of) a follow up to an episode that I didn't remember. And then I discovered that's because I've seen the other two episodes on the DVD, but not that one. Or I hadn't at the time - I've seen it now.

They're also showing Tara King episodes, which I would tape, since I've only seen a few of those. But there are two every weekday and I'd just never get through them. I already have a load of stuff I haven't watched.

The Guild
I'd heard of this - I knew it was a web series that Felicia Day had done, but nothing else. But then I read her book and found out it was about people playing an MMORG and it sounded interesting. I've never played one myself because I know I'd get sucked into it, but I have some idea of what they involve. Not that it mattered much for watching The Guild. Which I got through the whole of in less than a week. It was good - I liked it. And now I'm trying to stop myself from re-watching it all with annotations (which are interesting).

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More things
Saturday 3rd October 2015 5:24 pm

I didn't mean to go a week between posts, but I've had the lurgy. Still got it, really, but at least some of the symptoms have gone. I was off work with it, which meant I had lots of time to watch stuff and read books and then discovered I didn't have enough energy for it. In this week I have watched:

The Thick of It
This would be because Doctor Who is back on. I went for the episode where Malcolm Tucker was very unlike himself after getting fired. It turns out that Thick of It is really hard going.

I wanted to re-watch this after Wimbledon and didn't get to it. A bit on the long side, but much more my brain-level last week. It was so weird seeing Centre Court looking like it did in 2004(!) - no hawkeye, digital scoreboard (rather than screen), no roof. What's amusing is that back then the whole idea of a British man in the final at Wimbledon was a fantasy...

Downton Abbey
I wish there'd been more of this than just the two episodes I needed to catch up on. It was just right for mindlessly watching without making me tired. Plus the usual complete and utter ridiculousness you expect from Downton Abbey.

I got a bit behind on this after the first two episodes (of eight, I think). I ended up watching about five this week, I think. I enjoyed it, although I had to watch it with the subtitles on because they keep whispering. At the end it looked like they were saying there's going to be another series, which I don't think there should be. It's the sort of thing that works great for one series, but can go OTT if they try and spin it out.

Stargate: Atlantis
Turns out this was about my brain-level too. Although having seen it before could have helped with that. At least watching bits of it made me feel like I was doing something towards my SGA Santa fic. It reminded me how much I like Elizabeth's hair in season 3.

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Real life
Tuesday 13th January 2015 8:42 pm

A break from fandom snowflake stuff for some real life TM. Mainly because I came over dizzy last night for no reason. I'm not that bad - I made it into work and worked all day - but can't be doing with too much thinking. It's really frustrating because I was doing really well after a rest at Christmas and I definitely haven't overdone it. What's really annoying was that I was going to go and play board games tonight. But now it'll have to wait for two weeks.

Fortunately on Sunday I finished the first draft of Lynda Day at the Chalet School. It's 1800 words off the minimum length, but given that, on a read through, I can see more that needs adding than needs taking out, I don't think that will be a problem.

I've been watching Broadchurch (spurred on to watch the first series by the second starting last week). The westcountry accents are great, David Tennant said "mudder" which is a pronunciation you want to hear from all Scottish detectives (unless perhaps you are Scottish), and the scenery's very nice. Also there is bonus Jack Meadows. However, after five episodes they are nowhere near working out whodunnit and so far pretty much all that's happened is someone's been murdered. I think it's supposed to be a drama rather than a murder mystery, which explains why it takes them four times as long as Lewis to solve it. It is slow, though.

On a less slow, less depressing note, I started The Librarians, which [info]hhertzof recommended to me. It's made by the people who did Leverage (which [info]hhertzof also recommended to me). So far I've only seen two episodes, but I knew I'd like it after the first scene. It involves worryingly clever people, libraries and magic. And Christian Kane, who seems to be on a contract with these people, or something. And various other people I recognised but needed to go to imdb to find out why (the same could be said of Broadchurch in this regard).

I spent a lot of my weekend on house-related stuff. It's amazing the number of reviews you can read on curtain poles and how reluctant I am to buy from ebay sellers with 'only' 99.7% good feedback. I did buy a shower curtain. The old one was a bit tatty and falling off and plasticky. Also, vaguely blue, which doesn't do much for my colourless bathroom. The new one is fabric and colourful and I've put it on so that it goes all round the bath, rather than just halfway up. At some point I will take photos of my house, once it's tidied and I've made a few improvements.

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Me update
Monday 20th January 2014 9:01 pm

The thing with being dizzy is that when you're really bad, lying down and doing very little makes you better. But after a while you have to remind your brain that actually it's not normal for the room to be spinning and lying down and not doing much doesn't help with that. So this weekend I decided I'd done enough lying down and I was going to sit up as much as possible. And then I decided I was well enough to work today (from home, car journeys when dizzy can make me travel sick, even when I'm driving).

Today I nearly got through a whole day with only lying down at lunch, but not quite. So definitely just as well I didn't go in. But after dinner and a lie down I feel better.

The most annoying thing is that getting up makes me dizzy. Because being asleep only helps me gain energy, it doesn't help my brain work out what signals it's being misfed from my inner ear. So I still had to get up ages before I started work so I could spend most of that time lying down and recovering from getting up, getting dressed and having breakfast.

I missed the first class of the term of ballet last week and am likely to miss the second this week (especially annoying as I missed the first two last term due to being ill, plus I have to pay in advance). And a dinner last week that took a month to organise because it was so hard to find a date we could all make, so now needs reorganising. But the timing could have been worse as next week I'm going to the theatre twice (once to see Punt and Dennis, the other time to see the local amateur panto). One time has e-tickets, so if I couldn't go I could at least email them, but for the other time I'm the only one who can pick the tickets up, since they require my credit card.

On the plus side, I managed to finish the first draft of my [info]blakefest fic. What I found helped was Written? Kitten!. Before I was ill I set myself the goal of writing 100 words before I went off and watched TV or whatever. I opened the page in such a way that I couldn't see the word count and then all of a sudden a kitten would pop up. And then generally another one would pop up before I stopped. I did have a read through of the whole thing at the weekend, when I deleted 300 words and added a question mark. At some point I will go back and put something in between the dialogue, although typically for my first drafts I have two people speaking, so every other paragraph is the same person. And then somewhere in the middle one person must logically have two paragraphs in a row. At least I can bung the whole thing in Written Kitten and at least I'll get kittens for adding non-dialogue.

I have also just got round to watching the first episode of the second series of The Bletchley Circle (ie the one from two weeks ago) after someone told me just under two weeks ago that it was good. And it was - so I'm glad last week's episode is taking up space on my PVR (recorded just in case I liked it). ITV Player was not a help, though, as it showed me three adverts during the first advert break and then refused to show me any more, telling me that Adblock was preventing me from seeing the adverts.

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I’m not good at popular things
Tuesday 10th April 2012 6:25 pm

I'm terrible with wanting to try a book/film/TV series that's popular. There were four Harry Potter books out and a film on the way before I decided that maybe it was popular for a reason and perhaps I'd try it. Of course by that time the first book was really cheap because it had been out for a while, so that helped.

Since then I've been better at trying things. Lost, Heroes and Once Upon a Time were big hits before they were on over here. But none of those I enjoyed for various reasons.

The latest big thing is The Hunger Games. I don't know anything about it, except that it's a book and a film. I'm quite happy not knowing anything about it because I refuse to try it. Everyone else is reading it therefore I don't want to. And I definitely shouldn't go and see the film given that it gave [info]jedinic motion sickness, so I dread to think what it would do to me.

But Downton Abbey and A Game of Thrones were series I held out on for longer and then enjoyed. Perhaps the answer is not to try something when it's popular, but wait until everyone who's going to watch it has tried it and the fuss has died down, then give it a go. I even enjoy Doctor Who less the more people it seems are watching it...

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TV and internet
Sunday 11th October 2009 8:55 pm

Exciting news: Red Dwarf is getting a new series! Despite Back to Earth not living up to series I-VI I'm excited anyway.

I spent last weekend updating all my Firefoxes to 3.5. My laptop and Firefox Portable were on v3 already, so it was just a case of clicking the button and updating a couple of my add-ons manually. The netbook was a different story...

The trouble with it is that Acer made some programs dependent on Firefox 2 and disabled the check for updates button, so I hadn't bothered updating. It was faster than my old computer, but it had got to the stage where it was really slow, specially in Gmail where my typing was ahead of what was appearing on the screen. So I found some instructions on the internet about how to install Firefox 3 alongside v2. So I copied Firefox files on the netbook so I could make sure to get back to the old version and followed the instructions.

I briefly had both versions open before I restarted, which made all my old Firefox menus and icons open v3. Which, because it wasn't installed over the top of the old version meant that it didn't have my profile. The instructions said that it was easy to get the old version back, but didn't say how. After spending ages searching the internet and trying things I gave up and set up the new version of Firefox.

Which was all fine except that whenever I opened it it opened up four tabs, which wasn't what I wanted. I assumed this was a problem with Tab Mix Plus restoring things. A week later I found this was because I'd accidentally set my home page to be all four tabs, which it didn't even occur to me to do...

It's worked out ok in the end because 3.5 is much faster, nothing seems to be broken, and I have the Penguin Racing game that's on the Asus Eee on my netbook. Not that I can play it because it moves, but it'll be there for future usage...

I've also watched lots of new things on TV that all seems to be American. But how exciting is Friday evenings going to look with SJA, HIGFNY and Armstrong and Miller? Read more...

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Thursday 24th September 2009 9:05 pm

Today, or yesterday depending on how you count it, I've been ill for seven months.

Things I have been doing:

Watched Generation Kill, which turned out to be surprisingly good. After seven episodes I can name seven characters, which is pretty good going (Ray, Trombley, Reporter, Brad, LT, Captain America (who I recognise from somewhere but can't work out where), Godfather). Plus there's also the bloke that wears glasses who lost his helmet. There may or may not have been other speaking characters, I got a bit confused - they all dress the same, it doesn't help!

I finished v2 of my Sarah and Harry ficathon story. So I have a draft or two to go and it will be about 5000 words. Handily, the SG Rare Pairings ficathon starts up once that's done and I'm hoping there will be some Jack/Elizabeth prompts for me to write (and I'll be leaving some, just as soon as I work out what). Then there'll be Yuletide and I so want to add Teachers to the list of fandoms. And after one episode of Merlin I want to request Gaius & Merlin again.

I'm meeting Avon on Sunday, yay!

I have a new shower. It's cunningly fitted into the corner of the bath so if you want to stand under it you have to stand on the bit of the bath that starts going upwards. So I take it down - which required me to take the shower head off so I could get it out from the middle of the soap dish so it would actually stretch far enough to shower with, and to rinse the bath with.

There really isn't anything else at all going on in my life at the moment. Just lots of things I want to do.

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It’s all about me
Sunday 6th September 2009 5:33 pm

This week hasn't been too bad a week. It helped that it was only four days long and working from home Thursday afternoon. Although I spent the whole week confused so I forgot that it was the day I buy the newspaper until Thursday evening. It is all on the website, it's just such a pain to read that way, I'd far rather have the paper.

This weekend I even felt well enough to clean the flat and go out to Sainsburys, so that's an achievement. I'd quite like to go out for a walk at some point, as I currently get no exercise. I couldn't fit that round cleaning, though, but maybe next weekend I'll do that instead.

I'm onto the head moving exercises, which are really hard. But I knew they were going to be because I already don't nod or shake my head, and try not to turn round at work when I hear something interesting from behind me.

I am working on watching all the stuff on my PVR so I actually have some space to tape everything that starts this autumn. After having had the prompt for a week I managed to come up with the whole plot for my Sarah & Harry ficathon story. I even started writing it. I seem to be on about 300 words at a time at the moment, which is about half my usual, but will get there in the end as long as I keep up with it.

For some inexplicable reason half the week's TV is on tonight (Last Chance to See, Miss Marple (who I don't like as much as Poirot) and Joanna Lumley doing something with cats. And the US Open is on the radio from tomorrow, so hopefully there'll be lots of exciting tennis to listen to and they'll get it done quickly because I really can't stay up late these days.

And now I need to have a lie down so I won't be too dizzy to cook dinner.

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Talking about TV
Saturday 20th September 2008 9:46 pm

I've been watching quite a few new things recently.

First I tried Chuck. It confused me no end when it was on because there's a Chuck in Pushing Daisies and that was on at the same time. I kept seeing people talking about Chuck expecting them to be talking about one series and then finding they were actually talking about another.

However, with the aid of lovefilm, and giving them money for extra DVDs, I watched the whole series this month (and a bit of last month - it was quite handy that the time I decided to try it was not long after it came out on DVD). And I really liked it. There are some characters I wouldn't be sad if they were never seen again. But whatsisname who plays Casey does make up for them. (I find it quite amusing that he played a character called Jayne in Firefly and I know a girl called Kacey...)

on more than one occasion put me off watching The Middleman by describing it to me. But then I finally saw someone talk about it in a way that made it sound interesting, so I tried that too. I got two thirds of the way through the first episode before I gave up. It's just not very interesting at all.

Goodness knows why I thought trying Tin Man was a good idea, apart from it coming out on DVD a couple of weeks ago, because I'm not that into The Wizard of Oz to start with. I made it through one hour and 24 minutes: it's just so slow. All of that could have been done in half an hour. I'd go and read the rest of the plot summary somewhere, to save myself the bother of another three hours of that, but ultimately, I'm just not that interested. I'd have tried it sooner if I'd known it was only one series, though. I assumed it was the usual American jobbie of hundreds of episodes over several years.

Then tonight was Merlin. I confused my sister completely today by telling her I was going home to watch Merlin, until I pointed out it was a new TV series. It's the same thing the BBC have done with Robin Hood, with putting a long (13 episode) series into the Saturday night slot to get family viewing figures across the year with Doctor Who. (One more series and they'll be able to do the whole year) I found this one quite interesting, although I was really surprised to see whatshername who plays Gwen in Torchwood in it, doing an English accent. I'm not sure about Merlin and his cockiness and his angst yet, but it does look as if it could be interesting. So I'll be watching that next week. (I think I lasted an episode and a half with Robin Hood).

Talk about the tennis, with photos, will be tomorrow once I've chewed all my fingernails off and I know the result.

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