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NaBloPoMo and PicoWriMo
Thursday 1st November 2012 9:05 pm

It being November I am once again doing [info]picowrimo, which is like NaNoWriMo, only you set your own goals. I've barely written anything since the summer, so it should help me write my Yuletide fic (and Treats).

And this year, additionally, I'm doing NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), where you post to your blog every day during November, which is a challenge I quite fancy.

It's not the best time of year to be doing this as work gets busy in November and doesn't calm down until mid-December, and there's the usual Rotary, ballet and choir. And the end of year tennis thing starts next week - which I will save talking about for a separate blog post. But I can only try and we'll see if I can manage it.

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Thursday 1st December 2011 9:00 pm

For those of us who can't grow moustaches or write 50,000 words, November is [info]picowrimo. Given that last year I managed a week and then work took over my goal this year was:

I might try and finish off some half-finished fics sitting around on my hard drive.

As November started I had a fic I wanted to write for the End of SJA ficathon that would fill in two squares on my [info]fanbingo card. I not only started it, but also finished it. Mind you, it helped to have a deadline and since I was running the ficathon and had already extended the deadline, I didn't feel that I could miss it. The House That Clyde Built is a story written in emails. Which turns out to be harder than it looks, especially considering that it's all dialogue and that's the easiest bit to write.

Then there was a [info]langford_u (Stargate AU) fic I started in 2006 when the comm was still active. I came across it in March and had a look at it. I was determined to get it finished and I did. I discovered, when I got it American picked, that my American has improved a lot since then (it also helps to tell OpenOffice what language you're writing in...). The fic is Just a Game.

After that I realised I didn't have much time before Yuletide assignments went out. I chickened out of anything longer and found a short Stargate Atlantis fic lying around. Since I wrote that in 2006 I can't tell if there was supposed to be more of it, but it looked pretty done. So I edited it down to a double drabble (since it was never going to make 300 words). It's a Weir/Caldwell fic: Just Chess.

Then Yuletide assignments came out, so the rest of pico was spent on that. I can't talk about it, but I have the first draft done. Or at least it's done in the sense that I need to stop endlessly tinkering with it and get it to a second draft so I can read it without getting bored and work out what else needs adding or taking out.

So that was a pretty successful pico. This month I am writing my Yuletide assignment. I am only allowing myself to think about Treats and [info]fandom_stocking fics once my assignment is at least in beta.

(And having used the lj comm code I modified from an existing plugin for the first time, I have realised I need to modify it again now that LJ has changed the way comm addresses work)

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Finishing things
Saturday 10th November 2007 5:11 pm

originally uploaded by paranoidangel.

I finished this cross stitch last night. I don't remember how long I've been doing it, but the next one I'm going to do was my birthday present, so I certainly started it more than six months ago. There just hasn't been enough on TV to cross stitch to, that's the trouble! The border was horrid on this one, I'm glad that none of the others I have in my drawer have such a lot of border.

Last night I typed up the plot for my script and worked out what was going to happen in each scene. I thought I had too few and put off actually writing the script. This morning, though, I sat down and did nothing but write it for an hour and half. I came out with 3000 words and 25 pages. It should be about 40 pages, though, so it does definitely need more scenes, mostly, I think, to explain why the characters do what they do in the story. But at least I have a finished first draft, and it was quite easy to do once I only had to think about a scene at a time. I definitely need to go back and work out what sort of description I should be putting in, though.

Now I've cleaned the house that's everything I need to do this weekend. Although I really want to write prompts for all my RP characters, so we'll see how that goes...

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On writing
Thursday 8th November 2007 7:32 pm

I've been attempting to write a script for which has been going a bit slowly, although I was, when I last wrote anything on it, on target to finish it by the end of the month. I was a bit worried I didn't have enough plot though.

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November means writing
Thursday 1st November 2007 10:56 pm

There's no way I can write 50,000 words of one story if I had all the time in the world, never mind one month. Last year, though, 5000 words was a much more viable target, so for I wrote a radio script that I'd written one scene of and not done any more on. I did finish it, but I was still trying to work out the plot as I went along and I realised that since I needed to write a character out that it needed a page 1 rewrite really badly.

Which I meant to do, really. But instead I nicked the plot for my Big Finish competition entry. And still meant to come back to the script and then October came round and I thought it's ok, I'll do it for Pico. Which was fine until one night last week when I couldn't sleep and I realised that the idea works much better in half the number of words and I just can't add in enough without feeling like I'm padding it.

Which is a problem. It was one easily solved, though, because I have ideas for stories I want to write. Well, mostly they're things I want to write that need plots - I'm really not that great on plots. However I do have one that came from me trying to work out in my head if Harry Sullivan was once married and no one ever knew, how did that come about? I haven't got as far as writing it and I think it would actually work better with original characters. So that's the basic plot of my script (I have more than that I'm just being cagey about it because I haven't pinned it all down yet).

So far I've thought about it today and read a radio script off the BBC website. At some point I will start writing and it will be finished by the end of November. I'll probably count in pages though, since it makes more sense with scripts. Once I've double checked how many pages 30 minutes is...

There's also Yuletide. My recipient was quite easy in what they wanted and didn't suggest much. So I'm sure it will go fine once I have a plot. However, it doesn't take long to write 1000 words, so November will be for research, so I know these characters well, and to hopefully get inspired as to what to write. I'm quite enjoying the research element so far. I could certainly spend the whole month doing it...

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A few bits and pieces
Wednesday 29th November 2006 10:36 pm

When I checked my post last night I thought the calendar looked quite red. So I scrolled down and discovered that I've made more posts in November 2006 so far than any month since I started this blog back in July 2002.

Last night I had a really nice meal out in the new Italian restaurant they've opened in town. I've been there three times now and had something different each time! I could even have the sorbet, which there was loads of. Only problem was that since it contained mushrooms it proved that I have developed an intolerance to them. So I spent the rest of the night watching videos to take my mind off it, and stayed up far later than I wanted to.

I realised that driving in the cold is not doing my hands any good, they're getting so dry. So I asked my mum for some driving gloves and she sent some. They don't quite fit - I've always had a problem finding gloves to fit, ever since I was little, no idea why. But I wore them to Tescos tonight and it was so nice to drive with warm hands, they're great!

The most exciting news is that I've finished my pico project. I wanted to write a radio script that I had started and had 673 words of, and it looked like I was never going to get anywhere on it. So I was determined to finish it for pico, and 5000 words seemed like a likely target. I have 5710 words, two of them being the fabulous 'The End'. I need to rewrite it now, though, not least because I realised one of the characters was redundant, so needs writing out. But at least now I have something to work from. And I have less writing to do, as my SG rare pairings ficathon piece is also done.

Work is looking to be really manic in December, so really not looking forward to that. My life might well end up consisting entirely of work and moving related things. My sister is also going to be moving in December, so she's offered to take me to IKEA on Sunday. So I might now be doing moving things on 16th and 17th December. I also found out one of the charity shops in town that sells furniture delivers. They're better for sofas than anything else. The flat comes with a sofa, but I might get an armchair later. I need to check out the other charity shop that sells furniture tomorrow.

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Thursday 16th November 2006 8:01 pm

My BBC news email told me this morning that Channel 4 are planning to offer downloads. I don't actually watch that much on Channel 4 but it would be good to catch up with Teachers because I seem to have seen random bits of that.

The Guardian had a big article in the online section about spam, since it's gone crazy recently (I used to get about 50 a day, now it's 100). Except that they basically concluded there's nothing you can do. It's just took them the whole of the front page and part of page 2 to do it.

Last night I was good and sat down and now have 2511 words for my pico project, which is halfway.

And I had an email today to say I passed all of my checks for the estate agent, so I can move in on 15th December! Current plan is to clean the flat on the 15th and get some essentialy furniture (bed, hoover) delivered. Then move in on 16th and clean my room here. Then live out of crates for a week while I work out what furniture I need and what I have space for. Then I'll be buying some of that in January.

At the moment I'm trying to read books that I'm planning to charity once I've done, so there'll be less to move. Current book is What Katy Did, which I'm sure I read when I was younger but don't remember. The kids are mostly looked after by their aunt, which is making me think how much I'd like to see Sarah Jane as a child, growing up with her aunt fic.

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All about writing
Tuesday 7th November 2006 10:01 pm

I'm feeling quite bad because I haven't even opened my pico project up for two days, but there's still plenty of time. As long as I'm still not telling myself that come 29th November...

I posted my Sarah Jane Gen Ficathon fic this morning: Home, Again. It's an AU where Sarah goes with the Doctor at the end of School Reunion. It's almost amazing I managed to limit it to 11,000 words!

On the plus side my SG ficathon piece has now made it to v3 and nearly 3000 words, and I'm finally happy with where it's going. And I know where it's going. Ish. But there's still nearly five weeks to go, thank goodness for long deadlines!

The rest of the night has been all about the Sarah-torture. Which is why I realised the SG piece wasn't going so well - it was too happy. I can write happy. I'm sure I have. Although come to think of it, it might be happiness tinged with sadness...

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Writing, books, icons, etc
Sunday 5th November 2006 8:54 pm

I keep forgetting to say that I've posted the latest chapter to my prebaby fic: Doctor Who: The Soap Opera, Chapter 2: Doing the Deed, in which Sarah dithers about whether to go through with the abortion and Harry is no help at all.

My pico project is now at 1359 words, which is pretty good, and my SG ficathon is on draft 2. It's 2000 words and not likely to go longer than that. It doesn't help that the characters don't want to do what I want them to. I'm also trying to discover how risque I can go. At the moment it might just about be PG-13, so we'll see.

I forgot to say that yesterday I popped into the charity shop and found someone has obviously been getting rid of their Chalet School books because another 50p got me two books, each of which are two books in one. So once I've read all the ones I have sitting around here I'll have read the first fourteen. And I think Joey will have left by then, which is quite weird to think about.

If you're reading this in LJ you'll see I have a new default icon of Spooks, which fileg made for me. After this one's been aired a bit I'll change my default to the other Spooks one she made, which is just as fantastic.

I discovered how to get a screencap - take a photo. So, I can now prove Caroline John was in The Bill in 1985: Read more...

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Various things
Saturday 4th November 2006 9:49 pm

No idea whether this will actually cross-post given that LJ doesn't seem to be working at all half the time and very slow the other half.

I've driven quite a bit in the past couple of days. I went to Tescos yesterday, then to Sainsburys today - in the light, which is so much easier to drive in. Except that there was traffic which phases me a bit. I was quite impressed that I managed to get a new dressing gown for £6.40 (QS were having a 20% off day in the children's section).

I was good and added to my PicoWriMo thing. I was quite impressed that I managed to do 354 words, until I realised that by today I should have done 668 altogether. Never mind.

I just watched The Bill. It was so weird to see June Ackland smoking. It was a lot like Life on Mars with people smoking in the canteen and the parade room. I didn't think 1985 was that different to now, but since I was only 6 at the time, I don't really remember it that well. The story was of a missing girl, who was actually two years older than me! Brownlow scares me, looking thin. I can cope with everyone else looking young (although Cryer doesn't seem to have changed at all) but that's just weird.

On top of that, Norman Lovett was in it, pre-Red Dwarf. And there was a woman at the end whose hair and voice made me think she was familiar. I just remembered to watch the credits in time to discover she was Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw in Doctor Who. I had a cunning plan to take a screencap of it but it doesn't seem to work, I have no idea how people do it because it doesn't work in my DVD player or Media Player.

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The vagueries of life
Wednesday 1st November 2006 10:09 pm

It turns out Dell's Indians are not as good as I think they are. When the person I spoke to on Monday said they'd ordered me an adaptor, they were lying. I had an email yesterday asking me for the serial number so it could be ordered, and telling me they'd tried ringing my work number (several times) and couldn't get through, which quite obviously cannot be true. Apparently it's still supposed to arrive by Saturday, so we will see.

I've just taken out a policy for (credit) card protection - previously I just had my cards on dad's. It took them a week to send me the paperwork but didn't quite manage to send me the bit of paper that told me which cards were protected. Which is helpful.

I've accidentally upgraded my Firefox to, which is annoying. If that breaks it I'll be most upset. I can't upgrade to 2.0 until I'm sure the extensions I can't live without are on it, and I've tested the portable version and Linux, just in case, as I've had so much trouble with Firefox in the past.

I managed to add another 100 words to my SF ficathon, but I think it's going to need a second draft before it starts to look useable (my second drafts always involve starting from scratch, just using the first draft as a guide for what I sort of want to happen). On the PicoWriMo front I wrote 100 words. Which is not quite the 167 per day needed, but it better than nothing. Except that's one whole scene where nothing happens. Some editing might be required there. On the plus side, I re-read the 673 words I already had and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

Doing a bit of surfing to avoid writing, I discovered Lis Sladen had been in The Bill in 1989 (I didn't start watching it religiously till 1993, so a bit before my time) but there was a screencap with Tosh in it. And Lis too, obviously. On nearly the same subject, my next week's TV guide (it has a name, I just don't know what it is) has this to say about Life on Mars:

The second series of retro drama Life on Mars, starring Liz White and John Simm, is due on our screens early next year, and, sadly, it will be the final series. But fans will be heartened by news of a spin-off show set a decade on, in the Eighties. Ashes to Ashes (named after another David Bowie song) will be, according to BBC1 boss Peter Fincham, 'more Miami Vice than The Sweeney'.

Which just sounds really unlikely to me, but potentially quite cool, except that there's 80s Bill on DVD that I've not seen.

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