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Happy Chanukah
Sunday 24th December 2006 12:53 pm

I know there were 8 days for me to say that and I entirely missed them. But it didn't really feel like Chanukah till Friday night when I was home, so we had candles, song and presents. I now have an Avengers calendar, some knickers, some bowls to make flapjacks in, kitchen scales, Hogfather poster, puzzle book, some oil to make the microwavable rabbit hot water bottle smell nice again. Thank you to everyone who put something in my Christmas stocking, they were all very cool things.

I did completely fail to pack any jeans, though, so I'm wearing an old pair of mum's I'm slightly amazed I can fit into them because I thought I was fatter than her. Although she's taken the legs up, so they're just short enough to look silly.

Coming down was a bit of a trauma because after a while my car decided to get slower and slower. I almost made it to the services, but not quite. The RAC man who came out was great and very helpful. Turns out there's a switch in the engine which was still on summer and mean the carburettor was full of ice. Apparently they changed this to be automatic in the 80s but as my car was born in 1989 it's obviously a bit of a throwback. But I got home in the end. It was quite strange to get no fog once I reached the M3. And I'm now doing much better at roundabouts.

Thursday ended up being a bit of a traumatic day since a bulb went and I discovered what I thought were trip switches were actually fuses. But now I have lots of fuse wire and know how to change them.

It's nice to be home now, catching up on my sleep, trying to get more bed space and quilt than the cat, watching all the stuff dad's got on his hard disk recorder, and generally lazing about. And gradually catching up on my RSS feeds.

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