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Press Gang on The Bill
Friday 5th February 2010 8:57 pm

I am trying to make more of an effort to post to Twitter and not just reply to people's comments. And post here too, but that requires fewer words, although not necessarily less effort. The number of drafts I've gone through in the past to get down to 140 characters...

Last night's The Bill was good as usual, and amazingly didn't make me feel really dizzy halfway through. And I think I've learnt the names of two of the PCs and I quite like Sgt Stone. I thought he was going to be dodgy, but perhaps not.

Anyway, last night there was a character on it playing the main character's brother, and I recognised his voice from somewhere, but couldn't for the life of me work out where. I thought that maybe he sort of looked familiar too, but couldn't pin it down and eventually decided I must be imagining it.

Except that then I realised where I recognised the voice - he was Colin in Press Gang. At which point he wasn't in a scene for absolutely ages, but the next one he was in, someone called his name, he looked up and the expression was pure Colin and I knew I was right, even before checking on the credits.

It was very surreal - out of the last four episodes of The Bill we've had Luke from SJA, Ianto from Torchwood and Colin from Press Gang. There is sadly no picture on the official website, and nor is there a video clip with him talking, but I managed to find a clip with him in. It's in this one at 00.00.48 where. And I have taken a handy screencap and annotated it: Read more...

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Press Gang
Sunday 11th February 2007 8:53 pm

I need to watch series 5 of Press Gang, like, right now. Since Friday I've gone from being halfway through series 2 to the end of series 4. But I have found out why I didn't watch it when it was on originally - it was on ITV, and I didn't watch ITV because I didn't like having my viewing interrupted by adverts, I couldn't see the point. How times haven't changed.

But Chandler was in one episode, occasionally doing an accent of some description. It was so bad it only turned up twice and I couldn't work out what accent it was supposed to be. A quick look at IMDB tells me Natalie Roles is in the fifth series, so I think that makes five The Bill regulars in Press Gang altogether.

On Friday whenever I checked my email the freeserve page told me Anna Nicole Smith died. When I checked LJ I found Ian Richardson had died. Now, let me think which of those is more interesting, hmm...

I did get my UNIT ficathon story done and in on time and came up with My Waymostly featuring Harry in an adventure with the Doctor and a bit of Sarah torture in there for the B story. And the one written for me was When Harry Met Sarah which is a fantastic Sarah/Harry story.

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