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Printer problems
Wednesday 3rd February 2010 9:10 pm

This week was starting out as a good week - I felt great on Monday morning. Then I stayed late to help someone else on a project and the week has gone downhill from there. Although I did have a very nice cod with tomato sauce in one of the Italian restaurants last night.

Since I installed Windows 7, my printer doesn't work with it. I had a complete arse with it in XP, but it was perfect in Vista. In theory it should just have been a case of downloading the drivers, but in practice that had no effect. So I browsed a lot of forums and tried various things, none of which had any effect.

I ended up asking HP support who told me to do lots of things I'd already done (despite telling them I'd done it), were complete idiots and treated me like an idiot and didn't read my emails properly. And now they've given up. They've concluded that the problem must be my computer and I should contact the computer's manufacturer and get them to format it. Beyond the obvious question of why on earth would I get Acer to format my computer, my answer to that is not just no, it's hell, no.

So now I need a new printer that definitely, definitely works with Windows 7. So one that's come out this year, probably. And ideally works with my current cartridges too, since I have one of each spare... I hate being printerless as well. I don't use it that often but now I keep needing to use it!

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What I’ve been up to
Sunday 3rd February 2008 9:26 pm

I kind of feel like I've not been updating this much recently. I've been making an effort to get the first draft of my TARDIS Big Bang done. So far I've written 17 chapters of 26, for the best part of 13,000 words. I've been writing a chapter or two a night and I have to fit it round my back and the other things I have to do that involve the computer.

Last night was Burns Supper - albeit a week after Burns Night. Which was good, although it got a bit confusing with women pretending to be men in the celidh. Mind you, we were confused enough as it was, but then that's half the fun. I just wish I could still eat the haggis - it's very nice, as long as you don't think about what it is. I've remembered why I hate driving in High Wycombe - we got confused with two of us, navigating and my sat nav.

I'm quite liking the new printer. It does actually have a paper-out tray - it's the same as the paper-in tray, but has a divider in between so they don't get mixed up. Despite what I said I ended up getting one that's also a scanner, since it was only £30 and had good reviews. I'm still getting used to how to use it, but I like the way it does back to back printing.

I got Hot Fuzz from Amazon rentals because it seems like everyone at work has seen it. I think it's supposed to be funny. But it's just a bit of a bad parody really. So now I'm doing other things while it finishes, and I'm getting the gist.

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The conclusion of the printer saga
Sunday 3rd February 2008 5:50 pm

I went to Comet this morning (via Tescos, who had 8 packets of chocolate buttons, but no orange juice with calcium) to take my printer back. The bloke on the desk spent twenty minutes on the phone, as he had to tell someone or other the details and they couldn't verify the printer's existence. He did also, unpack the printer, then seal it up with brown tape.

After he gave up on the phone and I had another one, I said I wanted to unpack it there just in case. He got out his stanley knife to open it and pulled everything out and there was no plug or ink cartridges in there either. The bloke then suggested they might be hidden away somewhere, opened the paper tray and there they were.

Fortunately, he just let me go, but I can't now remember if I looked in the paper tray of the other one. I definitely took the bit of tape off it, but after that I can't remember.

Anyway, I now have a working printer, although it's very confusing putting the paper in the front because it prints on the wrong side of the page.

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Printer saga
Monday 28th January 2008 8:24 pm

Yesterday I solved all my printer problems by buying a new one. I drove to Comet, somewhere in the vicinity of Oxford and only went wrong once (it was Tom Baker's fault, he told me to turn right and made it sound like it was a closer right turn than it actually was). I got harassed in the shop, which I hate. I much prefer to be left alone, although of course when you need someone to ask something there's no one around.

On the way home I got all exciting by the big Tescos having space for chocolate buttons, which is a start. When I got home I was very good and did some things that needed doing before unpacking the printer. I read the setup guide and established it was all very simple. I managed to get the printer out of the box without too much difficulty. Then I went to plug it in. Read more...

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**** printer
Thursday 10th January 2008 12:30 pm

The reason why I haven't posted for so long is that I've had the Christmas virus with added catarrh courtesy of my mother. So I've been off work all week but today I have actually been able to hear properly sometimes, which is a definite improvement.

However, my printer has died. It's only four years old too. So I'm after recommendations for a new one (inkjet).

The current one is an Epson C86. Before that I had an HP printer for six years that I only got rid of because it was slow. All I need a printer to do is to print without costing the earth. I did lots of research on this before and ruled out Canon because they didn't bother with a tray for the paper it had printed, which just means it'll throw them everywhere.

A handy list for what I want in a printer:

  • cheap - but not so cheap it'll be really crap and fall apart by the end of the year
  • a similar size to the current one (460mm wide, 242mm deep, 198mm high)
  • a similar print speed to the current one (12ppm colour, 22ppm b&w - but that does seem super-quick to me, so I can definitely cope with slower)
  • I like the idea of separate colour cartridges in theory, but given that I either print just black or all colours pretty much equally, I'm not sure it makes much difference
  • I don't need it to do anything clever - like scanning or plugging my camera's card straight into it, I just need it to plug into a USB port and print when I tell it.

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I hate computers
Wednesday 19th December 2007 10:54 pm

Current computer-related problems that are doing my head in:

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One year on
Sunday 16th December 2007 4:52 pm

It was this weekend last year that I moved house. I don't remember it being so cold as this, I think it got colder in the week. Actually, I know it did because it got foggy and my car wasn't terribly impressed about that. At the time, when I moved in, I really appreciated the quiet. I heard my upstairs neighbours watching Songs of Praise about the time everyone left on Sunday and that was pretty much all I heard. Oh, how times have changed.

This weekend I've been quite productive. I cleaned the house and tidied it, as I have people coming round on Tuesday. My dining room table suddenly looks quite big. I fixed the doorbell (the battery in the outside bit was looking distinctly blue). I attempted to fix my printer, but it's refusing and won't print black. Although I seem to remember once running out of black ink, so just printed everything in dark blue instead.

I thought I'd attempt to fix my Channel 4 transmission but I put the telly on and it was fine. So basically, it only works as long as I don't want to watch anything. 4oD refused to open up yesterday even after I restarted, so I'm hoping my signal will be good enough to watch the repeat of Ugly Betty on E4 tonight.

I did discover a fix to a problem I'd been having with plugging my computer into the TV. For some reason once you do it sometimes decides the TV is 1280 by 768, but the TV doesn't like that and flickers really badly. I thought it was related to 4oD since that was the only time it happened, but it did it last night. I realised that the only thing I'd done since it last worked was to watch Have I Got News For You. So I switched the PVR on and it immediately switched to 1380 by 768, where it's happy. I could then turn the PVR off and it stayed like that. So no idea exactly what's going on there, but as long as I have a solution that'll do.

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Friday 14th January 2005 9:31 pm

I'm a bit behind myself, so a belated happy birthday to Annie and Altariel.

My printer arrived yesterday (after a delivery estimate of 20th-26th January). The lead hasn't arrived though, of course, so I appropriated the one from my TV card. It's not as if there's anything on till Wednesday anyway.

I spent an hour setting it up and installing all the stuff, twice. So then I tested it and I spent five minutes completely gobsmacked at how fast it is. Admittedly, my old printer is old, but the new one prints so quickly you can practically blink and miss it. I'm, not my phone will fit on top of it, which is something I didn't think of, but apart from that, it's great. I will have to try printing some stuff in colour, in draft quality, double-sided and some photos on the paper they sent with it.

At work today we had a charity day to raise money for the tsunami victims (specifically someone living near the company chairman's house in Sri Lanka who has been taking in people who have lost their homes). We managed about �500, which the company said they would match. Which is really great but annoys me because most of the rest of the people in the company never give anything to charity at any other time. Except when I come round selling raffle tickets/asking for sponsorship.

I know you can't have a big thing too often - we used to have a charity week at school so often it seemed like it was every other week. And I know that there are a lot of charities, all worthy causes, that you can't hope to support them all. And it's really important to remember that there are lots of others that need support, apart from tsunami-related ones. But I just want people to remember them at other times of the year - when they aren't prompted to by the rest of the country.

Tomorrow night is our annual cheese and wine quiz. It was not looking good on Tuesday, for the numbers of people we had going. Now it almost looks like we'll have too many for the venue! I managed to stand up in front of about 20 people at the Christmas dinner and make a short speech without getting nervous, so I'm going to attempt to make a welcome speech in front of 50 tomorrow. Which, I have to admit, I would never have considered doing six months ago.

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Tuesday 4th January 2005 11:03 pm

I've just spent just under £100 at amazon. And when I say just under, I mean by 9p. All of the stuff I bought was under £10 except for the printer. Which itself is a tale and a half.

I realised some time ago that my printer didn't talk to me anymore. When it won't print it just flashes, which could mean it's run out of paper or one or both of the cartridges need replacing. I also realised that this had been going on since dad bought a special lead to connect it to the USB port. And it had taken me a few years to notice.

Then I got a new computer and it prints everything backwards (ie from last page to first), which is caused by XP.

The HP web site suggested using the XP driver rather than the one supplied with the printer. Except that the computer can't find the printer when you tell it to look. It will print perfectly fine though!

So me and dad spent some time going round the shops measuring printer boxes (because they never tell you details like that) and looking at printers. I read reviews, which turned out to be quite useless because they would say things such as it's slow, when it's actually four times as fast as my current printer. I think I spent more time choosing my printer than I did my computer.

The other day I was reading some of the comments about people's HP fanon constants, and then Nilmandra posted about Elrond and loss and it got me thinking about how I see Elrond. There are all sorts of things about him in my personal fanon that are entirely unsupported by canon - at least in the sense that they're not mentioned either way. In all fairness, some of this probably comes from other people's fics because you can't help but be influenced.

My Elrond...

I also saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tonight. I don't quite know why it's described as a romantic comedy because it's not funny. Or that romantic. But it makes you think, and I like that.

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Le weekend
Monday 27th December 2004 2:27 pm

Saturday was a typical Christmas day - I got loads done. Seven chapters of my (well, technically dads) php book. Although in all fairness all those chapters covered were basic programming concepts. This was after the cat decided he loved me and wanted to sit on my lap and go to sleep. I ended up having to throw him off so I could have breakfast.

Boxing day, in a change to the last three years, I didn't go to the cinema. I didn't go anywhere, in fact. I didn't get as much done, although I did play with a friends computer, sorting out the virus checking, firewall, etc.

Today we've been out measuring printer boxes among the crowds in Staples, Comet, PCWorld and Currys. It really was hideous. I don't know why people have to go and buy things (or more often, stand in the way) from these shops on Christmas bank holiday. All that remains is to decide which printer I want, now that I have counted out those that look horrid or have boxes that are too big.

We started doing a puzzle on Saturday night. Only a simple 1000 piece one of a cottage in Sommerset (sic). We're still doing it. The trouble is that half the pieces look like they fit in, even when they don't. Which is a problem when you're doing a bit that's all the same colour. We might not make it to the second puzzle at this rate. Although we are watching ROTK in two bits today, as there's nothing on, so we might get more of it done!

I am also really looking forward to the BBC bringing in the TV equivalent of Listen Again. If only ITV and C4 did that too I would never need to tape anything again, which would be really useful. Although I suppose there are issues with adverts for the other two channels. I was unsurprised to find they were all furniture sales adverts when I came home. Even though I don't remember the last time I watched any adverts.

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Tuesday 18th May 2004 10:16 pm

I've been reading some of the stories at We Invented the Remix... Redux. It's interesting reading the remixed story and the original. Some of them are really similar and all that's changed is the POV. Some of the then are really different though - one has a long story off one scene and one I don't know how they got their remix from the original, they're so different.

This morning I woke up at quarter past six when my computer fan came on. At which point I realised I was hot too and opened the window. When I woke up again the fan had gone off. Last Wednesday I was trying to get to sleep when I could hear a loud humming. I remembered hearing it Tuesday evening but quieter. At which point I realised I'd plugged my printer in Tuesday to do some printing then forgot to unplug it. Which only goes to show how loud the transformer is.

I've also injured myself at Tae Kwon Do - I can't remember what happened but there was kicking involved and I bent back the three middle toes on my left foot. Which wasn't too bad at the time but they now hurt whenever I move them. I still managed to play tennis tonight, so I doubt they're broken. They did at least bend the way they were supposed to.

The most annoying thing at the moment is that I have nothing to do at work and loads to do at home. I've actually been quite dynamic tonight and have nearly cleared out my inbox (I have lots of folders, so they only e-mails in my inbox are ones I have to deal with).

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