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The weekend
Sunday 30th July 2006 9:22 pm

Yesterday it cooled down to the point where I actually felt cold yesterday (because I was sat between two windows and it was windy). I'd forgotten what that was like!

I don't quite know where this weekend has gone. There were a whole load of things I was going to do but never quite got round to. Then I thought I might watch a whole load of Third Doctor stuff that I had hanging around but only managed six episodes. I did briefly try to learn MySQL but since you can do everything in PHPMyAdmin, learning the PHP code to do it seemed a bit pointless since I don't feel the need to use it on my website.

I did actually watch Top Gear on the telly, rather than on the internet. Although I laughed so hard at their white van man challenges I couldn't breathe. Although now it's finished the only thing I'll be watching will be The Avengers and I have that on DVD. I still haven't got round to watching last Tuesday and Thursdays eps, but I have seen next Thursdays.

But, I only have a week of work left, then I have a week off to go to a windmill in Somerset, have a driving lesson, then go to a quarry in Dorset. And Monday's payday, yay!

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Le weekend
Monday 27th December 2004 2:27 pm

Saturday was a typical Christmas day - I got loads done. Seven chapters of my (well, technically dads) php book. Although in all fairness all those chapters covered were basic programming concepts. This was after the cat decided he loved me and wanted to sit on my lap and go to sleep. I ended up having to throw him off so I could have breakfast.

Boxing day, in a change to the last three years, I didn't go to the cinema. I didn't go anywhere, in fact. I didn't get as much done, although I did play with a friends computer, sorting out the virus checking, firewall, etc.

Today we've been out measuring printer boxes among the crowds in Staples, Comet, PCWorld and Currys. It really was hideous. I don't know why people have to go and buy things (or more often, stand in the way) from these shops on Christmas bank holiday. All that remains is to decide which printer I want, now that I have counted out those that look horrid or have boxes that are too big.

We started doing a puzzle on Saturday night. Only a simple 1000 piece one of a cottage in Sommerset (sic). We're still doing it. The trouble is that half the pieces look like they fit in, even when they don't. Which is a problem when you're doing a bit that's all the same colour. We might not make it to the second puzzle at this rate. Although we are watching ROTK in two bits today, as there's nothing on, so we might get more of it done!

I am also really looking forward to the BBC bringing in the TV equivalent of Listen Again. If only ITV and C4 did that too I would never need to tape anything again, which would be really useful. Although I suppose there are issues with adverts for the other two channels. I was unsurprised to find they were all furniture sales adverts when I came home. Even though I don't remember the last time I watched any adverts.

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