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Saturday 14th January 2006 9:24 pm

Given that for two weeks in a row The Guardian's kakuro has been hard, I'm beginning to wonder that they rotate them so that Thursday's is always hard. I will have to borrow some of dad's papers next weekend and do some more easy ones - I'll have to work my way up to hard. I've still got about four Sudokus left (out fo 16) from the Christmas puzzle G2. I'm determined to finish them but they are so boring!

I am confused at the crossword though. One of the clues describes a pavlova. But with 11 letters. After filling in the rest I googled in case I was wrong, but not. From the letters I had it had to be pavlovacake, and dad confirmed that from Friday's paper, but I have never heard it called that. It's quite weird.

I amazed myself the other day. I am pretty much to the point of needing a story betaed - another Langford U fic - and I only started it on the 3rd. And if that wasn't amazing enough, it's 4000 words. It's only one scene! I'm feeling guilty that it's not anything I should be writing, but I am at least writing something, which is an improvement on recently at least.

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