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How not to watch TV
Sunday 16th May 2010 11:43 am

Last Thursday, when I put the TV on for HIGNFY there was no signal. It turned out later that was because there was a fire at the transmitter. So I just watched it on the iPlayer.

Last night I put the dinner on and came to watch Doctor Who once it was halfway through - and found there was no sound. After playing about with aerials I concluded I didn't know what the problem was, but since Doctor Who had finished by that point and it was on the iPlayer, I watched it there.

This morning I tried doing a factory reset and rescan, which had no effect. At which point I decided I'd have to have a look at the back of my PVR (I watch all TV through that because I can live pause and rewind, but can't on the telly). So I pulled the stand out a bit - which was hard because it was heavy - and the picture flickered. At which point I checked the scart lead and the minute I pushed it back in the sound came back...

On the plus side, last night's recordings all have sound in, so I can watch Confidential and The Prisoner today.

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Asthma, Facebook, TV
Friday 4th January 2008 11:13 pm

I possibly have the lurgy that's going round. I have really bad asthma. At the moment I think the things that set it off most are heating and cold. I have a cough but that's probably caused by the asthma. I have a sore throat but that's probably caused by the coughing. I have a bit more of a blocked up nose but that's probably caused by the cold. The practical upshot is that I'm not going to be going swimming this weekend. And have an inbox full of emails I haven't had the energy to reply to yet.

I've started playing Scrabble on Facebook, which is possibly the only thing it's useful for. Except that it doesn't send you notifications to tell you it's your go and there's no way to turn it on that I can see. Granted, I have turned off email notifications to everything because they always turned up blank, which was completely pointless. But I have discovered the RSS Feed of my notifications - although RSS Bandit refused to believe it was really an RSS Feed. Yes, my home page is full of crap telling me who got messages and cards and all sorts of stuff I just don't care about. And it also doesn't tell you if any discussions in any groups you're in have been updated and I have better things to do than to check them all by hand.

I have my Channel 4 and Radio 4 working on my TV again! Or at least it looks like it is. The problem is that 850MHz doesn't have a great signal, and that affects all of Channel 4's channels and ITV2, 3 & 4. So I have a couple of boosters which help a lot. The trouble is, they don't like the rain. Or the signal being split. The solution I've found is to unplug the lead to the TV so I can only watch TV through the PVR. Which I do anyway. So basically, my TV might as well not bother having a tuner in it at all.

Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 for some strange reason stopped working. I discovered when I brought up a list of my channels that it's because they're on there twice, once working and once not. I deleted the non-working ones and now it's happy. Bizarrely, looking at my list of TV channels, More4 is on both channel 13 and channel 14. So I deleted one of those and some others that were doubled. So now I just have UK History and Dave on the same channel (12). If I type in 12 I get UK History. One channel up is Dave. Two channels up from channel 12 is channel 13...

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One year on
Sunday 16th December 2007 4:52 pm

It was this weekend last year that I moved house. I don't remember it being so cold as this, I think it got colder in the week. Actually, I know it did because it got foggy and my car wasn't terribly impressed about that. At the time, when I moved in, I really appreciated the quiet. I heard my upstairs neighbours watching Songs of Praise about the time everyone left on Sunday and that was pretty much all I heard. Oh, how times have changed.

This weekend I've been quite productive. I cleaned the house and tidied it, as I have people coming round on Tuesday. My dining room table suddenly looks quite big. I fixed the doorbell (the battery in the outside bit was looking distinctly blue). I attempted to fix my printer, but it's refusing and won't print black. Although I seem to remember once running out of black ink, so just printed everything in dark blue instead.

I thought I'd attempt to fix my Channel 4 transmission but I put the telly on and it was fine. So basically, it only works as long as I don't want to watch anything. 4oD refused to open up yesterday even after I restarted, so I'm hoping my signal will be good enough to watch the repeat of Ugly Betty on E4 tonight.

I did discover a fix to a problem I'd been having with plugging my computer into the TV. For some reason once you do it sometimes decides the TV is 1280 by 768, but the TV doesn't like that and flickers really badly. I thought it was related to 4oD since that was the only time it happened, but it did it last night. I realised that the only thing I'd done since it last worked was to watch Have I Got News For You. So I switched the PVR on and it immediately switched to 1380 by 768, where it's happy. I could then turn the PVR off and it stayed like that. So no idea exactly what's going on there, but as long as I have a solution that'll do.

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Trying to watch TV
Friday 12th October 2007 8:47 pm

I sat down to watch Ugly Betty on time delay and discovered my Channel 4 had gone so bad I was only getting two words from every conversation. Now I've played around with the wires it's fine, so I'm waiting for it to start on Channel 4 + 1. Which, according to my TV guide is on Channel 13. In fact, it's on Channel 31. Although I don't know how much that's due to me playing around with things on the PVR. It's so annoying having a crap signal on 850MHz - every time I hoover I bash the wires and the signal goes crap.

My back continues to improve, with the help of one pill at a time and Deep Heat. The rabbit helped a lot, but I didn't expect that much of a lotion. It really does work though. Tomorrow I think I'll get the bus to Tescos - while the rugby is on.

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Monday 30th April 2007 7:15 pm

I love my PVR. I know there was a reason why I splashed out and spent more money to get something good. it was annoying me that I kept having to fast forward through all the adverts in Lewis and I really wanted something that skipped a certain amount of time, like my TV card does. The PVR does skip but only 10 seconds, which doesn't get you very far in adverts.

So, I downloaded an extension which does it. Problem sorted.

I also discovered, through looking in the manual, that it automatically records everything you watch, so you really can just press rewind. I tested it just to be sure. With my TV card that worked, but you had to be recording it to start with. I want to watch something on live TV to see it now. Except I think the last time I did that was two and a half weeks ago.

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